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    Getting back on top of things EP5

    by JadeGreen on 03-23-2018 at 03:28 AM
    Had some lucid dreams last night, only two nights gap between the last ones, which is pretty motivating.

    Dream 1: I became lucid in some outdoor setting and attempted to fly but could not lift off.

    Dream 2: I became lucid in a very dark underground library setting. Manei was there and standing by my side. It was dark so I created a blue fireball and threw it into the distance. I didn't want it to impact anything so as it flew forward I ordered it to stop. I then ordered it to grow bigger and to follow just above me creating a light source. I recall the fireball had some very strange spinning rings and holographic runes around it.

    We walked around for a bit. The library was very large and full of old books written in an incomprehensible language. Manei picked a few of them out to study them but put them back on the shelf. We got to the end of the library and arrived in this bedroom/study. There was a large fur blanket on the ground. Manei crawled under it. I wanted her to stay in the dream but when I lifted the blanket she gone.

    Dream 3: I was in a large locker room/bathroom/shower room trying to hide from someone.

    Dream 4: Long and boring dream having to do with a school bus.
    lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment

    Fragments and Stuff

    by JadeGreen on 03-21-2018 at 03:07 AM
    -I was staying for office hours after school at the arts building where I take my digital fabrications class. When it came time to drive home I found that my car was in the classroom. This meant that I had to carefully (without knocking over any computer desks in the room) and then drive the car down the hall and down two flights of stairs to get out the door, and then from there drive back to the main road. I had a false memory of how I had done so previously and managed to not damage my car but I was anxiotous as to how I would repeat this in reverse.

    -I was playing Spore, as some kind of blue and purple dinosaur looking beast. The creature then evolved (on its own) into the shape of a woman with large light blue feathered wings on its back (it retained the original color scheme). I wandered the lands and noticed the landscape was more high-fidelity than it normally was in spore. There were swamps and cave like structures dotted throughout the lands of my planet. I remember trying to find skeletons. (In the original game skeletons were a way to find parts to evolve your creature) and found some strange looking parts that were not present in the OG game. However most of the skeletons I found my character could not dig up.

    Later I came under attack by some monster and had to use my flying ability to escape them. I remember flying through dark and shadowed caves for awhile. When I landed I was near a lava pool and found more skeletons. When I tried to use them to get creature parts they came to life and wandered away.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Train Dream and Star Wars Con

    by JadeGreen on 03-19-2018 at 01:57 PM
    Ripped from my offline DJ


    I was on a train. That's about all I can recall.


    S had taken me to a star wars con. I was in an OTD parking lot with fog and OTDDCs. Some were unlocking these very large models from the backs of their trucks and unloading them into this wheeled palette. One was one of those revenge of the sith star destroyers (Venator?). But there were like 8 slots where the large turrets were. 8 small children painted their faces gray and got into the slots wearing these hats that looked like the turrets.

    The DCs then started fighting with another group of DCs who had also made a large model of a ship. This one I did not remember being in star wars. It was gold in color and looked like a huge hammer/axe with a big front part and a long narrow back part. They got into an argument with the star wars DCs and started talking about some space battle where everyone got these new upgraded shields but still had the standard weapons and the entire battle was resolved by all of the ships on both sides ramming into one another. The argument crescendoed when people rammed the two wheeled carts together causing damage to both ship models. The star destroyer with the kid's heads as turrets fell off it's cart and all of the children started crying. One of the older and more mature members of the group who hadn't been involved in the argument started trying to get the kids out.

    We then went into the convention. Alls I remember was that everything was egregiously expensive. Someone cited that a bottled water was 15 dollars.

    Meditiation: 50.15A (morning)

    RCS: 3 (documented)

    Poo Lucid and FA

    by JadeGreen on 03-18-2018 at 03:20 PM
    Back at it with the DJing.

    I was in an OTD beach setting. I had to go #2 and the bathroom was in a brick building up the beach a little bit. I went into the bathroom and said something along the lines of "Darn it, it turned into another poo dream!". After several minutes of stuff I will not detail here on the toilet I was able to make the have-to-poo feeling go away (finally).

    I was able to make the best of it while in the bathroom while lucid in the bathroom; I was playing with my hands and dream control. I tried changing my skin color and made my hand light blue with dark blue freckles and the skin gained a very oily texture. I then changed my other hand into a mechanical hand made out of a silvery metal and examined it.

    Once I had finished, I went back into the front of the bathroom and looked in the mirror. My physical appearance was very unstable and I seemed to be morphing between several outward appearances at once. I knew the dream was ending and getting unstable but I was having fun playing around with my own physical appearance. I would spin around, briefly close my eyes and concentrate on who I wanted to look like.

    -Took on the appearance of a younger version of my RL self.
    -Took on the appearance of my dream guide, Manei.
    -Took on the appearance of my present day waking life self.


    I false awakened. There were police outside of my house. I remember for some reason I wanted to hide because I didn't know what was going on. I saw all the police going to the house of this girl who lived up the street. I knew her IRL and she used to bully me in grade school, so I got some satisfaction from her having to get out of her house and be in trouble with the police in the wee hours of the morning.

    A police officer suddenly appeared in the window of my bedroom (which was weird because it was on the second floor.) And told me he would write me a ticket if he caught me being a peeping tom again. I apologized and said I would go back again.

    The dream recursed with very minor variations about three or four times, with me either going back to sleep and FAing again when.

    Getting back on top of things

    by JadeGreen on 03-17-2018 at 07:59 PM
    I don't have anything to report on meditations or reality checks for the past few days, as I have been slammed with school. Nevertheless I said I would get back into lucid dreaming and help motivate DawnEye so I suppose I should drop these here regardless. The previous three mornings I have gone in and out of wakefulness a lot and barely remembered anything.

    Anyways this is just a smattering of dream fragments and notes.

    -I was in a parking garage. It was some kind of urban environment and there was something to do with a maroon colored car.

    -I had a semi lucid dream. I was with Manei and we were on standing paddleboards going down a river. There was a lush tropical jungle on either side of us with thick groves of bamboo and giant trees. My grandparents got involved in the dream and were on a boat and were annoying. We didn't want to be involved with them so we went down this side river and hid in this little cove.

    -In one dream I was constructing a large wooden model of the red spaceship from my art thread in my bedroom. I was intending it as a toy to give to a young child as a play set and the project involved making the sides of the ship hinged so that people could see the inside; and doing interior detailing and creating figurines that could be played with in the playset.

    -Marcus made silver and orange mecha armor that looked a lot like an Iron Man suit. The armor could unfold and then encompass him like an Iron Man suit. He then took out a blue lightsaber and tried to stab himself but upon striking the armor the lightsaber's blade would short out and he'd be forced to reignite it. He said he had to make the armor resistant to lightsaber strikes and it was now successful.