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      07-11-2020, 10:46 AM
      JadeGreen created a blog entry Bad Teacher in Lucid Time!
      I am outside my old childhood house. Daytime (though the sky is more gray). Colors are dulled out the dream world feels flat, blurry, and generally...
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    Bad Teacher

    by JadeGreen on 07-11-2020 at 10:46 AM
    I am outside my old childhood house. Daytime (though the sky is more gray). Colors are dulled out the dream world feels flat, blurry, and generally low quality. I am already semi-lucid due to a gradual climb through lucidity that has happened over the course of a long dream of which I am only recalling the tail end of. I recall flying around, having some rather typical trouble with my flying powers with them being slow and very low to the ground but with some concentration, I am able to work past them. (I don't know why this is. I always seem to have these difficulties when flying now, but I always seem to be able to work past them.)

    I attempt to explain to some dream characters (this brown-haired girl who was moving boxes out of a house a few lots down from mine) that this was a lucid dream. At first she doesn't believe me but after flying in circles around her a few times; doing some loops and flying through the branches of some trees I manage to get her attention that something is off and eventually fully convince her.

    At this point, I begin explaining the nature of lucid dreaming to her in a pretty imprecise and incomplete manner. I explain the basic concepts of MILD, DILD and WILD, dream journaling, and dream stabilization. I then start demonstrating some basic dream control by summoning small items by reaching behind my back and grabbing them. I summon an apple and a bottle of some kind of alcoholic beverage that comes in this purple and blue glass bottle with crystals growing off of it and give them both to her. The dream scene transitions to a very distorted cafe/resturant enviroment where we are sitting on a large sofa and there are a lot of robots/ andriods. The lighting in the scene is very harsh; light and dark coming in through a big vertical window.

    At some point I sit down on the couch and sink into it until I fall through the floor. I look up and see the resturant enviroment above me floating in a white void with some faint clouds. (It sort of looks like in a video game when you clip out of the world and fall through the floor). I begin flying once more but wake up not long after.
    lucid , non-lucid

    Two Lucids (One very old)

    by JadeGreen on 06-20-2020 at 04:46 PM
    May 12

    I am standing on the front porch of my mom's boyfriends' house. I see a number of moons in a line in the sky (like Ilus from the Expanse). Blam. Dreamsign. Very clearly lucid. I look and coming down the sidewalk to my right is this silver android with green energy conduits running all over his body walking down the sidewalk. He stops about 15 meters away and announces that I am his target and set to be terminated. He raises his right hand which has some kind of energy weapon in it and creates a large energy ball. I duck out of the way and it explodes destroying my mom's truck in a fireball.

    I declare to the robot that we don't have to fight. Here me of all people, trying to be less violent in my lucid dreams. The robot responds that this is his programming and that he will not stop until I am dead. I figure it best just to leave it. I decide to just abandon the situation and fly away. The robot flies into the air with antigravity and plows into me with a powerful punch. I do not feel it and don't seem to be physically damaged by it (though my clothing is shredded) as I am sent flying through several houses causing significant damage to all of them.

    I get up and dust myself off, now standing in the middle of a pile of broken lumber and bricks in what was somebody's house. I notice the robot seems to be gone so I decided to take off and fly away. My propulsion powers work, though they are weaker than I would like. I have to angle my rockets mostly down just to stay in the air and this leaves me moving forward through the air. I begin repeating an old mantra that I used to use when I first began practicing LD.

    "I am a good lucid dreamer. Lucid dreaming is easy for me."

    For some reason, this slowly starts to increase the effectiveness of my propulsion and I am soaring well above the landscape and gaining speed. I look down seeing highways, towns, forests, farms, roads and what have you. Right below me is a large complex of condos with yellow siding and red terracotta roofs. The android comes plowing in from absolutely nowhere and pounds me towards the ground. I land in a small yard between two condo buildings in the dirt. I have literally made like a cartoon style imprint in the shape of my body into the ground. I see the android hovering down next to me and preparing another energy blast.

    "Okay... you had your chance at mercy. Now I'm going to kick your ass."

    I begin throwing out fireballs in rapid succession. This has little effect aside from minorly staggering the robot. I combine my orange and blue fire and it makes a purple plasma ball that I throw at the robot. This seems more effective, the plating on his chest becomes mangled and half molten though he's still intact and relatively unharmed; at least now I know I can damage his armor.

    The robot flies at me again, hitting me so hard it creates a shockwave. I'm sent flying for miles and when I land, find myself on the surface of an ice lake surrounded by a snowy forest. A moment later the robot comes flying out of the sky and smashes me down through the ice. We begin wrestling underwater; I think the robot intended to drown me. I've been practicing avoiding the drowning feeling in lucid dreams and breathing underwater. It seemed to work here, as I didn't have any problems breathing and managed to get a hold of his arm with one and begin hitting the shoulder joint with my elbow. Eventually, the shoulder of the bot crumples and I'm able to tear off one of his arms.

    I then get the idea to slide his arm like a glove and start firing energy blasts from it. This works and the android attempts to retreat. I fly after it, pursuing it to this mountainous area. There are huge cliff faces and this gigantic circular castle tower built into a cliffside. Judging by the number of windows the minuscule scale of buildings below it is the size of a skyscraper at least, and I continue fighting the android. At some point, I attempted to throw a kick but wound up kicking IWL and jolting myself awake.

    Jun 20 (Today)

    The dream begins with me having to retake 5th grade. I complain that I am a grown adult and shouldn't have to return to elementary school; it would be awkward etc. However, when I get there I find that I am in a 5th grade class full of other adults...? I'm still suspicious because being in lower grades is a dream sign.

    We take a field trip to somewhere in colorado I think. We are walking through a natural area of forests and farmland with large beautiful mountains on the horizon. I'm still suspicious of the situation and eventually break through into full lucidity.
    A pretty typical scene plays out in where I am attempting to convince the other dream characters that I am lucid dreaming and they are not believing me. I attempt to prove it by spinning around on the spot and levitating. The dream characters don't seem particularly impressed. I ask them to replicate this feat and they are unable to do so.

    I instead decided to test out other powers. I've had water, fire, and air manipulation in the past and been able to use them pretty consistently; but never been able to earthbend. I find a large pink granite boulder about a meter in diameter sitting by the side of the road and decide to see if I can earthbend it. First I tried several times a sort of uppercut motion; to see if I could levitate it. This doesn't work. I eventually break into trying to go at from a different angle (the exact mistake a certain airbender made in a certain show). Thinking that the logic of the show applies here I decide that is not the best course of action.

    Instead of attempting to telekinetically lift the rock I opt to simply punch it with my own hands. I kneel down some and punch it in the side. This works, the boulder is sent rolling a few meters away. Seeing that actual physical contact seemed to help; I then decide to try and split the boulder with a knife-hand strike. Initially this doesn't work but on the second attempt, the rock splits down the middle, as intended. The entire thing then crumbles into small fragments, which was not intended.

    Unstable Dream Guide, Rocket Store

    by JadeGreen on 02-28-2020 at 05:18 AM
    I am by the lake at my old house, where I become lucid simply by virtue of being there, having instilled into myself that I should reality check every time I arrive at anywhere related to my old house or the town I used to live in. It is summertime, there are numerous lush plants growing everywhere. The sky is an odd mixture of green, brown and yellow with two suns. The dream is very unstable. It feels like I'm looking down a tunnel, things feel dark and things tend to shift quite drastically if I look away from them and look back again.

    I decide to summon Manei, having missed my longtime dream guide/companion in the time that I have not been lucid dreaming. I summon her and I hear a voice saying it will take her some time to manifest into the dream and that I should please be patient. I oblige and seat myself at the edge of the water. I observe the unstable nature of the dream and am quite pessimistic about the dream remaining stable and lucid long enough for her to manifest, growing irritated at how long it is taking.

    Eventually she surfaces near the middle of the lake and swims over to me, getting out of the water. She is short, bloated and completely naked and her physical form is convulsing strangely physical features change each time I look at them, undergoing all sorts of typical dream body horror such as extra body parts or missing body parts, the specifics of which I do not recall. She explains to me that she is unstable, though I am just happy that the dream held together long enough and that she was actually able to manifest. I ask her what I can do to help her become more stable and she says that simply keeping present in the dream will allow her to rebuild stability. I agree to do this, we begin to walk and talk, but something triggers intense anger and I fly away. I remember shunting the angry energy directly downwards for propulsion.

    The dream scene transitions to the interior of my junior high, specifically one of the stairwells. The dream has distorted to where the stairwell was many stories tall (it was only two IRL). Manei and I are jumping on the stair rails and sliding down them. The assistant principal shows up, and starts to yell at us for misbehaving but being lucid, I do not care.


    I am at a store that allows one to design and build rockets. It's very reminiscent of something from a game like Kerbal Space Program in that you can buy these prefabricated pieces that just click together and there is this computer software that lets one order custom rocketry components. I also notice they sell big cylinders of styrofoam and ask about this. Apparently, it has something to do with fuel pressure.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Demonic Goat Barbecue

    by JadeGreen on 02-24-2020 at 10:46 PM
    I am with my dad and stepmom; we are going to visit a family friend who lives on a farm. My father drives us in a large hummer type vehicle to a barbecue which is taking place in the evening hours/at night. There are some scenes involving the driving that I do not recall with much clarity, but the end result is us arriving at this farmhouse with a large Quonset hut out back.

    People are talking, eating hamburgers and hot dogs and drinking the like. I then end up getting chased by this large goat like creature. I say goat because that's what it most closely resembled but it was very large and the horns growing out of its head resembled cordyceps fungus. I recall feeding it a block of cheese that I had taken from a party tray trying to get it to leave me alone, but I think it only aggravated the creature further.

    A large structure manifested nearby; it was a metal scaffold that resembled a cell phone tower with a wooden plank staircase spiraling up it. I climbed the structure trying to get away from it, though was unsuccessful. The large goat followed me up. It tried several times to bite my hand, and for some unknown reason, I allowed this. Until I realized that the goat's bites where harmless, that it couldn't bite with enough force to hurt my hand, but seemed to enjoy nibbling on it, though I wasn't sure if this was a mechanical limitation of the creature or the goat showing restraint. I stopped being scared of the goat and jumped off the tower. In spite of falling a dozen stories, I landed with no injuries or discomfort. The goat jumped down as well.

    Dream Drop for old times' sake

    by JadeGreen on 12-26-2019 at 07:49 PM
    Maybe for new years' resolution 2020 I get back into lucid dreaming...

    Dream 1 (Three Nights Ago)

    I am with my mother. We are checking out houses to live in. The location is near a body of water; a lake. There are lots of small islands with road bridges connecting them and a few houses per island, as well as lots of large trees that have lost their leaves. The grass is mostly brown and many of the houses look to be in a highly dilapidated state.

    At some point I become lucid and begin flying on jets of fire as I usually do.

    Dream 2 (Two Nights Ago)

    In the dream I am openly homosexual and traveling cross country on a road trip with an OTD boyfriend whom I am not familiar with. We get along well and seem to have a developing and intimate relationship. There is heavy time dilation as we travel across the country touring various parks, landmarks and attractions. At one point towards the end of our trip we are driving along a road, which runs alongside a forested mountain which runs along a fjord somewhere on the west coast of the united states. We are driving an old VW bus that is white, yellow and gold and now traveling in a convoy with other travelers in various vehicles. We stop because the road ends, and get out of the vehicle. It is midday and sunny with a handful of scattered clouds.

    I become Lucid and decide to fly. The flying sensation is pretty muted as the dream begins to destabilize around me. I fly out over the ocean and pretty quickly the land shrinks away into nothing despite my best efforts to redirect thrust and fly back. I then glance around and notice the tsunami dream occurring. The wave is absolutely massive, several miles tall, like a second vertical ocean forming a massive wall to one side of me. I think that I might be able to fly above it, outrun it, or shift the dream scene but the wave seemingly accelerates until its right on top of me. Then returns to more normal speed as the wave hits me.

    I'm underwater. I recognize this dream as having happened before. Numerous times. I simply allow myself to breathe rather than suffer through the suffocating drowning feeling. The dream scene shifts. I am seated on a concrete platform that is partially submerged in a deep ocean. The sky is gray and golden with rays of sunlight showing through and waves are battering me from all sides. I continue to breathe, recognizing that the dream around me couldn't impact my ability to breathe and cause me to drown. By concentrating on this fact I was able to stop the waves.

    The dream transitions to a tropical island scene. I lose the dream and wake up.