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    Spring 2023 competition 01/03/2023

    by , 03-02-2023 at 11:58 AM (124 Views)
    Iím being tested , itís a quiz about Elephants.

    My brother is showing me around a catacomb of gold, itís huge and has many varietyís of jewellery designs some of which look very old. He tells me Itís all the gold thatís ever existed.

    Uncle T and dad have found some old voice recording devices in the loft they try to listen to them but what is heard dosent make sense.

    Iím in a cemetery with G fry and my sister we have a fire going to keep us warm. Two lads walk past one of them takes some of my cake so I pick a fight with them.

    I need to use the toilet which is situated in the corridor of a pub, Jamie goes outside to wait for the rest of my work colleagues to arrive some of these are women, just when I decide to use the urinal, they all start walking in. So I immediately stop and a sense of panic is present.

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