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    1. fan dream fragment

      by , 07-01-2017 at 06:07 AM
      Last two days have been pretty dry.
      Yesterday I only got 5 hours of sleep. This time around all I had was some fragment about fans.

      I was in my old room, it was pretty empty but had quite a few stand up fans, and one box fan that had weird LED lights at the top and I remember it had an internet connection and had an ethernet port on it and I was trying to hook up an ethernet cord to it. That's all I recall.
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    2. idk getting back into this

      by , 06-28-2017 at 06:16 PM
      this dream occured somewhere past 10am
      its just a few fragments, can't remember much, I know there was a whole lot more to this dream such as driving around town and going to several different houses.
      Parts I remember well are mid-dream
      I'm at my friends house (except it isnt his house, its some made-up house). Half of the room is covered in this checkerboard carpet (colors being a dark green, a dark red, and a beige color), and the other half is tile. I think that part is a kitchen but I can't remember much. I think there was a baby gate but it wasn't blocking anything off.
      When you walk in you begin in the carpeted part of the room, I think there were a few couches, or some kind of furniture we had to walk around. In the back left corner was the 'kitchen' area, and the back right was just empty tile except there was a crate.
      We (some girls and I. but I don't remember who exactly though) walked to the crate and there was my friend's puppy, one of the girls grabbed him out of the cage and picked him up. I think he was a black dog, but that's all I remember of it. One of them mentioned how the puppy thinks its name is "puppy" because my friend was having trouble figuring out a name. I say something like "Oh hey kinda like me, I had trouble figuring out a name for my dog". I think someone said my dogs name was Mary (it's maggie), but before I could correct them something happened. (Idk, I forget anything after this)

      Later I remember going back to his house and we go through some room I don't remember, then some room with a dirty floor, and then to that same room as before except no tile or kitchen area. As soon as you get in to the right is a TV on top of a tall dresser, some couches, and then in the back is another TV. Some stuff happens I don't remember and I think theyre playing some game. It is implied there are people in another room in the house playing and us in the room (idk who else was with me) were also playing, but I was just watching. We were playing on the back TV, but it had little to no sound, while the other TV in the room played all of the sound and music of the game. It was some wii baseball game I think, except not on a wii. The characters looked like mii's, but a lot more detailed. I remember a shot of the coach who had on a blue shirt and baseball cap but his face was detailed a bit much for a mii but still looked cartoony. His two eyes were smushed together and he had a looong phallic nose, and he had patchy stubble. There were players who were less detailed and looked closer to mii's, but I don't remember them much.

      That's all I recall of that fragment. Ik there was more to the dream and I had other dreams, but I don't recall them.
    3. kara and lucid dream

      by , 11-07-2015 at 06:37 PM
      I don't remember dreams for last night but when I fell back asleep this morning I had at least two, maybe three but I'm pretty sure 2/3 are connected, but I don't know how and I don't know the chronology.
      I remember having sleep paralysis (at this point I can't even tell if it was real or not). I tried reaching for the fan remote that was on the floor by my bed (my arm was hanging off, and the remote was out of view but I knew it was there somehow). I grabbed it but couldn't do anything else. Then I tried pulling my head up, which didn't work, and then I tried wiggling my feet which only worked slightly. Then I just sat there accepting my defeat and waiting for my mind to drift off back to sleep, but I get bored and a little bit annoyed I can't get more comfortable so I try again and suddenly I'm able to peel myself off the bed.

      I get out of bed and look around. It's very dark in my room, but absolutely nothing else is out of place, yet I decide to RC anyway. It works. I decide I'm going to fly around. I fly right through my roof as if it wasn't even there, and I look down at my house and it's like a glitched video game. I can see through the roof and everything around my house on the outside is just pitch black as if it doesn't exist. I can see into all the rooms and I see my dad at his laptop in one. I fly-swim around and drop into another room. It's dark all throughout the house but it's light enough to see things somewhat clearly. I notice a laptop right up against the wall, open, and it's floating in mid air. I ignore it and don't think much of it. I rub my hands together and touch stuff and then I yell dream clarity and everything is pretty clear, I look at the laptop and admire how "HD" everything looks. I began to walk back to my room thinking of what I should do and when I'm about enter my room I feel the dream slipping and I quickly try to think of a way to keep the dream going but I fail.

      Another dream I had I was going into Karazhan raid tryouts (in WoW). I was with my friend who was playing, and we go through the entrance, to the right into this huge room with a large disk, almost CD-looking but with a large hole in the middle. It was about the width of the room and it was kind of floating off the ground. In the middle was a giant robot looking thing (looks JUST like this https://www.dandwiki.com/w/images/2/2f/Arcane-golem.jpg). He was the boss we were going to fight. We all hop on the disk and it begans wobbling and spinning around the boss and it's really tough to stay on. I remember looking at a warlock to the left of me, it was an orc female, and I also looked to the right and saw my friend trying to stay on and stab the boss. I think we ended up killing him or something, and getting off the disk and walking back to the first room.

      This third dream is connected to one of the last dreams, but I don't remember which. It begins with me falling out of the sky into the water into some minecraft world. I look out and to the right of me is a shore, left is a mountain, and forward is a mountain shaped like a creeper head, with eyes popping out. Suddenly there is a creeper in the water and I begin punching it and I notice it is only a creeper head. It's taking damage from something and it keeps trying to blow up and I deliver the finishing blow. I assumed it was drowning and that's why it was taking so much damage. I then swam to shore. I remember other things happened in that dream, like I flew around and talked to some people in a chat. I also think the dream started before I fell down into the water.
    4. Mansion dream I guess: The Return

      by , 08-13-2015 at 12:04 PM
      I remember the dream begins me in Katie's house (using people's names for the sake of my own memory) and there were two TVs, one in front facing the couch and one to the side of the couch. The one on the side was being used and it was the larger TV. I remember having false memories of watching that TV while playing on a laptop, and I watched them mess with the larger TV to try and get it to work. I also remember wondering why they don't switch TVs so you wouldn't have to look to the side to watch TV. And there was a nasty part... I remember having several pins (i guess they were more akin to nails) stuck under my skin and I could see them through the holes they made. I remember fishing them out... thaaaat was gross. While I was doing that someone mentioned something about the mongols.

      Fast forward and now we're at my aunt wendy's house except it's our house. My dad has someone over in his master bedroom and then they leave. I'm talking to my dad in the living room and we hear something weird coming from his room... it's a voice. My dad goes and looks for something under my bed... with the lights off in my room for some reason so I decide to use the flashlight on my tablet. He finds it but I stay behind a few seconds because I have a REAAALLY hard time turning off the flashlight, I keep accidentally turning it back on. I finally give up and leave. It turns out it is just a bunch of dolls on his ceiling fan (first it was one and then a lot more appeared before me but dream me didn't see this as weird). It was the guy my dad had over who did it and we took them down.

      Fast forward again and we're going to this older man's mansion for some reason, it's on a hill. The distinct parts I remember were his sliding glass window and how it had a couch facing looking out of the sliding glass door. Outside there was a bar on patio and there was a pool, this was all at the bottom of the hill. We went in his house at one point... talked... whatever, I think we were doing some job for him? This guy I know named Castro was there, too. We rode in his white car, it was a bit messy on the inside, and had stained seats. I remember driving and seeing the bay near where I live. Later we return on some huge 12-wheel vehicle, and I'm thinking the rich man is going to be upset we're driving this huge thing on his lawn so I jump off but I look back and it just has tiny metal wheels, like one on a little red wagon. We talked to him but I walked off. I was going in the mansion for some reason, but I saw human luna and someone else sitting on that couch through the sliding glass window and for some reason just turned back, lol. I went and sat at the bar down there across from human rarity and I could see the other human versions of the mane 6 in the background. We talked about... something. That's all I remember
    5. Wednesday Gym and magician bats, Thursday flying bus, Friday night carnival

      by , 04-25-2015 at 05:20 PM
      I could not recall any dreams from Tuesday night

      Wednesday night I remember being in a huge version of my school gym, and a lot of people were playing basketball. I walked around and I vaguely remember talking to my friend andrew. There were a LOT of people in the gym, though.
      Then I had a dream about these two bats, one was a girl and the other a boy. I can only remember the ending where they become magician bats and there's the stage which is split into the bottom part and a top part. At the bottom left is a tiny doorway the girl comes out and some announcer introduces her as the assistant, then the other bat is at the top as the actual magician. Suddenly I'm in the dream and I'm the magician, and the two bats are now squirrels. I walk up to the top part of the stage (there's stairs) and I'm thinking to myself how I'm going to do this because I know nothing about magic. I wake up

      Thursday I dreamt I was on a flying bus. Just casually flying through above this road. There's actually two roads below us, and a huge median that's a hill. On the other sides is just a forest that goes on for a while. I'm riding on this flying bus just chilling and say to myself "I should reality check just in case". I plug my nose, breathe, it don't work. (WTF come on). Later I somehow get off the flying bus, it's flying away and I'm on the ground. I don't really distress, I just walk down the road and I remember there being some rundown wooden house on the median up the hill and I think the inside was actually pretty nice.

      Friday night I arrived at some carnival with my friend. My former crush was there and she greeted me with an extended hug. The carnival slightly resembled the mullet festival. We were kind of hanging around the ticket booth til we moved on. We accumulated a slightly larger group, but I don't know how. We ended up in some store-looking place. It was white and we were looking at the shelf for something. I thought to myself that I should reality check, which I did, and it failed. Then I woke up to the sound of the friggin blitzkrieg outside my house (thunderstorm).
      Then I went back to sleep when I realized it was saturday morning and had a dream I was driving around with my friend again, it was a pretty damn long dream but I only really remember being parked in a parking lot and talking to this dude Sam from the track team.
    6. Sunday night bus stop and Monday night lunch room

      by , 04-22-2015 at 03:16 AM
      On sunday night I dreamt I was getting off the bus to go home, but it was early in the morning. A guy from my school (devin) who always wears a rasta beanie was sitting in the parking lot criss cross, said something (probably not to me) and I walked like right behind him and then towards my house. That's all I was able to recall.

      On Monday night I dreamt I was coming out of the lunch line, and instead of two long, vertical lunch tables, there were three horizontal facing lunch tables. I sat down at I think the second one and one of my old friends that moved was back and sitting with us (patrick). We all had pizza on our trays, and I complained how I never "get all the tater tots when I get them", and had only two tater tots on my tray in a little paper baskety thing. I also complained about how they were "at half health" (and there was a little bar, half full and yellow hovering above the tots). Patrick said the same thing always happens to him, and my other friend shane asked me where I got my pizza and that he only got a hot dog, even though there was a pizza on his tray (and something under the pizza but it didn't look like a hot dog and I couldn't make it out).
      That's all I recall of that night's dream.
    7. Pablo Pascal in my dreams

      by , 04-19-2015 at 05:58 PM
      I don't remember all of my dreams, but here's a few I managed to salvage

      I had one where my father and I were walking out of my mom's apartment and we're going down the parking lot. It's SUPER quiet, and I mention how quiet it is and how it's so weird. But then a dog starts barking but I still comment on how it's so weird on how quiet it is. Later we get to another part of the parking lot and see Pablo Pascal and he's by some white van parked next to my dad's car. False memories GO! He's an old family friend and we begin chatting with him. Apparently there's going to be some get together and he asks me if I want to play baseball or (something else I forgot). "Didn't we already play baseball last time?" I asked him and he said yeah, and I was like maybe we will do that again and he says "last time we did you just hopped around like this" and he began hopping in place. (there was also a flashback to accompany it). I then said we'd probably do the other thing.

      I also have a fragment that I was at some ice cream shop and it was night time with several other people and some dude (maybe sean a guy I know irl) said "look a shooting star" and there was one, it was pretty cool. I also remember sitting at the table outside.

      Then I recall being at a vape shop for some weird reason because I don't do that stuff, and they're selling these legal drugs that look like generic hard candy. I take a look at it and I open it for some weird reason and it falls away and I put the empty container in my pocket because I don't want to litter. I walk out of the store but some employee stops me and theyre looking for the drug. I hand them the empty container and they stop me until they can find it. I tell them I gotta check in with my dad so I text my dad telling him I'm ok (lol). I remember being there for a while and the guy employee was pretty cool and I hung out with him. I then got the idea to go back in the store to find the drug and it ended up being there and I gave it back to them and they let me go.
    8. rural lodge, tripping balls, etc.

      by , 04-18-2015 at 04:24 PM
      I had a dream I took shrooms even though I've never done 'em in my life. I'm in this room with wood-panel walls, a brown carpet, and pillows everywhere. it's relatively dull. This dude hands me what looks like a truffle telling me its shrooms. I take it reluctantly and he says for a more laid back experience only eat half of it. I eat one half then right after the other. I immediately go nuts. I'm laying on the ground and my vision gets SUPER WAVY, then suddenly I'm spinning around mid-air in some weird bedroom setting. Then suddenly I'm in the air and it's just some open desert, completely flat with a black road going on forever, and I'm flying through the air. I keep getting worried some scary shit will happen but I wake up.

      Then I had a dream I was at this rural lodge with my friend and his family. It was a very hilly area (hills were huge). The lodge was on top of one hill, and at the bottom of the hill was a river and across from the lodge on the side was some building. There were dull-orange plants everywhere. I remember it was night time, as per usual, and two people (I forget who, maybe my friend and someone else) were driving a golf cart on the other side of the river, and on the side of the river with the lodge there I was, and a cheetah trying to get to them. As the cheetah followed them I ran around trying to avoid the cheetah.
      Later I went to the building beside the lodge and there was his sister and step-sister and I walked around with them, and we went over to this balcony on the porch of the lodge and sat there.

      Later I had one and I was at school in my 7th period, photography in the computer lab. There's a tv in there and we're all standing up cuz it's about time to go home. Suddenly friendship is witchcraft comes on and it starts playing one of the songs I know it perfectly. It was actually coherent even though it skipped parts of the song (which I actually questioned). Some other people in the class knew the lyrics and I was surprised someone at this school was into it. I later recall being outside the classroom in the hallway walking around.

      I also had a dream we were at some diner. I think it was tropical smoothie. I say "we" b/c I don't remember who all was there. I think it was my group of friends, but for the most part I remember it was me and my crush sitting there talking. (oh my god why do I still have dreams about her I thought I was over her) anyways me and her had a really good time talking and messing around. At one point we all left and went out to the parking lot and that was like the end of the dream. I slightly remember getting in someone's car, and I think she was in the same one, there might've actually been more to it than that but I don't recall it.

      My last one I had was one of my other friends drove me home in his truck. As he drives off he stops and he says my name, I turned around and there's silence for a second and I know he's about to ask me a question. I give him the answer. Then he spots some kind of ghost in my window and that kinda freaks me out. Suddenly he's on a motorcycle and he says hes going to get others so we can solve this mystery. He drives off and I stick around. I look around the house and go in at one point but I don't remember much.
    9. aoe 2 and whatever

      by , 04-17-2015 at 07:13 PM
      I was playing age of empires 2, I remember I was the aztec civilization due to my loads of jaguar warriors, but I also had a lot of pikemen units. I also remember trying to spam bombard cannons. I remember having huge clashes with some dude's paladin army while my team mates were fighting other battles. I had to spam barracks just so I could out produce him with pikemen and jaguar units. I remember looking around the map and then going back to find my army had chased him back to his base, I ordered them back so they didn't die from castle arrow fire. Later on the dream skips and I'm losing ground, and eventually they tear apart my army and run through my base, which went from age of empires 2 style buildings to age of empires 1 style buildings.

      Then I dreamt I was at school in the field house, but inside the field house it was empty rooms and it was dimly lit like it was early morning and only the rising sun was giving barely any light. We were waiting on people and I remember walking outside and there was a bus.

      I also dreamt I was walking in the hallway and I stopped and saw one of my friends and we chatted for a bit.

      OH there was one dream that I think I was much younger than I am, and there's all these kids and most of them are mexican. One of them is big and fat and he's really mean and at one point I beat him up. I have him on the ground and he can't really move, yet my punches don't really hurt him. I keep punching and punching trying to but then I'm like screw it and I get off of him. He didn't seem to hold a grudge

      I also had a dream I screwed my crush. And I remember later recounting it in the dream, but I've done forgot the dream itself beyond that. (I wonder why...? lol)

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    10. Civ 5 stuff what lol

      by , 04-14-2015 at 12:05 PM
      I was talking to my romanian friend about civilization 5. The dream it was just in the game we were both disembodied voices. I remember a caravel sailing around near a city state, and there were realistic mountain ranges way off in the distance. It was sailing through a kind of fjord it seemed.
      I also remember some desert-y place and he was playing as babylon and I was korea. At some parts I had to pee a lot and I would always pee purple and it wasn't til later that it freaked me out. At another point I'm in a room on the ground, on my phone looking on instagram and I'm talking to an old friend.
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    11. Getting back in the swing of things. some lil fragments

      by , 04-11-2015 at 05:42 PM
      I had a dream I was driving up and down the highway a bit beyond my house. I remember stopping out a house beyond the bay and there were a few people there. It was a blue house with two stories iirc. I think I drove a white minivan, and I remember there were varying amounts of people in the back (people I know irl).

      Last night I had a dream that I was in my grandmother's computer room. But it was like some kind of hangout. There were a few more computers in there and a lot of people I knew were over. Some people were on the computers, some people were playing world of warcraft. The girl I liked was in the dream (ugh), so of course dream me wanted to talk to her. I remember going out into the kitchen to get something to eat, and she was out in the pool/screened-in patio area talking to my mom. Later it changed to a classroom setting, my math class (surprisingly from what I remember everything was in the right place! except where I usually sit). As class ended we walked out and I went up to talk to her (I had something to tell her friday but she wasnt there so I was trying to tell her that in the dream, ugh). I couldn't finish what I was saying and she seemed disinterested. (I guess my subconscious doubts myself again dammit lol)
    12. Pomegranate Orchard, Boxes everywhere, RV trip and more crazy tales

      by , 04-08-2015 at 11:09 PM
      These are a few old dreams I remember that I never actually posted.
      Pomegranate Orchard -
      At first it starts I'm in my kitchen. The lights are off and it's dim in the morning light. There are two miniature rocket artillery units and a mini battleship (both from civ 5) on the counters, together. (rocket artillery are together and the battleship is in front of them). The icons above them are also there, and my dad takes the battleship so the rocket artillery are just there.
      Later, it goes to the orchard. At first it's just a dense vegetated area, and it's like SUPER dense, but there's a little grove, real little, and there's people massed there. It's like the show survivor, and they're all gathered around the fire talking. Later it goes to the topic of bats and somehow it's just me and my dad in the "orchard" and there's pomegranates all around, and my dad takes one and he says "The bats like to lay their eggs in the pomegranates" and a bat flies down and lays a load of eggs into the pomegranate.

      RV trip - I go on an RV trip with my friend and his family, I can't actually remember much of this dream. I remember stopping at a gas station, and also stopping by this school place with a huge parking lot. I've been to that school before in a previous dream. I also remember at one part I'm somewhere on a computer as well, trying to log into it.

      Boxes everywhere - this was possibly at the end of the RV trip dream. It's just boxes everywhere, stacked up. I'm talking to a group of my friends and the girl I like is there, she kind of flirts with me and then I think "there's no way this is real" and reality check, then I wake up. (At least I wasn't disappointed lol)

      Another one is me at some warehouse, I'm helping people out working there. I go through one garage-door type thing (like stuff they got at home depot to load stuff in) and there is again, all kinds of stuff stacked HIGH UP, so high it actually scares me. I feel like I'm going to fall. I keep looking down because it freaks me out. I'm moving stuff around and one of my friend's grandfather's is there, he's like the owner, and he tells me about his times in vietnam.
    13. Fragment, White Hotel Lucid Dream

      by , 04-08-2015 at 05:31 PM
      Fell Asleep: About 6am (woke up from a long sleep and dad told me to stay home today)
      Woke up: About 8am maybe 9am

      There was a lot more to this fragment, but I can hardly remember it. I just remember being at my friend's house very late, we were doing something and he took me home.

      The lucid dream that followed was actually a followup to the previous dream, I'm walking into a large Hotel, the ceiling is SUPER high up, in the middle is the check in desk, it has those signs on it that movie theaters have that show what time movies are playing, and it's also surrounded by corinthian pillars going all the way to the ceiling. There were light bulbs around the top of the desk. To the left was a hallway leading off somewhere, to the forward-right was a sitting area and there was a door leading somewhere (and later on a sliding glass door leading to a pool area). To the back-right, was some round kiosk and another hallway going off. The dream was also very clear despite not making it so!

      At this point I realized I was missing my pants and tried to cover myself with my shirt. Then I was like "there is no way this is real" and without doing a reality check I try to fly up, I tell myself I KNOW I can fly, and I begin to fly up towards the top of the pillars when I fall. I can never keep flying for long. When I reach the ground I see a black man in white with dreadlocks in a ponytail sitting in a chair alone. I decide to ask him for advice for some real life things. (I won't say due to personal reasons) but he gives some pretty solid advice. It's mainly reassurance, which was exactly what I was looking for (I wanted to make sure my subconscious was on board to know I have no doubt in myself). I then go to the hallway across the lobby and I see my mom and dad in a kitchen. I say hi to my dad and he greets me back, same with my mom. But as DCs, they acted pretty weird (especially in contrast to wise black man, for example I say "hmm." under my breath and my mom was like "WHAT?!?!?"). I then went back to the sitting area, and in the door that was back there. It was a bedroom, I went out and then tried to summon a girl to practice talking to her (sounds lame but don't judge me!), but no matter what I did it never worked. I decided to go outside to the pool area. I'm pretty sure it was night time until I saw the sliding glass door.
      It was HUGE, the pool, and there were chairs all around. In the distance were some awesome mountains. I tried to fly away but to no avail. Then I tried spinning, and that didn't work either. After a few seconds the dream dissolved and I was looking at my ceiling fan in real life.
    14. driving around town, watching videos at school, black lucid, christmas play

      by , 01-04-2015 at 08:35 PM
      I dreamt that me and several people were working on writing a christmas play. We were in an auditorium, at the front was a desk were we sat and wrote the script, and behind us was a very large christmas tree. The stage may have been lined with christmas lights. i remember two guys, i think one of them was dwight from the office (U.S.), and they were rehearsing the song. I asked them if they wanted me to implement "mecca santa claus" into the story when I wrote my part, but they never responded. I looked through the script and two pages of it was the song, they skipped lines when writing it and it was very neat. That's all that was done so far, and I don't remember even reading the lyrics.

      I had another dream, it was dark, it was like some game, I was commanding some soldiers through a forest, but it was like civ 5 where they were much bigger than the forest itself. I had them fire a couple arrows on someone. Then it changes to they're all standing in formation in a village. there's four cottages, some braziers, chests. We loot the chests and the stuff inside of them, most of it's furniture, we move it to a big, open room with a desk, a bed. one of my friend's says that he wants the white desk and chair.

      I had a dream my friend and I were driving around in a huge semi truck, some parts of it were white. The truck was HUGE, the front bumper, every bit of this thing was massive. There was no trailer on it, because there was no room for a trailer, it was almost all cabin. We were first at winn dixie's. I accidentally walked over to the driver's side, so I went around the front and was kind of freaked out how huge the bumper was, and it had lights on it. We drove around talking about stuff, we stopped at a mcdonalds, somehow we made the employees mad (I think I said something to one of them) and so I told him to drive away and we'd go eat at a different one, he said he wanted to stay around here because his girlfriend was driving through, so we went to the one across the street. It was a pretty busy highway, the other mcdonalds had a red roof, but it was very dim like it was washed out. The walls were greyish. We ended up sitting outside of it, they had a seating area under a roof, like a patio. We sat there, and finally his girlfriend arrived, but it was a different chick, one of his old friends, I remember part of our conversation, I was joking around talking about how he had justin bieber hair, and called him "Trent Justin Bieber Rogers" and people thought it was hilarious. He also asked her if she remembered when he started calling her by her nickname "baby". We also made our way to a field near the mcdonalds, and it was a huge hill that ran down and at the bottom was a lake. I saw patrick (a friend of mine) rolling around, and he was going really fast down the hill. Later he told me that If the lake wasn't there, he could just keep rolling down and down and that it'd be awesome.

      I had another dream my dad had come home in a white truck, with several lights on it, with a black brush guard. The door was still open, and there were leaves all over it. I got one of those listerine strips, it was in some plastic container. I went in my room and did something on the computer, and then I asked my dad if we were going out to eat anytime soon, I don't remember his answer.

      I had another dream, it was dark and in like a grassland, (irl someone had shown me the game shogun: total war) and I was placing units like how you place them on that game, except every unit was sonata dusk. After I had line them up, it turned first person, and it was several different people, from band, and they were having some kind of band competition.

      I came to the realization that I was dreaming in some dream, and everything turned black. I could move around, and shout dream commands. I shouted dream stabilization and I felt myself get "anchored" to the dream, but when I tried dream clairty, or imagining a grassy field, nothing worked. I fell out of lucidity and ended up in some HUGE massive library. There were corridors, and books stacked like crazy. I remember taking out one and it was a book about greek gods. I did a reality check, but it didn't work and I kept on about my business. I believe in the middle of the library there was a big globe, and towards the north there was a double stair case, and in the middle between them was a waterfall. It was super bright, I think there were a bunch of windows. The shelves with books went up very high.

      I also had a dream that me and a friend were at school, and we were watching some song remix on a large computer monitor. it had ponies on it, and as we were watching it this dude from my school, heath, recognized it and was talking about how he was a brony and all. he got on a computer near us and started doing whatever on it, and we kept on watching videos. I then turned around and asked him if he watched rainbow rocks, I don't remember his answer.
    15. Working at Winn Dixie, school, aliens invade my house and more whacky adventures

      by , 01-01-2015 at 12:24 AM
      I had a dream that I went to go apply to Winn Dixie (because my irl friend works there), I remember talking to some dude and he gave me the job on the spot, and him and my friend went to go arrange stuff neatly on the shelves and I decided to help to hopefully get a good reputation. It seemed kind of like a good will with random stuff just thrown on shelves and we were straightening them up going down aisles.
      Soon after I remember driving home with a different friend, we were down a road that's in our neighborhood adjacent to our community center. irl its paved, but in the dream it was still a dirt road. It also had a large dip in it, and plants overgrown around it, and rocks around it, too. He would drive down the road, but the truck was spinning yet still going straight down the road. it was actually kind of fun.

      I also dreamt that I was at school, and during lunch we had to go to some assembly and we would miss 5th period, I was sort of bummed out because I liked my 5th period and didn't really like my 6th period. I don't remember an assembly at all, but I remember being in a class, it was my math class and surprisingly the desks were in the right order, but I was in my old desk at the front of the class and I was on the last row. I think there was another desk in front of mine, though. I pull my tablet out of my backpack and realize I forgot to put teamviewer on my computer so I could play on my computer from my tablet. Somehow I still manage to play civ 5, though. It's me and my friend, Trent, at my house, my kitchen. We settle a city in the living room, and the living room has a brown couch, it is also kind of dark, it's light in the kitchen but the rest of the house is dark. But then we start to get worried on who is in the game, we go in to my dad's room, who isnt home, and hide in the corner, hoping we wont be found. My friend says Attila the Hun is in the game, and he enters our house and that automatically triggers our meeting. He walks in to my room. We get up and go back in the living room and I see Kim Jong Un coming up my porch. (btw, attila and kim both have some companion with them). We meet and Kim is walking towards me, I don't know where my friend went and I see Attila come out of the darkness and Attila rips kim's head in half by his mouth, there was no blood though, it looked like clay. Attila's companion also kills Kim's companion and they shapeshift into Kim and kim's companion. I grab my friend and tell him that Attila is a shapeshifter and no one is to be trusted. My friend disappears off somewhere again, and I'm standing in the kitchen and in the shadows I see some white, ethereal creature, it's one of the shapeshifters, they kind of hide behind a wall but are still very visible, I tell him that I see through his disguise. I think he backs off, but later some lizardman in a black robe, one of the shapeshifters, comes at me. I run at him, move to one side, he follows, move to another, hes slow but follows, and then again I move to another side and I juke him out, run past him, and now I'm on the other side of the couch. I insult him like "dude, you cant even fucking play football". The lizardman tells me he will be back, but I'm not really worried. He goes to my room. I'm walking around, now the whole house is dark, and I'm worried. I go and look down the house to where my room is, and in the hallway the light is on, and illidan stormrage is standing outside my room's door, I go back and I start to get worried, and wake up.

      I have a dream that I'm at the mall, I go in to a store with blue wall paint and a metal door, and there's two chicks from my school working there, I ask for an application, they hand me one and I go sit down at this long, metallic looking table parallel to the counter. I'm sitting there filling it out and it changes to some test. I know some of the answers. These guys from my school (named dominic, carlos, and some other dude -- for my memory) are sitting there now, and they are also taking the test. And there's also a bunch of clutter on the table, like backpacks and stuff. Carlos already took the test last period but he said he has to take it again. He tells me someone wrote down the answer key where I'm sitting and told me to tell them the answers. For some reason I have a hard time telling them the answers, they are weird anyways. I have to bubble them in and it's not letters but weird symbols. Carlos says "Screw it I already took the test" and turns his in and leaves. When I'm done with the test I notice the room is a lot brighter and looks more like a classroom, and the door is wood instead of metal.

      Last night I had a dream that I was at school, some kind of event was going on. A lot was going on, but I only remember being in the lunchroom and a friend of mine, max, who no longer goes to this school is in a booth with a few others, catching up. I go over there and start talking to him. We're going on about games, and other bull crap. I ask him for his steam, he tells me I have it, then I tell him I made a new account (all true). He tells me his steam, sfp>kill, or something like that. In the dream I forget it aswell and I keep asking him, but I don't say it loud enough because of all the crap going on in the dream, it's loud. I remember even a computer monitor at the booth and trying to find him on steam. I get up and go to grab lunch, the lunch room resembles my elementary school lunch line. I'm leaving and I see people just walking off with lunch like it's free. I'm going and I ask a lady sitting outside the lunchline door at a table "What's my lunch number?" she looks confused, and I remember lunch is free, and I walk back to the booth. That's all I remember,
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