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    1. Being a Kids Mentor | Another quick lucid moment

      by , 04-24-2016 at 06:35 PM
      To preface this, my work is closing down, so I will be out of a job, so this isn't a completely random topic to dream about. This dream is also quite short in terms of what happened, but the detail I remember is immense, which is why I found it important to record.


      A coworker of mine told me that he knew of a job I'd be able to do in order to earn some money while I look for a new job. I'd be employed mentoring kids. The reason that he came to me with this was due to the fact that he felt as though he would not be capable of handling it by himself.

      I first arrived at the workplace, and it was like a massive school campground, with a bunch of cabins, rooms, shower-blocks, etc, very stereotypical. By the time I was there, it was night and I actually got myself lost along the way. I asked for directions and someone kindly led me to where I needed to be. I was at the doors of a large amphitheater style lecture hall where my colleague was standing up the front ready to give a speech. The audience had a lot of people that I actually knew personally in it, and one friend from Canada that I met while on a trip over there. My coworker and I gave a talk and hung around there for a while.

      We must have been allocated individual kids at first because the next and last scene I remember was a little one-on-one session with someone. The very strange thing about this scene was that it was set entirely in my girlfriends room. I remember the bookshelves, the small stool she has that she uses as a table, even her bedside table complete with mini chest of drawers. I could also look out through the hallway and see her brother's room, and the hallway connecting them.

      I think the person I was mentoring had some form of mental disability, they were actually older than the rest in around their mid to late 20s. They had light brown hair, a thick mustache, beady eyes and big thick rimmed glasses. He told me that he loved magic and I told him that I did as well. He decided that he wanted to show me a magic trick and said he would also show me his favourite and most treasured deck of cards. What he pulled out was a really awkward looking and feeling deck of cards, a lot of them were red and they were all mismatched, cut to varying sizes and with different patterns and faces. It felt absolutely horrible to hold, very uncomfortable. The trick that he showed me involved me choosing a random card, he then stabbed a different card with a pencil, then ripped it off which changed it to my card. Doesn't really make sense but, hey, what do you expect?

      I decided that I would show him a deck of mine, and I opened my bag to pull one out. I distinctly remember the bag because it was exactly the backpack that I sometimes carry with me, down to each of the pockets being the same size and in the same position. Even some of the regular contents were in the bottom, which at the present time are a cream and bandage to help manage my eczema. I pulled out a big shrink wrapped package which was filled with 6 decks of playing cards made by a brand called Bicycle, but they are not the standard ones, they are of a slightly different design. There are two designs, one which was predominantly a deeper, darker red than normal and one that was more of a metallic blue. There were three decks of each colour in the packet. I spent a moment trying to decide which one to open and then decided to open a blue one as I had a lot of currently open red ones. At this point I did not do anything with the cards.

      I classify this as a lucid as I am fairly certain I became self aware. I had asked the guy's name multiple times in this session, and then my coworker messages me so I could log my progress to him and he asked me which person I was with and I could not at all remember his name. I realised that this is very unlike me, and I started to question whether I was dreaming before I immediately woke.

      Again, I should have checked for a false awakening but I have no memory of what happened after I woke.
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    2. Call Of Duty: Lucid Operations | Missed FA

      by , 04-20-2016 at 03:47 PM
      The scene is set with me sitting on my couch, playing an Xbox, (particularly odd as I do not have an Xbox), and playing a random Call Of Duty game. I felt quite nostalgic as I had not touched CoD for a long long time. As I was playing I got more and more engrossed in the game, and then suddenly I found myself in the game.

      In the game, I was playing in a large multiplayer game, with other soldiers being controlled by other players, however as the dream went on and on, it felt like a much more realistic experience, as though I was actually at war.

      Despite it being a multiplayer room, I had a clear mission. There were hostages, and I was there to liberate them. I opted to choose a completely stealth path instead of busting in guns blazing. I spent the first portion of the dream running around fighting other players when I could do so safely, and making my way behind enemy lines. I came upon a treacherous path which was entirely underground and completely riddled with traps. I remember being extremely cautious and feeling the anxiety that came along with that situation. I would sneak along, dodging or disarming traps wherever I could. As I came to the end, I found a large group of soldiers patrolling and decided not to fight them, instead opting to exit the underground path. As I left, the sunlight felt warm and welcome on my skin, and due to the darkness of the path I had just come through, it took a little bit for my vision to adjust. I came out from the underground path into a large stone courtyard with a fountain fixture in the middle.

      I decided to sneak around the outside, by the wall and the shadows. I looked across and saw a bunch of enemy soldiers lined up, and it was then that I remembered I had an RPG with me, and I regretted not using it on the earlier group of soldiers. I jumped and fired it, but it missed and did not harm any of them. All this served to do was alert them to the fact that somebody was near. I ran back to the side of a building and found a few dead bodies of my comrades, so I lied down among them and pretended to be dead. I had combat goggles on so they were unable to see my eyes, which allowed me to watch them as they approached. I tried to stay as still and calm as I could, but I remember being absolutely overcome with fear and started to panic. As they drew nearer I realised there was no way they would not notice me and that my only chance would be to surprise them with a fight. I had only one pistol with me and no other weapons. I took a moment to calm myself, and then jumped up and aimed every shot and fired my one little pistol. I managed to hit headshots on each person I fired at, which thinned out the group and gave me a chance. As I started to run around and try to devise an escape route, there was a point that I jumped and aimed my gun at someone and then the dream froze as I thought.

      "Okay this is absolutely ridiculous. I am definitely dreaming."

      That was it, I didn't even perform an RC or need to in order to convince myself, I just knew.

      At that point I woke up and sat up straight away and chuckled to myself, I was in my bed and found the whole thing a little ridiculous. I then got up, got a snack and went to the bathroom.

      That's all I remember of the dream.


      Only later when I actually woke did I realise it was a false awakening because I wasn't even sleeping at my house. I was having an afternoon nap at my girlfriend's place.

      The moral of this story is to always, always check if you have actually woken up. Something I've tried to get into the habit of.
      lucid , false awakening
    3. On The Case With Judy Hopps | Progressing on goals

      by , 04-17-2016 at 01:53 PM
      So, to preface this, is you have read any of my other threads throughout the forum, I have a massive interest in animation and work in the animated film industry. One of my main goals of lucid dreaming is to be able to experience specific cartoon worlds and meet and create friendships with specific cartoon characters.

      This dream was in among a group of four that occurred while napping at my girlfriends in the mid-afternoon.


      I was immediately thrust into the action of this dream, I was in the middle of a police station, surrounded by police officers and my investigative partner. It took me a little while to identify or recognise her but once I did, I realised it was Judy Hopps from Zootopia (see: avatar). What is interesting is that she was her normal cartoon and animated self, whereas the rest of the dream world was normal, live action. We were looking through a file that was all about a serial killer that had been plaguing the city.

      Here is where the dream gets a little fuzzy and I only vaguely remember visiting some crime scenes and parts where we were sitting down having coffee. As far as my dreams go, this is one of the most realistic so far, no massive absurdities and just very down to Earth content. Of course, if you disregard the whole "solving crimes with a cartoon character thing". But to be honest, that is very reaffirming. As I mentioned I want to be able to develop friendships with my dream characters, and Judy is definitely someone that would be very interesting to do so with. I would love to be able to partner up with her and various other characters and explore how they would interact with the world and react to various situations. The fact that even when non-lucid, I was able to have a dream that was realistic that involved interacting with her makes me feel as though my goals are more possible than I imagined.

      So skipping the fuzzy details, the next thing I remember was being in a massive train station. As in, absolutely massive, almost the size of an airport. We had tracked the culprit down and we knew they were leaving from there within the next 15 minutes and we had to find out where. We didn't really deduce, more guess, that they would be leaving from a particular platform. We found them as they were boarding a train and we chased them on, alerting the culprit to our presence and intentions. They immediately ran and turned violent, pulling a gun and firing wildly and randomly, hitting members of the public.

      The last thing I remember about this dream was having gotten the killer down to the ground by Judy jumping up and kicking them hard in the face.

      Okay maybe it was a little absurd
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Brief Lucidity With a Touch of Absurdism

      by , 04-16-2016 at 05:51 PM
      Hey everyone! Got a new entry and this time I was actually lucid for a bit, but only at the very end. This entry is the lead up to the lucidity and what happened during it.


      The very first thing I remember was climbing to the very top of an extremely tall tower, it was well above the clouds. The only way to get up was by a winding staircase wrapped around the outside of it. As I reached the top I looked down and took in the sight. I remember noting that the tower was a bit strange, and I realised that it was all entirely made of cubes, like blocks. The best equivalent would be to compare it to the 8-bit style of Minecraft. At the top of the tower, I looked around and realised that some of the steps that I had climbed up were blocks made entirely of glass, so that one could see completely through them.

      There was only one room, which was at the very top and was surprisingly dull. Inside was entirely gray, aside from again, some glass blocks in amongst the wall. It was night time at this point. I was very aware that I was there for a reason, and I was under the impression I was there to solve some form of puzzle. The situation reminded me of those kinds of games where the entire game is based around progressing to the next level by solving clues or riddles. At any rate, I became very swiftly frustrated with the whole thing and I left soon afterwards, and here is where the dream jumps.

      In the next scene, I was attempting to get to a location that was unknown to me, and to do so I had to walk through a winding path. As I started walking along, these strange white robots popped up that were on tracks set to only go certain ways. I realised as I got closer to them that I was not supposed to be near them, as my vision went almost entirely red, in the same sense that it does when you are taking damage in a lot of video games. I began the work of manoeuvring through the path, avoiding he robots by ducking behind objects or by taking advantage of their pathing.

      At the end of the robot path, I was surprised with what I found next, and it was at this point that I began to feel a little bit suspicious of the dream. I had just gone through an action sequence and what I found at the end of it was..... The outdoor food court of a random mall. Sitting at a table was a friend of mine who apparently just happened to be there. She immediately waved me over so I sat down to eat. There was food suddenly in front of me which confused me, and I asked her what way the bathrooms were. She pointed, I turned around and noticed the male bathroom. As I was looking, the male bathroom disappeared completely, and was quickly replaced with the female bathroom. I commented on the oddity to which the dream friend replied:

      "Yeah things can get a bit weird in dreams sometimes, hey?"

      At this point I understood I was in a dream and I felt it start to slip. I tried to hold onto it but I suddenly found myself in bed and awake. I am unsure of whether I did a reality check to make sure it wasn't a false awakening, but I am chalking that down to something to work on. Make sure I check for FAs!
    5. The Zombie Hunger Games!

      by , 04-15-2016 at 02:55 PM
      This dream, my gosh this dream was a weird one.

      Back in September last year, I visited my friend in Atlanta which, if you didn't know, is where they shoot The Walking Dead. His house is huge, four stories and full of so much stuff. I think The Walking Dead thing played into this dream a little bit.

      There were about 8 people in his house, a few people I knew, and a couple of people I didn't know. It wasn't shown or explained explicitly, but we all knew that we were in some kind of reality show, where people would watch us being pit against zombies with indefinite waves. Essentially, they would send out the first wave of zombies, and they would be slow moving, and almost impossible to be caught by. Once we fought that wave and it was completely gone, the next wave would come. The next wave would be just a bit bigger as well as faster and stronger... so on, so on. It was very similar to the Call of Duty zombies if anyone has happened to play that. I actually mentioned this and we came up with the ingenious plan of not killing the last one, and just keeping our eyes on it so that we had a lot more time and we had a moment to breathe.

      At this point, time seemed to skip quite a bit to where there were just a couple of us left. I ended up getting split off and cornered, and I feared for my life as I was hiding in a room. I remember being so absolutely petrified of the pain that I would have to endure as I went down. I actually contemplated killing myself for a little while. I heard an announcement that the other two people had died, and I was the last one, and it was as that point that I decided I was going to keep going. I fought the few that were left, again leaving one.

      The very last thing I remember of the dream was sitting down in a room hiding behind a chair as I heard one of them come closer and into the room. I felt like I was a little bit exposed and as it left the room, I shifted the chair which accidentally made a noise. It came running at me and barreled over the chair, and I could so vividly hear the sound of it right by my ear.

      I then immediately woke up.
      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable