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    Dummy run in preparation for the comp

    by , 02-26-2023 at 08:50 PM (126 Views)
    Iím walking in what looks like Thetford town Center, as Iíve been going along I kept thinking is this is a dream eventually I tell myself itís a dream. I see a man on a skateboard only heís riding upside down grip tape down, which confirms this really is a dream, I go right into a tv shop and start engaging all my senses shouting rubbing rubbing the carpet and window sill, everything is life like, I also have the sense it wonít be long untilL I wake so I think shall I have sex engage in dream goal so I decide to tell everybody in the shop that they are all figments of my imagination thereís a pause then they eerily with laughter some of them shaking there heads as they finish laughing. I look at a tv thereís member of parliament doing something the two women say to the left say what I think itís out rageous. On the tv Iím watching athletes run and jump into a small lake they jump from the top of a water fall that must be 30-40ft when they land in the green fluid they donít go under I assum me it must be shallow.

    Iím working for G-tech Iím laying some floor tiles with fats we finish for the day we go to sleep when I wake up Iím back in Thetford Iím over the St. Johnís estate i try to see what the time is but my watch only shows me how many hours Iíve been asleep for (7) I fiddle with my watch and then itís 4. Iím trying to recall what time I went to bed but canít, I wonder if I should take my bigger van or my grey caddy. Iím thinking itís going to take 2.5hiurs to get to work it looks like itís 0630
    Then Iím back at the site and another trade is telling me how if thereís a gap under the floor tiles it needs fire proofing which I find a little odd.

    Iím part of a 3way hug me one female another male I have a pen on my hand which is stabbing the females arm sheís Japanese I try to turn the pen but she has a cotton jumper on, itís stuck in the cotton I ask the other bloke to say Iím sorry about the pen in the arm.

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