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    Tales from the sun chaser.


    by , 01-10-2013 at 10:53 AM (470 Views)
    I remember seeing a huge ladybug type spider a few days back.

    Yesterday there was some girl who was about to have sex wih me. She was on top of me and I pulled my dick out. She started grinding against it to make it harder. Oh and there was some hardcore sex going on on the next room.

    I was watching some show where a guy set off some gas explosion and was running down the street to avoid it.

    Then I'm. Talking to two girls. Totally sexy with anime type proportions, but all natural. Anyways they get down to their bathing suits and I'm about to talk to the redhead. Some guy stops me, and I'm like "okay are you going to?" and he says no. So I'm like whatever and I head over there. We were talking earlier but it's a whole different ball game with the way she's looking now.

    I was near some stadium and I found a really good rail to skate. I jumped on it a couple of times.

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