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    Been in SP land

    by , 01-23-2012 at 02:08 PM (528 Views)
    So it's been really hard memorizing my dreams. However, I had one yesterday that involved a shotgun shootout. It was pretty intense, but I was just too lazy to write it down.

    Last night I had a dream about M, and I was with her watching over special people. I want to say they were having a party or something. I remember talking about how far we live away from each other so normally we just meet half way or something.

    Also had a dream about AN. I was Jr. high at first, and then the dream shifted to a hotel room. This room was pretty huge. It had two beds in the main room, and then a private side room with a king sized bed in it. That's where we were. Sex almost seemed definite, but we kept stopping because of x y and z. Then we went in the main room where the people were, and was still going to continue. I kept thinking "wtf, why don't we just go in the damn back". Eventually we went to be the back room again, and she wanted me to use the bathroom. I did, and when I was finished D showed up, and we met up with him in the main room. Then they both went to the back room without me. I can't even say I was mad. It was more like I was slightly frustrated, and I knew this was going to happen anyway. Ugh...I really have to get my confidence with women back up. WTF.

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