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    Virtual Forest with Billboards

    by , 09-24-2023 at 09:12 PM (99 Views)
    Partway through a dream I entered a sort of virtual world, green like a woodland or jungle that someone had modelled (possibly as an academic project) and added lots of billboards all along it with floral and artistic designs and possibly some jokey / advert ones. It turned out my school friend J [DREAM SIGN: school / school colleagues] was walking along in the environment with me and he told me there was a hidden model of a military leader in an area of dense trees between two paths. I looked there and it was like a really giant statue.

    Around this point he told me he was having a lucid dream. I fairly matter-of-factly told him that I must be having one too then. (SEMI-LUCID / PSEUDO LUCID or LUCID DREAM?)
    We started climbing up something pretty close to where the statue had been but it was almost like a giant beanstalk though I wasn't paying a lot of attention to it. Instead I was asking him about how he kept from waking up or maybe was asking whether what we were doing would help to keep us from waking up.

    I think at that point the dream abruptly changed scene into us climbing up some kind of slightly cramped, gloomy, industrial or urban looking staircase (spiral or rotating flights of stairs) in ISTR either concrete or maybe red painted metal. I think in the back of my mind the idea of pronlonging the dream or avoiding waking up was still there and the dream seemed to literally fragment like these little rounded bits of glass or bits of an image with ISTR blackness maybe between. I possibly have a very vague memory of an outdoor concrete scene with white metal railings on a fence (like a school car park or something, maybe with a school or library building to the left) [though this could be a fragment from another dream].

    Then it faded to nothing and I tried to see if I could get back into another dream but I just woke up after a few moments.

    I'm going to call this one a PSEUDO-LUCID simply because I didn't get to exercise any interesting conscious control, act on or think of any dream goals (other than an attempt at dream prolonging / dream duration control), or do any reality checks.
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