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    A Pierrot's Muse

    I await
    The sunset bell's
    Should I still live tomorrow,
    Then will I hear it once again.


    1. Deterioration

      by , 06-18-2011 at 09:12 PM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Saturday 18th June 2011
      I was sitting in my room in the university halls of residence with my sister. I suddenly felt blood seeping out of my nose and it gradually worsened.

      I ran to the bathroom and let my nose bleed out into the sink; it showed no signs of stopping, so I gathered some tissue and held it to my nose. I took this chance to look into the mirror above the sink. My eyes were no longer their normal, dark green colour. They were an icy blue and it seemed to look like the colour was fading further.

      It was then that I thought to myself "I'm dying."


      Car Journey
      Saturday 18th June 2011
      It was late at night and I was gazing out of the car window to the starry sky as we drove along a motorway. I could only see a few stars in the sky, so my gaze fell back into the car.

      However, I decided to look up again and the amount of stars multiplied and their light intensified.
      It was then I realised that I was dreaming. I sat still for a moment to compose myself and looked out of the windscreen of the car. Suddenly, everything started to fade. However, I managed to stabilise my surroundings and readied myself to fly out of the window. I began to float, but I woke up.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    2. Yellow Tape

      by , 03-30-2011 at 01:41 PM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Wednesday 30th March 2011
      I went into a book shop and browsed for something that I might like. After a couple of minutes of searching, a book on one of the shelves eventually caught my eye.

      I picked up the book from the shelf and inspected the cover; I can't remember what the subject of the book was, but I vaguely remember the cover having the colour red on it. Deciding to flip through the book, I leafed through the pages to find that they had been covered with layers of yellow tape. There were many strips that covered the whole page --none of the original text or images could be seen.

      Going back to the inside cover of the book, I decided to peel it off so I could see what was underneath. Picking at the corner, I eventually got a good hold of the tape and pulled it off. It came off rather easily; and while sticky residue still remained, the ink underneath was left mostly unscathed. There was a pattern of some sort on that page; although I can't remember it clearly.

      I decided to buy the book and attempt to take off the yellow tape from all of the other pages when I got home.
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. The End?

      by , 03-25-2011 at 10:31 AM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Friday 25th March 2011
      Myself and many others were trapped in a huge, dark, cold room. That room was surrounded by trees which loomed over the surrounding area, making it look barren and dark. There were so many of these trees that we were effectively trapped inside; so this meant that we had to make our escape by taking down one of the trees.

      However, there was something different about these trees: they were explosive. All except one of them, it seemed. And to our dismay, we didn't know which one to pick. The police warned us that if we cut into the wrong tree with an axe or a saw, it would cause a nuclear explosion that would surely kill us all. (The police donned an 1950s type uniform.) Despite this, the group of policemen went out to see if they could find the right tree and cut it down.

      In the mean time, we all knelt down in the ground and held hands with one another, tears streaming down our cheeks. Grim cries of "I'm going to die!" and "I don't want to die" resounding throughout the room that we thought would surely be our grave site.

      Suddenly, a policeman jumped into the room from what appeared to be a huge hole in the wall, telling us that they'd managed to cut down the right tree. We walked outside, and saw an opening where the tree had once been. Simultaneously, a smile graced each and every one of our faces and we left with our lives.
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Failed Lucid

      by , 03-10-2011 at 03:13 PM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Thursday 10th March 2011
      I struggled to open my eyes; all I could manage was to open my left eye slightly. I slowly raised my hand to verify I was dreaming with a reality check. My hand was see-through. So it was safe to say I was definitely dreaming. I tried to open my other eye, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't. I then woke up.

      [It's so frustrating! I can never open my eyes when I go into a lucid.]
    5. Abandoned

      by , 03-06-2011 at 10:57 AM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Sunday 6th March 2011
      I walked in to my mum's house only to find her sifting through a curtain of coats on the wall hooks. I asked her where she was going, but I can't quite remember where she said. But for some reason, I had the feeling that she wasn't coming back.

      After she left, I decided to inspect the house. It was very unkempt. Empty bottles and wrappers littered the floor. On the arm of a chair I saw a little bulldog puppy resting there; it had an air of sadness around it.

      I then took my investigation upstairs. What I found was quite upsetting. There were empty packets of dog food on the ground --as well as the very empty food bowls. I then saw two puppies that were so starving that they lay on their sides in exhaustion. Their bones protruded from their skin and fur. They obviously hadn't been fed for a long time.

      I rummaged through the rubbish on the floor and found an unopened packet of puppy food. Rushing downstairs, I remembered that I should also feed the bulldog puppy, which was still perched on the arm of the chair in the livingroom. Everything was so still and quiet, it was eerie.

      A thought then occurred to me that I should feed Sam
      [My step-dad's Labrador--who is actually alive and well!] But then I remembered that he was killed by my step-dad. Meanwhile, I had reached the kitchen and looked in the cupboards for a third bowl for the bulldog puppy. The room was so dilapidated; the cupboard doors detached from their hinges; washing left undone; rubbish bags still needing to be taken out.

      I grabbed the bowl and headed back into the livingroom.
      [This is when I was woken up by my alarm.]

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      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Graveyard

      by , 08-18-2010 at 09:28 PM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Wednesday 18th August 2010
      I was waiting in the reception of what was apparently the college I used to attend, however, it had a completely different appearance. The walls, carpets, as well as the general atmosphere was completely dull. As if the white walls had faded over time. No lights, whatsoever, lit the hallways.

      I walked out of what appeared to be the main entrance; the doors, old and rusty. The sky sporting the same barren, tea-stained colour scheme as the walls inside.

      Upon my return, I was met with the site of the main entrance being cordoned off with what looked like yellow police tape. I wondered fleetingly what was going on, however, I let this pass and walked into another door on the other side of the building and made my way to the library. I thought that since no one was being let outside that it would be packed and at first it appeared as such.

      There were a few computers; some turned off and some in use. There were students sat on the floor in groups chatting with each other. The blatant lack of books was also surprising. And the more I travelled to the back of the dark 'library' I noticed more empty chairs and tables and I seated myself next to a friend of mine. Greeting her with a friendly "hello."

      At that moment, a male approaches us, introducing himself as a priest. It was then that I stopped seeing myself in the dream and instead followed the perspective of the priest. He strolled outside the door into what looked like a barren wasteland and there sat a rusty old caravan which swayed slightly due to a strong breeze. He appeared to be looking for someone.

      What he said next was hazy, however I know his sentence ended with "...in the graveyard."
    7. Stargazing

      by , 08-17-2010 at 01:42 PM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Tuesday 17th August 2010
      On a dark night myself and my sister were strolling down the path away from a children's park. As we walked, my gaze travelled upwards until my eyes met the night sky and I met a view that was truly the most beautiful I had ever seen.

      The dark sky was filled, quite literally, with the brightest, most dazzling stars. No clouds were in the sky whatsoever and I could even see star clusters.

      It was then that I decided that I wanted to take a photo of the sky. I pulled out my mobile phone from my jacket pocket and held it up towards the night sky, pressing the button for the camera. But every time I pressed it, the phone refused to take the picture. I brought the phone back down and inspected it; there seemed to be no problem with it and I decided to try again.

      However, to my dismay, when I looked back up to the sky it was day, and the stars had gone.
    8. [Fragment] Insult

      by , 06-23-2010 at 10:54 PM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Wednesday 14th April 2010

      I had written a very sarcastic insult in my signature on a forum I frequent about a fellow member; I don't quite remember what it had said, but I remember the name of the member clearly.

      I scrambled to delete it after I had realised I went too far.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. [Fragment] Presentation

      by , 06-23-2010 at 10:53 PM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Tuesday 13th April 2010
      Myself and a group of my college friends had to create a presentation regarding camouflage gear in sandy/grassy places.

      I seated myself next to my friend who was looking rather worried. I don't quite remember what his problem was, but I placed a comforting hand on his arm and reassured him that everything was going to be alright. I looked away and withdrew my arm, but then I felt his hand on my arm, giving it a light squeeze.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Wasp

      by , 06-23-2010 at 10:51 PM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Tuesday 8th September 2009
      Perched on a chair, my eyes firmly fixed onto the window, I watched a wasp glide in and sit itself on the window frame.

      Although it was only sat there minding its own business, a feeling of dread washed over me. Screams began to pour violently from my lungs and tears streamed down my cheeks. I jumped from the chair in desperation as the wasp turned to me and seemed to lunge at an amazing speed and started flying effortlessly across the room.

      Meanwhile, my sister and her boyfriend sat calmly on the couch as if they didn't see me panicking right in front of their eyes.

      Ha! Been a long time since I've recorded my dreams- honestly, I just got kind of lazy. >.>;
    11. Nightmare Within a Dream

      by , 06-23-2010 at 10:50 PM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Sunday 31st May 2009
      My sister sat playing on an old Nintendo console on a game which looked very similar to Mario. The colours weren't very vibrant but I watched the fighting combos intently; a low punch, a flying kick, a punch. The small instect/robot-like enemies exploded due to the impact.

      Kind of reminds me of that episode of Criminal Intent... I had thought to myself.

      My glance then drifted onto the console itself, which strangely, had a cartridge inside shaped like a green watering can, while also noticing that it clearly wasn't my bedroom, or even a room in our house for that matter. The room was huge with three white painted walls while the fourth was in fact a huge window with two glass doors in the middle which lead out into a grassy garden. Two beds were also in the room - one at each side. My sister was sat on the floor in front of the TV; apart from the beds and the TV the room was empty.

      I threw myself down onto the bed at the right of the room and fell asleep, a nightmare following shortly after.

      It was dark outside- either early morning or late evening - and the soft yellow light from a street lamp was the only thing breaking the thick darkness created by the bare trees which were trailed down a long, steeply inclinded path. There was a wall opposite to the trail of trees and even long branches stetched out of each snicket. I stood very close to this wall as if waiting or just watching.

      A man wearing what appeared to be an illuminous green or yellow vest (like the type that are worn during marathons) was jogging down the street with quick pace. Dead leaves crunching softly beneath his feet.


      His head snapped up from the ground and he listened intently, but continued jogging, his pace slowing.


      He stopped, head turning to look at a branch which protruded from the wall


      The twigs and loose branches strewn across the floor fell victim to the relentless dash of a clown donning yellow and white baggy clothing and a red wig. He produced a knife and embedded it into the helpless jogger's head.

      He screamed in agony before falling limply to the ground.

      Unmoving, I inspected the clown who stood staring at his lifeless victim. His right arm was shaped like a branch but it was difficult for me to distinguish whether or not he stuck a branch to his arm, or his arm was in fact, a branch.

      I suddenly grow more frightened as his gaze falls on me, a melevolent grin tugging at his ashen face.

      Hastily, I jumped and performed an impressive backflip right over the wall and dashed swiftly through a forest of bare, winter trees.

      I then woke up in the bed from before, and told my sister about the evil clown.

      Then I actually woke up feeling really confused...xD
      memorable , non-lucid , nightmare
    12. [Fragment] Strike

      by , 06-23-2010 at 10:49 PM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Wednesday 27th May 2009
      My cousin dealt me a swift kick to the chest. I recoiled and winced in pain.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. Sorry, Wifie!

      by , 06-23-2010 at 10:49 PM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Tuesday 26th May 2009
      A man walked into his bedroom to find his wife sleeping with his best friend. His friend leaped from the bed, a toothy grin tugging at his features, while the wife clutched the blankets defensively towards her.

      "Sorry, wifie!" The man laughed as he stood next to his best friend, "I didn't realise you were busy in here."
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. Finding Toby

      by , 06-23-2010 at 10:47 PM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Sunday 25th May 2009
      "Please, ask Toby to do this favour for me. I really don't want to put anymore strain on our friendship." KK turned and started up the stairs in what appeared to be a small, peaceful village with rows of quaint houses accompanied by red tiled rooftops that stood silently, quite matching the solemnity of the defeated tone in the white, talking dog's voice. He hoisted his guitar over his shoulder as I watched him ascend the stairs that lead up to the thick of the small villages.

      I was then in a house which presumably belonged to 'Toby,' and indifferent to the fact I had walked into someone's home, I threw myself down onto a pile of blankets that had been thrown haphazardly onto the floor and I watched the doorway intently (as well as the guinea pig that had wandered happily across the floor) until someone emerged through the doorway from the dull, grey hallway. I donned denim jeans and jacket with a white shirt underneath that was decorated with black swirls which formed together to make a cross. My entire demeanor seemed to be nonchalant.

      As I watched the figure approach, I snaked my hands behind my head and smiled, "I've come to speak to Toby."

      The woman who was now staring back at me furrowed her eyebrows, nonplussed. But that soon changed when it made a swift transition to anger at the mere mention of the name.

      "Him!?" She spat, with a tone that could have threatened even the most impassive of people, "I just finished having a screaming match with him."

      That said, she turned heel and walked through a doorway and into the kitchen, her footsteps pounding in an obvious display of her displeasure. I rose to my feet as she stepped back out of the kitchen and out of the doorway she had first appeared, and I then walked in to the kitchen, emerging after a few minutes. The woman was now back in the room.

      "What were you doing in there?" She inquired irritably.
      "Err..." I struggled to find an answer I simply didn't have, "I was in there...leaving things as they should be." I smiled weakly.
      "Yeah, and you better have left my handbag 'how it should be,' too." She replied, not in anyway trying to mask any accusations.

      I laughed nervously.


      [Fragment] Stage Fright
      Sunday 25th May 2009

      Stood on a stage that stretched as far as the eye could see, I looked out apprehensively into the audience; the surrounding, white lights tearing painfully through my vision.

      Immediately, I found myself at the end of the stage, gazing down at a small flight of stairs and contemplated running.

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Despair

      by , 06-23-2010 at 10:46 PM (A Pierrot's Muse)
      Tuesday 19th May 2009
      On a journey back home with my dad, we both sat on the top deck of a roofless double-decker bus. I stood, leaning daringly over the front and almost toppled out as the bus screeched to an abrupt halt on cue with the irritated beeping that arose from a small, speeding TJ Walsh bus as it raced past us near a roundabout.

      My courage unwavered, I continued standing and turning to my dad I asked, "So, we're going home now, right?"

      "No, we're going swimming." Came the reply.

      No! I thought, despairing over the lack of geography revision I had done for the exam. I don't have any time!

      As I said this, the bus encircled the roundabout which allowed me to get a good look at the gleaming clock tower. The black hands clearly reading quarter to eight. The face of the clock shone with a brilliant, bold yellow-orange gradient which was brightened by the dark blue evening sky.

      Despite this, we returned home and I angrily dashed out into a huge garden with houses opposite with cosy, warm yellow lights eminating from each window. I flopped down onto a wooden bench where my geography work lay and tears creeped from my eyes until the dam completely broke.

      I don't have time! I repeatedly chanted like a mantra, as I tried to lift up my work to throw it onto the ground. The unusual weight of it, however, prevented me from doing so; it was simply to heavy.

      Later, I found myself in the doorway of a dimly lighted bedroom. I saw a bed with white covers - plastic bags lay bundled together atop it, and there was a mirror that stretched the whole length of the wall opposite to where I was stood. From where I was standing I could see someone dressed in black, sat at the wall opposite the mirror -I could only see enough of the figure to conclude the he or she was sitting on a chair - but this person wasn't reflected in the mirror. I also heard a monotonous drone - the person was talking to me, but I couldn't decipher the words. And as if I couldn't, or wasn't allowed to step in to the room, I instead stood on tip toes to see if I could find a reflection but the bags on the bed seemed to grow and obscure my view with each new height that I reached.

      Suddenly, I felt a jolt in my chest and wheezed as pain struck it. I clasped at my chest screaming, "It feels like I'm being ripped apart!"
      Invisible hands wrapped roughly around my arm and clutched my top directly where the pain was and started to drag me into the room. I couldn't see them, but I could feel and sense them on me. Screams tore helplessly from my lungs.

      Uuugh...I have my geography exam today...: (
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
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