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      C'est vrais mais je passe de plus en plus de temps sur dv car j'y trouve plus d'infos et ce forum n'est pas envahi par les JR et leurs incessants posts de fellicitations et de remerciments
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      Precognition is only random guessing to someone not gifted with it, man...
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      Daang. Sounds like an unpracticed gift. Cool!
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      ...Precognition? How so?
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    Lucid Dreaming, martial arts, parkour... Fun Stuff !
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    looking for shared lucid dreaming stuff, I think


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    05-01-2013  09:41 AM
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    09-24-2015  09:15 PM
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    Flight around a wooden city, gravity manipulation and fighting ants :P

    by Higat on 09-24-2015 at 09:15 PM
    I think this was a FA in which I deilded.
    Not too sure.

    Lucidity: 6/10
    Control : 8/10
    Vivacity: 8/10

    I'm lucid in the middle of a court room. There is a window on my right and one high up in the front wall; everything is made out of wood. I "remember" (false memory I think) a previous dream in this same place that I had before. In this dream, someone came I to the room and started something which I can't remember... must have been unpleasant though because I jump off my chair and shoot flying through the narrow front window. Outside is an unessesarily complex composition of houses and building, all made out of poorly refined wood. As I fly around more, I notice that some of the houses are even upside down and that there is a wooden ceiling in place of the sky. I keep slaloming between buildings at relatively low speed until I enter a house. There, I decide to see if I can change gravity. I step onto a wall and with next to no effort at all, I walk around onto it. I step out the window and take a walk from wall to ceiling to floor, until I eventually reach a window which leads to the only thing other than me which is not made out of wood, my house. I jump into it to look around. When I reach the kitchen, I sense that "the ant queen" is coming. Sure enough, after a few seconds, children-sized slave ants come in holding one of those portable thrones, on which an adult-sized ant sits. Just for the hell of it, I punch it in the face. That angers the ants an what follows is some kind of lower level lucidity war between the ants and me, until I realize that their weakness is cat food and I wake up.

    Flying around, fake TotM.

    by Higat on 09-20-2015 at 05:55 PM
    And one more DEILD
    Admittedly it was, once more, somewhat accidental but I learned from it anyways
    I feel like "staying still" is was overrated for DEILD; maybe it's more about staying relaxed.
    Very simplistic dream: only the things that were relevant to the dream were there; the rest was either sky or grass.

    Lucidity: 6/10
    Control: 5.5/10
    Vivacity: 7/10

    I woke up from a dream about me driving through a perilous road--habitat for anacondas, gators and all kinds of stuff you don't want to get stuck with. My dog, I notice, has been sleeping onto my arm. Worried about it cutting off my blood stream, I pull my arm free... wouldn't want to wake up with a dead, half decayed hand now would I. Anyways, I roll over and I think about both DEILDing and MILDing but I dismiss them both: I'll wake up another time during the night, anyway. The thought of lucid dreaming triggered another, though.
    As I lay there on my bed I question,If I were on a window's sill, high up in a building and there was a giant, floors high fence which stood in my view," I visualize the scene, "If in a dream I let myself fall straight down form that window and I used the momentum from my fall to redress into a flight, would I make it high enough to soar past the fence?
    Before I know it, a dream has formed. I stand there on that window's sill, looking straight down at the weathered concrete ground. Further into my view is a slanted, grassy hill on which is planted an enormous white fence. With no hesitation I let myself fall head first towards the ground, holding my arms wide like they were wings... as the wind striking my face accelerate I pull my head up, riding the wind current like a roller coaster until after a few seconds, I finally reach the top of the fence. I barely make it, but I fly just above the fence. As I carefully observe the great sensations that come with flying, I reach a road. I drop some height to fly between the cars on this one road in the middle of some kind of never ending plain. As my attention focuses on the road itself the cars disappear. I play around at a few meter's height, driving around the now wavy road. Eventually I remember that I had goals... Yes right, the TotM, I think, Uh... race a plane, was it? (that 's actually just a suggestion for the TotM, which I'll vote for soon).
    I need to find an airport. As I try to think of ways to find one I notice another road branching off the one I'm flying above. At its end, I notice, is a bunch of bulky buildings towering above the emptiness of the plain. An airport, surely. I take that turn and after a few seconds. I reach the airport. I land there and find a plane which is preparing for take off. As soon as I focus my attention to it the rest of the airport disappears; all that remains is the plane and the driveway meant for take off. The plane accelerates and I take off again. I see it gaining distance over me and speed up but once the plane reaches a certain height, it storms into the sky in also sonic boom, soon out of my view. I try to catch up but quickly I realize that it'll be in vain, might as well do something else. I land back into the drive way ...
    But my recall ends here, I wake up soon after, I think.

    Updated 09-20-2015 at 05:57 PM by Higat


    Bullying the Transformers

    by Higat on 09-19-2015 at 05:34 PM
    Yay finally got a DEILD in
    Was more accidental than anything else but... Still a DEILD!

    Lucidity: 6/10
    Control: 8/10
    Vivacity: 8/10

    I've awoken. I think about DEILDing but it's 7 AM and the daylight dazzles me even through the window's blinds. Plus, I've moved quite a bit. I insider a MILD but again I feel like in is conditions, all it will do is wake me up for good. So I induce a passively lucid daydream (which I now realize is basically a step to DEILD) to calm my thoughts. I observe myself walking in my neighborhood's street until I realize that the daydream has turned into a full blown dream. I come to a stop. I feel nothing like I've finally done what I've been obsessed with lately; it feels oddly natural. I rub my hands together as I look around the street. A dozen meters in front of me, I notice some kind of small (bit bigger than a human) transformers. I walk up to them and we talk about something that I can't remember... I think it was apocalypse-oriented. At some point I feel like showing off, which I do by using telekinesis to crush most transformers around me :/.There is an old man at my right, he's the transformers's mentor or something. I lift him up in the air, holding my right hand up, palm facing upwards. I lift my left hand as well, levitating a big, meter wide rock. Without any hesitation, I rush the rock into the man's face...
    No that's just wrong. That's not me.
    By some kind of "deny" technique, I'm able to undo my kill.
    I let the man fall down, and I start walking... but at some point, I have some kind of very sudden scenery change (kind of like a false awakening, but not in my bed ) and I start a whole different dream which. I can't remember.

    Super powered argument with... my future kid ?

    by Higat on 09-15-2015 at 11:38 PM
    So I've been trying out DEILD again
    This time I feel I've got a better way to learn it though
    Dunno wtf is up with me and premature awakenings lately... Also I got lazy and waited till this afternoon to journal it so my record sucks :/

    Lucidity: 6/10
    Control: 6/10
    Vivacity: 8/10

    I'm unsure of what the first part of the dream was about, or why I became lucid... but I do a finger counting RC and become lucid. I'm in front of a park, behind a tall, black metal fence. By my side is a redhead girl, she's got her hair in a pony tail. In front of me is a kid jumping up and down the fence, sticking some kind of small high tech device onto the fence. He gives me a familiar impression... like he was my kid or my past self, or something. I try to talk to him but he keeps sticking those things on the fence... so, using a small blast of telekinesis, I shoot them off. He starts flying around and I say,
    "I can fly too, you know!"
    And I start using my (now usual) technique to fly a bit; I can't do it nearly as well as I would like to, however. I was planning on catching him in flight but it seems like that won't happen so as I struggle to fly, I throw my hand towards him and blast him into a tree with telekinesis. I land onto the fence and there, I prepare for a good fight. With both of my hands I do a waving motion at my hip's height, creating some fire which burns around my arms.
    But before I can do anything else, off course, I wake up.

    Updated 09-15-2015 at 11:42 PM by Higat


    Drinking contest in a limousine.

    by Higat on 09-13-2015 at 04:16 PM
    Finally did another TotY
    Pretty short in general but whatever :p

    Lucidity: 8/10
    Control: 7/10 ?
    Vivacity: 8/10

    I'm in the backseat of a car, at night. As I look out the window, I remember the other lucid dreams I've had that began in a car at night.
    Wait a second...
    I check reality and rub my hands together; I remember the the TotY.I'm about to jump out the car when I notice that there is a "roof window" thing in the car. So, I climb on top of the car through it.

    I feel a strong wind on my face. As I look around I realize that the road I'm on is really, really uninteresting. It goes straight with no turns until it reaches the horizon and there is nothing around it but grass. There are a few other cars than mine, though. I decide that the best thing to do is to jump from car to car, until I find something worthwhile. I focus on my legs and as I jump, I imagine some kind of energy shooting through them. The third (I think) car I jump to turns out to be a limousine. As I rub my hands together I decide that this is where I'll find the God of Wine. I straighten my arms towards the middle of the roof, the back of my hands against each other, and then I pull them apart. By telekinesis, the roof opens up in a split. Before I jump down In the car, I make sure to say something like "I knew I'd find you there, God of Wine." Sure enough, the god is sitting there on a backseat couch. He has some kind of golden ornaments around his head, kind of like a really big crown. He's also holding a small carafe of what I assume to be wine. Without saying anything, he pours the liquor in a glass and drinks it. So, I take a filled glass out of nowhere and drink it, too. I'm only tasting a very vague, sour hint of wine.As he refills his glass, I mentally suggest: You're feeling drowsy, you're about to pass out!
    He drinks this glass and I just kind of force him to pass out... I just repeated the words "pass out" lots of time, the words felt like I was sending waves of "energy" at him or something.
    I'm satisfied but unsure: do I have to drink one more glass to wine, since I only drank one and he drank two? Just in case, I chug my same glass again which refilled itself at some point. I remember that my next goal is to try and dilate time but first I want to change scenery. So, I dive out the car's window and try to fly. I focus on the impression of speed but I feel like I'm too close to the ground; I won't be able to fly back up, so instead I dive roll onto the ground. When I stand back up, I notice a dark spot out in the distance and as I look deeper, I realize that it's a forest. I start walking to it
    but I get woken up by my cat before I get there -_-