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    weird crap

    by , 08-15-2017 at 11:20 PM (221 Views)
    1st dream - Starts as a flash back, It shows me in a abandoned cellar. There are two Other people the only person I do remember Is a girl from my school, lets call her M. Next scene M is at my house and my whole family welcomes her and the first person to do that is my sister than dad and mom. Now we are inside my parents master bedroom we start watching TV while eating cereal, she says "Why did you invite me her for?" I wanted to ask her if she LDs but I was to scared So I just make up an excuse and we start talking over TV. Later that day she leaves so I decided to watch YouTube somehow I come across a certain channel with 60,000 subscribers. I go to a video called "dreams" and M pops up on the screen talks about her many dreams and why she loves them. Next video is nightmares. (now at school we say many perverted jokes together so this the fourth video makes since) the 3rd video I don't remember and the fourth video was titled "boobs" . Also it was a ft. of someone else. After a while I get off YouTube, And get on google, and search how to be become lucid, but woke up. Which completely sucks.
    (can someone tell me if searching something like that is a good sign to being close to LDing)
    2nd dream - first of all I am a different person, I am in a war. One day I find a red hole that I can't look inside of. Then I have another flash back to another cellar which in there I murder someone. Now out of the flashback, I look at the red hole and jump in. The hole is a living thing I see its organs and blood and the only part I can be is this long stretch. I start walking I find someone else walking inside. It's the person I murdered. HE notices me and says hi like me trying to kill him didn't happen I'm extremely weirded out and say "I'm leaving" (could have become lucid right then and there but I'm not an experienced LDer so I didn't reality check) he says "don't" but Ignore him, Once I am climbing I look down, him "don't go" me "why" and I hear a sound and look up a white sand storm is heading my way "cause of that" me "ok... I'll stay" later we exit "man that was a fast storm", and head to my house.
    3rd dream - fragment - I am in shadow of mordor again for the 3rd time (dream sign?) I go to this captain to kill him since he wouldn't be useful to brand, and he says "branding so many uruks has caused a glitch" I saw the glitch In the dream, but I don't remember what it was, but it was cool and I say "heh than I might as well brand more" end of dream fragment.

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