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    S2024 Nights 6 and 7

    by JadeGreen on 04-06-2024 at 04:39 AM
    I am involved in a ship salvage operation. It is a large ship, easily over 1km long with a horizontal deck plan and bilateral symmetry, it looks to be in fairly good shape. We pull up alongside it assuming the vessel to be abandoned. Upon entering through the airlock we find the ships interior is empty. About 75% of the hull is completely empty of internal bulkheads or any sort of structural support outside of the outer hull plating. There are large windows in places, most of which would have been oriented like skylights when the ship had artificial gravity and such. The windows seem to be odd shapes, all of them are made up of triangular glass panels with an isogrid style design.

    We come under attack. Hiding out in the bottom 25% of this ship are its owners or defenders. The operate small pod-like machines. These machines have four spider-like legs with mag locks or something to that effect that can clamp onto and walk on the hull of a ship, even non-metallic materials like the whitewashed fullerene paneling this ship appears to mostly be made out of. Their machines have large glass bubble cockpits and heavy duty worklights. Two small thruster pods stick out on long pylons with several large nozzles on each thruster block. Most importantly there is a distressingly large rotary cannon of some descrpition on the front of these things.

    I remember grabbing a metal spike, some spare piece of junk from the ship and spiking it through the canopy glass. The guy inside isn't wearing a pressure suit and chokes out from vac exposure.


    I am in the bathroom of my current house. The bathtub is full of water and pee and (theres no really eloquent way to put this) has about a dozen turds floating in it. The floor gives out and the bathroom falls through ot the first floor and then the basement. I am exploring the basement for awhile, its this big maze of abandoned passages and rooms with rusty pipes and crumbling brick walls that seems to go down several levels below the house.

    Manei and I were participants on a game show. We were doing that game where there is a foam board cutout of a person that you must jump through. Its called the "trial of shape" or something like that. There is a rather small form that she wont fit through and she just sort of glares at it angirly annoyed that this game isn't accommodating or fair. I pass through it perfectly.

    The dream changes to a hospital scene. Nicole watterson from the Amazing World of Gumball is going ot have a baby though she doesn't look to be pregnant. She lifts up her shirt to show her belly to the doctor and there is a paper tearing sound and a big belly appears. Then another paper tearing sound and her belly gets even bigger. Then a third paper tearing sound as a baby which is 'me' tears through her belly (its not gorey its just cartoony and looks like torn paper). Baby me is sticking out of the rip in her belly from the waist up starts flailing around like a garry's mod character and screaming obnoxiously loud. He/I takes a toy racecar from nowhere and makes engine sounds driving the car in circles. Then falls asleep for several seconds making an obnoxious cartoon snoring sound. Then wakes up again and continues flailing around.
    The doctor says something to the effect of "ah yes a perfectly healthy baby"

    The dream scene changes though this is still connected to the previous dream. I am in my childhood neighborhood in early dawn hanging out with some other kids. I think I am just wearing shorts and no shirt and I am in dream form. One of the kids asks who I am and I respond by saying "I dont know I was just born but this body is mature. I know english and I think a little of [some other language with a nonsense name]."
    The kid walks me over to a group of friends and tells me I hae to be initiated into his group by playing the slapping game. He tells me to put my hands out palms down and he will slap them. Then I will slap his. We repeat this until one side gives up or flinches. I think to myself this game is stupid and I dont want to hurt anyone. He slaps me first and I don't feel it. I slap him but I intentionally hold back quite a bit. Though he still recoils like I hit him quite hard. He then seems to wait and think. I don't want to play this game or oblige this strange violent social construct this group is using. I notice my hands seem smaller and more delicate than IWL. I then remember a conversation with monkey I had about how the hand check never worked for me even though when I go into my dream form my hands are differnet.

    I'm lucid. I remember this is a competition, and I remember a conversation I had with monkey about him wanting to fight stormtroopers from star wars together. All of the other kids scatter. The sun has come up now but its being eclipsed as I see the death star approaching earth and some star destroyers jumping in overhead, maybe about 15 of them organized into triangular formations of three. I then think that due to being busy I never actually listed the goal on DV and therefore I probably can't claim points for doing a goal that I didn't declare beforehand so I don't want the dream to do this.
    The death star is rotating into position. It seems "accurate" as it rotates I can see all the little details, all of the buildings and greebles on the surface transition from light to shadow with way more resolution than I think WL eyes could manage. I distinctly remember how the inside of the laser dish caught the sunlight and transitioned from completely dark to a crescent moon shape and so fourth as the spherical death star rotated opposite. The sun is low in the sky so everything is tinted beautiful pink and orange, the whole effect is sort of like seeing the moon in the sky. Though it seems about two hand-widths across in the sky. I sense whats coming next and I don't want the dream to end.

    "Set Barrier Radius 6,500,000; origin point earths core."

    I got ot it just in time. The superlaser fires and hits right on the boundary of three hexagonal plates. There is a bright flash and a loud "BWUM!" which then fades like distant thunder. Birds fly away and windows on the houses break but everything is OK.

    I did that to stop the dream from ending when the planet got destroyed, but the dream ended here anyways.
    lucid , non-lucid

    S2024 Night 3

    by JadeGreen on 04-01-2024 at 10:23 PM
    I am in a minecraft world. It is a very large underground room, maybe 30 blocks wide and long and 10 tall with a jungle wood plank floor. There are a couple of doors with stripped log frames and the rest of the room is stone with pockets of ore and such like it would be in a normal minecraft world. I go through the door and up a slab staircase into a sort of dojo like location. This area is much more finished and detailed looking and there are candles set around and swords.

    The dream transitions to a more realistic style but the dojo setting and candles remain. I am doing meditation but my totem is all chipped and scratched and seems to be crumbling apart. I question how it got like this, but don't become lucid. I think to myself I can use "rock glue" to fix it.


    I am sitting in the dojo setting though there is now a large dining table. There are four people at this table, Manei, my mother's boyfriend and a foruth figure that I don't ever look at or identify. There are dozens and dozens of tall egg cups each holding a partially eaten boiled egg. I take a very small bite one and it tastes absolutely putrid and I cough, spitting it out, I think it is rotten. The entire table smells of that nasty sulfurous rotten egg smell.

    I ask myself how the sense of smell can be active in a dream, and how my dream guide can be at the table with a waking life figure. I'm not sure if I got lucid and then immediately woke up, but it feels wrong to count it if I'm not sure.

    NLD: 1pt
    Meditation: 2pts
    RCS: 0.5pts

    S2024 Night 1 and 2

    by JadeGreen on 04-01-2024 at 04:07 AM
    Morning of Mar 30

    I am in my first grade classroom semi lucid.

    Several students are sitting in the classroom or outside in the hall with bloody bandages on one or both of their hands. The shape of the bandages tells that they do not have fingers. I am walking into school with my father and I tell him I do not want to go to class today because our substitute is Mr. Fingereater. He tells me I have to go to school no matter what or I will be in trouble and urges me into the classroom.

    Mr. Fingereater is a large fat ‘man’ wearing a white shirt. The front of which is stained with blood and unbuttoned to reveal a fat hairy set of pectorals. He is bald and has large cheeks and a mouth that is set out very forward. He has a large jaw and fat cheeks with very pronounced pearly white teeth. Like a bear trap but the teeth are not jagged or triangular. His ears are also very big and round and sort of stick out from the side of his head like an elephant’s.

    Inside I sit down with other students. Most of the students seem to be nursing bloody bandaged hands. I intuitively know that Mr. Fingereater will only live up to his namesake if I get a question wrong. He asks me some sort of nonsense question like “What kind of Dinosaur is a Thesaurus?”

    I don’t know the answer because the question is sort of nonsense, and I intuitively know that if I ask to clarify the question that will be counted as ‘wrong’. I'm lucid enough to kind of be annoyed by this, its sort of the plot structure and ofc the dream isn't going to 'play fair'. Being semi lucid I decide to run away. I run out of the classroom door and out into the hall.

    There is a long sequence of being chased through the school. It seems to draw on imagery of several schools (my first and second elementary schools, my junior high and my high school.) It seems to largely be a standard dream labyrinth effect. At one point I find a window and look outside. The building I am in is a large brick tenement like building that is built in a very large flat grass lawn in the middle of nowhere. I contemplate jumping out of the window but decide against it.

    Mr. Fingereater catches me and bites off my fingers on my right hand, leaving only the thumb. He takes all four fingers at once, but he does so by taking several quick bites eating up the fingers from the tips. (Probably for maximum pain inducement) This gives very intense pain and its very nerve-wracking to see four bloody stumps with circles of white bone where my fingers are. I scream and cry. But I can still ‘feel’ them and when I try to flex them I see severed tendons. I manage to get away from him before he can take another bite by sutting myself in a locker.

    This changes the dream scene to the cottage owned by my father’s sister. I am in the back yard near the lake and Marcus is there sitting in a lawn chair reading a book. He sees the state I’m in and offers to transfer my consciousness to another body. He has maybe half a dozen scifi-looking cryo pods with bodies in them.. I put on a sort of VR helmet and he loads me into one of hade’s female bodies and thaws it out of the cryo pod. He explains that this is an earlier prototype and doesn’t have as many cybernetic or genetic modifications. When I get loaded in I walk over to my child self (waking self body) and it is now dead from the transfer and bleeding out on the ground, but I ignore this. Marcus says he made a hot tub time machine and wants me to try it.

    I get in and see there is a small touchscreen control panel with cyan blue displays. I say without really thinking “I want to go back as early as possible to change everything!” and spin my hand on a large circular dial on the touchscreen display.

    I arrive in a house. The structural layout feels a lot like my childhood home but the decor is different. The house is also in my childhood neighborhood but it is one of the houses near the entrance to the neighborhood on the left side of the road when you come in. Where in our house was the front living room is a dining room. In what was the dining room of my childhood home is the hot tub time machine.

    There is a very elegant dining set made of dark stained wood with tan/golden cushions on the dining chairs. I specifically remember seeing the patterning on the fabric where everything is a lighter tan with diamond-shaped golden embroidery that is just a little bit inset on the fabric. A crystal chandelier hangs over it. My parents are there talking to a couple of other people and a younger me is meandering about looking at the details.

    My consciousness seems to alternate between inhabiting my own younger body and the hade body I pulled through. My WL body is very young in this, I feel like I am just learning to walk and I go down on my hands and knees to crawl at times and this feels natural.

    When I transfer into the younger body my fear of Mr. Fingereater re-manifests but when I alternate into the adult body it goes away. Mr. Fingereater comes out of the hot tub time machine like he is hiding under the water. While the female Hade body is small and slender and ‘only a prototype’ its still pretty much pure muscle and insanely more capiable to a normal human body. One roundhouse kick to the face instantly takes him out, its like hitting him with a cannonball. His jaw is broken and he falls over, breaking the drywall into the next room and bleeding quite a bit. I know he is dead. I executed this kick with the hade body but presence extended to my own child body.

    My presence becomes fixed into my child/toddler body. I see the Hade body now inhabited by who-knows-what consciousness. I notice for the first time that body is naked, it has rather large breasts but not a vagiana. (So its probably one of the later prototypes as I only saw hade bodies with this anatomy later on) She (??? pronouns are a PITA with these, but they are technically my bodies so I say anything goes.) waves and gets back into the hot tub time machine. The machine ripples and fades out. I feel distressed and saddened by this like a friend is leaving. I also notice that the fingers on my right hand are missing but now the wounds seem to be healed over.

    I start to cry. My parents and whoever they are talking to seem to have completely ignored the events and the dead mutant teacher in the next room. They don’t understand why I seem to have randomly started crying. There is a very strong rise of sadness. I’m conscious of it being ‘artificially induced’ on and I’m fairly lucid by this point. But the emotion is still very strong and I can’t help myself. I am crying because the more mature and capable body left and because I know that it is a dream and I haven’t actually accomplished anything because I didn’t actually travel back to my younger self. But simultaneously I’m distressed because I’m stuck back in my childhood body without the fingers on my right hand, and because its a mortal body they wont regenerate. (Also this is another point in the consciousness-body dualism in dreams. The body you take on can influence emotional and physical responses.) It feels good to cry and my parents come over to comfort me.

    I woke up. This has been a distressing dream since I’ve had aches around the fingers on my right hand for most of the day. I keep checking that they are still there.

    Morning of Mar 31

    Dreams were very fragmented and sludgy, none of them lucid sadly.

    I was playing minecraft. This was one of my old worlds which I played for quite awhile as a child. (The world had a very large pyramid made of red clay bricks and stone bricks which was my base). There was a large birch tree farm and I had several stacks of stone bricks and there was a large quarry pit which I put a glass roof over. But the world changed to a more recent world and I was in a mangrove swamp biome with mountains in the distance.

    Semi lucid. I am in the basement of my childhood home standing by where the bookshelf was and everything has a red tinge to it. I remember I am in my WL form but am undergoing a transformation into my dream form by way of an injection. This has caused me to take on a weird mix of features between the two forms. Manei is there. This is a reference to a very early dream I had. If one follows a strictly materialist/psychological pathway for the formation of a dream guide she arose here. In a dream I had some time before I even properly discovered lucid dreaming, I had a dream of Katara attempting to teach me waterbending. I was bad at it. I'm still bad at it.

    Some dream about my old factory job. There is a subway (resturant) inside the workplace.

    Also need to put down 2pts meditation 0.5pts RCs for this day.

    Will tally up points and post to comp thread when I have time.

    Comp Warm-Up

    by JadeGreen on 03-26-2024 at 03:31 PM
    The dream began where I was in an OTD hospital. I think I was recovering from something though I felt fine and could more around. I was being kept in this barren stertile room near the back of the hospital. It seems to be just a big square room that sort of juts out the back of the building with windows on three sides. There are vinyl tiles and incandescent lights. The room looks to be a storage space for old hospital beds and random equipment that is out of date, but it is mostly empty.

    I go stand by the window. I see a large machine next to me. A big light gray metal box. It surrounded by a tall chain link fence. It is making a lot of noise, rumbling and then whining like a jet engines. There are exaust pipes on it shooting out streams of fire and electrical transformer equipment with electricity arcs coming between the various components. I get the sense that whatever machine this is (my first instinct is to say it was a generator for the hospital) was being pushed way past its intended load. I notice that it seems to sort of stop and start, not like the machine is failing but like somebody keeps switching it on and off.


    I am with a small skeleton crew on a stolen Scirocco class cruiser. Our mission is to steal another such ship of the same class, though we only have maybe half a dozen people crewing our ship. Our ship is also painted jet black compared to the other one which has its orange markings. We have a lot of insider information on the MCRN including these fake ID chips/cards we can use to access their ships and technology. We pull up near to the ship, which is just floating there in deep space, and send fake voice communications about needing to dock to transfer prisoners. The other ship buys this at first.

    I get into a boarding pod and when we get up close they launch me over. But as I'm flying over the boarding pod is shot but I jump out. I'm outside in the complete vacuum of space but I am at least semi lucid so I just sort of float over to the airlock of the ship we want to board. I get there and swipe the ID card on the card reader. It accepts it but tells me I must type in a four digit pin on a little keypad. Our plan didn't account for this extra layer of security. I type 1-2-3-4 on the pad just to see if it will work and it doesn't.

    The enemy ship realizes what we are trying to do and rockets away, probably pulling several g's. Our ship flips over and does the same. Boosters on, I fly after the both of them. I start gaining on them but my flight seems to be stuck in a lower gear. Then both ships make an abrupt turn bout 150 degrees. Turning around but not quite coming right back at me. I flip over and blast back the other way. They are flying alongside each other, exchanging missiles and PDC fire with each other but mostly not doing any damage to one another. I fly up to the enemy ship and grab on near the engine section, climbing into a gap between the armor and the drive cone.

    I squeeze through a couple of claustrophobic spaces between machinery and stuff until I find an important looking power coupling. Its basically a big circular plug maybe about 15 centimeters across. Pulling it takes all of my strength, especially since I can't get a good grip on it with the thing I want to remove being a big slippery metal cylinder but I get it done and the ship stops running.


    I am in my current neighborhood at somewhere along my jogging route. It is nighttime. I am fully lucid now though my lucidity has gradually been building through the previous scenes. I say out loud to myself something to the effect of.

    "This will be a practice run for the competition. Competitions give the most points for dream control so I just need to do dream control feats as quickly as possible to get points."

    I do stabilization first, rubbing my hands together and touching grass along the side of the sidewalk to crank up the vividness of the dream. I also verbally command for the dream to increase in stability. This gives a small result, though not much.

    I notice that it is dark, twilight/nighttime. I decide to change it to day.

    "Set time to day." I command.

    The sun rises in the south over the course of about fifteen seconds. The sky turns some really beautiful shades of cyan and magenta.

    "Okay now I will fly."

    I lift off on my rocket boosters. I check to confirm the visual is still there since it disappears sometimes. The visual is there. I just sort of fly in a circle above the street and then land at the same spot. The dream scene changes to my childhood neighborhood.

    "Okay now I will summon something."

    I dont even have an idea of what I want to summon. I just reach behind myself and expect to grab hold of something. I bring it back around and get a rusty steel pipe maybe an inch thick and a meter or so long. Its heavy but I can hold it with one hand. I drop it in the street and it makes a loud clank.

    I think I will next use my barrier power but I woke up here.
    non-lucid , lucid

    Winter Comp Night 10

    by JadeGreen on 01-18-2024 at 02:00 AM
    Just some short NLDs

    One had something to do with a mass tractor decelerating into a contact binary star system. There was another alien vessel waiting for them there for them. This might have been residue from a (frankly crazy) idea one of my friends had in our scifi roleplaying group about having a ship with radiators and a cooling loop running so hot they glowed blue. That ship is here, sort of a stout silver design with a warp drive ring.


    False awakening. I am sitting in my bed doing something very naughty with myself. I have my laptop on my bed, with a sort of gray tray table that has my drawing tablet and art program open. But in the art program is an innocuous drawing of a rectangle. Six or seven horizontal rectangles make up a vertical rectangle and theres an X through the whole thing. The drawing is done very neatly.

    I then see the door of my bedroom open ever so slightly which means someone saw me.


    Someting about being in the stone face cave. Theres a cave, probably somewhere in my dream realm with a bunch of stone faces like Olmec heads or Easter Island heads. I'm there. Though this doesn't feel concise enough to count for persistent realm.

    3 nld: 3pts
    rcs: 0.5pts