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    Spring 2023 Comp Night 14: Yeet

    by JadeGreen on 03-15-2023 at 02:24 PM
    I was at my friend K's house, sitting in the living room where we used to hang out. Her dog had died (it died years ago IRL) and she was mourning that she wasn't able to be with her in her last moments. I was crying with her as we put her dog into a small wooden coffin with a bronze cross on it.


    Later, the dog plot is over and we are just sitting and talking. The dream is semi-lucid and we are talking in the pretense that we are in a shared dream.

    "You know I always liked you and dropped lots of hints but you never took our relationship to the next level." (Huh boy here we go with THIS plot again.)

    "Because I only liked you as a friend." I responded. "And I don't like this game playing dropping hints and making moves game. Love is love and if you feel something you should openly tell someone and not subscribe to societal conventions. Life is short..." I gestured outside to where we buried the dog. "Too short to be playing games with other peoples feelings."

    She kind of bounces in her seat like an impatient toddler and clenches her fists. Kind of acting immature in that manner where you are self aware that you are acting immature and could actually be more mature about the subject if you wanted to.

    "But thats not FAIIRRRR!!!" During this time the dream scene changes to the park in front of my current home, though the sofa she is sitting on remains as-is. She fades into the background. There is a large wooden open pavilion with a concrete floor and picnic tables under it. Some DCs are in there. There are about ten of them, all late teens/YA. One of them is a boy with wavy hair not wearing a shirt. I stop and have an interaction with them. The shirtless boy is kind of a jerk. Some of the other DCs feel like combinations or reinterpretations of kids from the neighborhood I grew up in.

    K comes back into the scene though she now seems like a combination of K and C. "You're such a hypocritical ass." She says ass in a really vitriolic way like she wants it to hurt my feelings though it doesn't affect me. "You don't think about what I want. You won't be the person I want you to be and you won't be with me because you'd rather be with-" She says the word like a bug flew into her mouth. "Manei."

    "HEY!" Manei shouts from over my shoulder very loud.
    I think to myself, 'wow she almost scared me awake. Wait... if I can be scared awake, that means I am dreaming.'

    "Hade is this girl bothering you?"


    She walks over to the K/C hybrid DC and is maybe a head and a half taller than her. The K/C hybrid charges at her and starts punching manei in the chest and stomach but she doesn't even flinch or respond. She picks up the DC, who is wearing a white tank top, by the sort of front collar/chest area and lifts her up with one arm fully extended (the K/C hybrid is still flailing around like a rabid animal) and looks at her like she is something she scraped off the bottom of her shoe for a second, then her expression mellows.

    "No Violencia aqui, por favor. Es un tiempo wake up."

    Then overhand throws her so hard she goes flying off in the sky. The physics don't really work out as she floats away rather slowly at first, tumbling through the air upwards at about a 45 degree angle at maybe 20-30kph and then starts to gradually speed up as she gets further away. She disappears in the sky with a 'ding' and a shimmer of light like when team rocket blasts off.

    "That was in-appropriate. Nobody else do that or I will 'yeet' you also." She says to the other DCs who all scatter and run away. One of them climbs over a picnic table and his leg gets stuck causing him to faceplant on the concrete in a quite comical way. Manei says something else about the lucid dreaming competition being pointless and that it is time for me to wake up.

    DILD x1 10pt


    I took a nap and woke up with abou one hour and 45 minutes left on the clock for the comp in my timezone. Wasn't trying to get a miracle but might as well log the extra points (the dreams were funny).

    Spoiler for cw: masturbation:


    I am with Manei, semi lucid. We are shopping at an old-style grocery store because we are going to prepare a meal together. I note it is a smaller store not like a superstore in america and the product brands are all weird ones I've never seen before. I am looking through wooden bins of fruit and find a large orange. I comment to Manei how "In most parts of the world, people cannot ever get an orange, or its very rare because it has to be imported. It's important to appreciate how amazing it is we can try foods from all over the world." She seems to agree.

    The scene changes when we leave the grocery store. It is late in the evening, the sun is going down but there is still some twilight and we are walking in the parking lot. It is very similar to the parking lot of the store in my old hometown but feels smaller and many of the buildings and streets are different. I specifically remember the five-lane stroad intersection being replaced with a two lane intersection. We get to Manei's car (which pretty consistently has been some kind of black sports car convertible for years, but I think she also has a green sort of offroad jeep type thing.) Someone has keyed her car all the way down the driver's side.

    "It was probably the angry DC you yeeted last night-

    I remember waking up and being in limbo for a second. I was going to mention to her that she could "look at the scratch, look away and look back" and if she expected it to be gone, it would go away.

    Updated 03-15-2023 at 11:40 PM by JadeGreen

    lucid , non-lucid

    Spring 2023 Night 13: Balloon Head

    by JadeGreen on 03-15-2023 at 03:03 AM
    I had some non lucid dream that went on for awhile. The dream was at what was supposed to be a ski resort, though it felt like it was also a mixture of the lake at my aunt's vacation home in michigan and somewhere with snow-capped mountian like mt. fiji. I remember getting onto a flying ski lift chair and going very fast across the entire region to a big ski lodge resort building. Then feeling lost, and realizing I didn't have my phone, wallet, keys or any other personal belongings and couldn't remember how I'd gotten here. There was a lot of faffing about and general anxiety in a pretty discoherent manner.

    At some point I got to a low level of lucidity. Manei and Madmonkey's guide, Juliana appeared. I remember Manei was wearing a black kimono with pink flowers. Juliana had a wooden magic wand, red and gold scarf and round glasses like harry potter. The two stated the intent to do a procedure on me to purge negative aspects of myself that were holding me down. They explained that everything in a dream is a projection of myself, but that negative aspects sometimes hide internally and need to be separated out into a separate entity in the dream world and then dealt with. Juliana waived a wand and a little point of light appeared out of it.

    All of this brownish dust began moving out of my body, creating a really interesting sensation. It flowed out of me in streams and forms together into a humanoid form. Its sort of made out of twisted, warped petrified wood like material and flies around on fire jets like I do though it does not make blue fire on its right side. It also expands in size to... I don't know fifty or a hundred meters. It gets really big. The being also doesn't really have fingers or toes, its limbs just split apart into clusters of forking branches like tree roots. The being's head is made of cloth and inflated. Its head is an orange a hot air balloon made to look like a jack-o-lantern. But the face is animated and can change.

    The being laughs in a cartoony deep evil demon voice and boasts that it is free of me and will now enact destruction. Manei then summons her malachite sword and launches into the air, crossing the distance almost instantly. She is in the narrow area where the balloon head is secured to the wood body and makes one circular cut all the way around, cutting 8 or so ropes. The being is defeated, its limp body falls into the lake and splashes down, and the jack o lantern balloon head seems to deflate but also floats upwards.

    Spring Comp Night 12

    by JadeGreen on 03-13-2023 at 06:21 PM
    I was running through a black void, transitioning between first person views of myself and third person. The dream had a very strong emotional charge to it, I was incredibly angry and upset about something and running because of it. The ground is a dull grayish brown stone material with very little detail for the most part, and the area around me illuminated dimly.

    Occasionally I come across ancient ruins made of the same dirty brown stone at times, lines of columns, arches and incomplete pyramids. They are of a very unusual architecture with square columns and an engraving of a sort of diamond knotwork design seems to be repeated a lot.


    I am in my dream wonderland, though I am not properly lucid, so I can't claim points for it. (It seemed like a layer 0 lucidity, but I am not taking the points for it.) I am on the beach at night talking with Madmonkey's dream guide, Juliana. She is sitting on a palm tree that has grown out horizontal over the water producing some kind of light, either holding a torch or using a fire spell. It seems inconsistent when I try to remember it. At some point it was a big flood light like from a construction site.

    I have set a large heavy stainless steel metal prism which is maybe six centimeters across and fifteen centimeters long, half buried in the sand. It is decagonal or dodectagonal (has 10 or 12 sides). The corners are beveled slightly as to not be sharp. It is half buried in the sand and am somehow using it to chart/draw a complex rune pattern in the sand. I have tied a string to it and used it to draw a large circle maybe five meters across. now I am filling in the details. The cylinder has small white two digit numbers printed on the sides (11,20,22,17) but they don't seem to have any meaning. I get frustrated and wipe away part of the rune I am drawing and try to smooth out the sand. I then remember that "Manei's dreamcatcher earring has nine-fold symmetry, but I don't have a nine-fold guide so I can't make it."

    We have been talking for some time while I have been working, but I do not remember the entire conversation. The only section I remember was saying:

    "Manei asked me to quit my job so that I could focus on personal development. The place was poisoning me physically and spiritually. But now that I am here, It seems like I can't get lucid anymore."

    NLD x2

    Spring comp Night 9

    by JadeGreen on 03-11-2023 at 03:41 AM
    I was at my childhood home, though the arrangement of the house and general decor felt slightly off. I was being yelled at by my grandmother to clean out the fridge which was full of moldy food. The dream went on for awhile with some awkward faffing about, but I can't recall a play-by-play of events.


    The dream transitions to a seperate scene where I am riding my bike on the bike trail near my old high school. I am riding my bike carrying two lunchboxes and open both of them to find moldy food inside. When I go to empty them out, simply throwing the moldy food (but no packaging or plastic) by the side of the trail thinking some animal might be happy to find it, I get stung on my hand by something sharp in one of the moldy food items. This transitions into a bog standard dream of body horror as my finger turns red, then black and starts to warp in distusting ways.


    There may have been another scene of my mother and I visiting a convenience store and finding a freezer isle full of black moldy pizzas.


    Seperate dream of a stock dream plot I've been trying to catch (become lucid in). Back in high school, and theres some project or assignment that I need to turn in. This seems to be playing off a specific event.

    I cannot remember which teacher or class, but this was an actual IWL incident. I had a teacher who assigned us a lengthy essay in the first day of class. He mentioned it briefly during the first-day syllabus and never again ever that. He never formally passed out any assignment sheet that described in detail the assignment or even mentioned exactly when it was due. Then halfway through the school year one day he says "turn in your massive essay thats like 25% of your grade" only like one tryhard student had actually done the essay. Said teacher went on a half hour tyrade about how lazy we were and how this was a learning experience blah blah. Then the next day came to his senses and decided to just restructure the whole class otherwise everyone would fail out of it.

    This specific circumstance always seems to be the subject of dreams though. Only there is always an unconscious knowledge that I do know about the project but I was too apathetic to do it or specifically didn't want to do it out of rebellion. I think this might be a low level of lucidity making its way into the dream, but I'm not sure. I don't remember the specific permutation of this dream that I had (which class it was or which classroom in my highschool it took place in.


    Had another dream about riding my bike with my old Taekwondo instructor. I remember the scene taking place near my old junior high school, and then I taught class there.

    NLD x3

    Updated 03-13-2023 at 06:05 PM by JadeGreen


    2023 Spring Comp Night 4: Robot Fight and Almost-Lucid

    by JadeGreen on 03-05-2023 at 10:11 PM
    Two robots are fighting in an open grassy field surrounded by trees. One is a sort of spider-like design and the other is a big box on a unicycle with arms (like Claptrap from borderlands). Both bots are smaller than a human, maybe laborador sized. Both appear to be new and have white paint jobs with blue stripes and detailing. They are flailing around very fast trying to shove these chips/flash drives into each others access ports to change the programming of the opposing bot.

    The dream shows a slow motion of the spider-like robot being successful. It has more arms and in this fight it is given an unfair advantage The slow motion is from the robot's point of view showing that its winning move happens in a matter of miliseconds when it manages to swat away the other robot's arms and then shove the microchip into the other robots slot. A compartment on the claptrap robot opens up and a large spherical sort of energy core falls out. It is glowing with an intense bluish light.

    I am drawn into the light and emerge on the far side.
    While I am not lucid, or operating at a very low/unclear layer of lucidity. I am told by the dream narrator that this is the dream wonderland that I have been trying to create. They explain that it exists now in the quantum realm inside the power core of the robot now. (This is somehow like the quantum realm in the new Ant-Man movie) The narrator also explains that changes have been made to nuclear physics and that larger atomic nuclei are now able stable on this universal plane and the number of stable elements possible is roughly double what it is in the real world.

    I remember standing on the surface of the water which is mirror still. I am with Manei and when we walk around we create small ripples. I see several small islands around us and the foliage appears to be dark purple or black (a feature of the wonderland that I have been working on). Manei points out that the sky doesn't change colors when the sun sets. It is presently a sort of twilight with the sun on the horizon. (Only one sun, ofc the other could have been below the horizon). But the sky doesn't turn orange and yellow, it just becomes darker blue when the sun sets. To that I respond.

    "Oh thats a glitch because I haven't added that feature yet. Can you please do it, I am sure you will make the sunsets beautiful."

    Lost the dream there.

    Not giving myself points for lucid. While it had lucid dream elements, I wouldn't honestly say I was properly aware of the dream state.