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    Awesomeness's quest for lucidity

    Hey, I'm Awesomeness. I have finally become lucid in dreams, but I need more control. To achieve my goal I will share all of my dreams, even if they're embarrassing!

    1. Police dream

      by , 12-22-2012 at 07:24 PM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign Thoughts

      It has been QUITE a long time without recording my dreams. To be honest with myself, I do not me to be the same person as the one that registered this account 2 years ago. I don't even think I'm the same person as myself a year ago... so much has changed in my life. Anyway, moving onward, here's a dream:

      Police dream thing

      I'm in some police station in a desert, except it's pretty much wide open space, like the meal tables are just out on the sandstone floor, etc. There's about 30 people within the station, and for some reason the "bad guys" (don't even ask any reasons or motives behind them being bad, they just were) were in the station. I was holding some kind of semi auto and we were approaching the bad guys, going around white (clay?) buildings.

      Dreamskip. I have no idea what happened in between, but it was a lot.

      The police are my silent enemy now; I don't remember why. The bad guys are gone, and me, one of the cops, and a kid are trying to get out of the station. I "shoot" at the kid to play along with the cops, missing on purpose every time.
      I don't remember the gun having any significant recoil at all. We just barely manage to get out without them catching us.

      And... that's it. I don't remember anything else.
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    2. Lucid dream, then spoooooooky dream :P

      by , 09-24-2011 at 02:22 PM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign Thoughts

      It's been a while. Remembered dreams pretty often, but not enough of them to make any sense of them.

      Using powers at home dream

      Don't remember much of this dream. Somewhat vivid, bad recall.

      Don't remember anything of what happened until I was lucid. I was at home in the kitchen. My brother was going to bed. "Come back!" I said. He walked down the stairs. I kind of knew he was just a DC, but this was more fun. "Why?" He asked.

      "You're dreaming."

      His eyes lit up. We both made Harry Potter-style wands in our hands and did stuff. Don't remember what.

      I did not remember my dream goals.

      I woke up at 7:10 ish, went back to sleep, under the strange premonition from some other dream I had that night went to bed at 3AM. (I went to bed at a normal time that night lol)

      Spooky dream

      This dream is one of my darkest, scariest dreams. I have had it before, I swear I recognize it, whether I remembered it or not at the time. It is always dark as night and the ghost always gets me somehow. After I woke up for a while I was scared whenever I would open a door or turn a corner the ghost would be in front of me. This dream happened

      As usual in most of my dreams, the beginning is fuzzy. I'm walking around in this... Place. How do I describe it? It is always black as night. Never day. The grass has a bluish green tint. It is a post-apocalyptic world of some sort. Most of the time, I'm in first person, but occasionally I'm in third person, like a video game. I have weapons and such. No one speaks my language until I do this power that shoots out blue light. on the ground. Anyone who stood on it spoke my language. I had to do it several times. I could also touch someone and

      In third person perspective, I went into town. The dream switched to first person. Briefly, I saw a "ghost" pass by inside the tavern. It was this old person with a stubby top hat like in xckd, with a square head and a neutral face. It was an ethereal bright but transparent green color. He was not looking at me. As the ghost passed, he faded into view and out. it was a little weird, but did not scare me.

      Someone I had to talk to was in the tavern. The tavern was dark. He was another adventurer type. I touched him so I could speak to him and then told him I needed him on a quest. We didn't know each other's names, nor did we need to. The culture of this place was like that.

      Dreamskip. Still pitch black night. Me and him are getting horsemounts. We had found a bunch of horses in the wild. Each horse has its own symbol type thing and that gives it its own special abilities. The symbol glows on the horse's back. We have to use up "loyalty" points to make the horses loyal to us. We put our hands next to the horse we wanted's head and shiny green snakelike ribbions shot out of our hands into the horse. Those green things were loyalty points. Now we could ride it. We started riding. It was crazy but fun. The horses were really fast. We rode through a dark forest.
      The ghost "passed" again, this time looking straight at me with a frown on his face. A surge of fear bolted down my body. "Did you see that? I asked."

      "See what?" he replied. "Nevermind..." We almost got to our goal: Kings Dominion. It was overrun with bushes and trees. One of the coasters collapsed in the distance. I could see the Eiffel Tower to the right. One of the coasters was straight above us, completely on fire. It briefly lit up the ground as we kept going. We crawled into one of the coasters. The adventurer guy was ahead of me. We followed the track, over to the side. I saw the ghost again frowning at me, almost to the point of being angry, fading into and out of view as it glided along the track to my left. I was really scared at this point. It was cramped. He crawled through a little hole the track went through. I followed. Once I got into the hole, I looked ahead.

      I couldn't see him.

      "Where are you?" I asked. "Over here, said his voice. It sounded a little strange. I looked behind me. It was the ghost man, gliding along the tracks, straight at me, wearing a sinister, evil smile on his face. I heard my adventurer partner's voice screaming inside the ghost's evil laugh as he sped towards me.

      I woke up in extreme fear. I immediately checked if I was dreaming. Negative. I usually forget to do that.

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    3. School fire alarm dream

      by , 07-24-2011 at 09:27 AM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign Thoughts

      Hey guys! It's been a long time. I've had a dry spell of lucid dreams and recall, a long one, but I'm coming back! I'm starting to remember dreams again.

      School fire alarm dream
      A dream. It seems like a nightmare in the end though.
      I'm visiting another school in this dream. I'm in the gym at this school, doing stuff; can't remember what. After a while, we were finally done and we were exiting the gym. Up the stairs, there were two sides, the left one marked with "GIRLS" and the right one marked with "BOYS". However a large group of boys AND girls were all sitting on the "GIRLS" side, with no one on the other. I said to the group, "You don't all have to cram together on one side, you know..." and some of the boys agreed, and decided to go to the "BOYS" side.

      I kept going up the stairs and crawled through the first set of dwarf doors. They were tiny! "So how do you like the gym?" someone said. "The gym is great! Getting out is the problem." I replied. "Yeah..." she agreed. Not wanting to crawl through the second set of doors, I looked for another way out. I saw some deep red fire escape stairs, the kind that swing into place, except slightly different. I asked "Can we use those without setting the alarm?" with a reply of yes. Someone jumped off the top of the stairs to the bottom, without deploying the stairs. I decided I would use the stairs, as they were not cramped at all. I pulled out a little red pin which allowed the stairs to swing into place. The second I did so,
      The fire alarm went off.

      It looks like I set off the alarm on purpose! Oh no! I left the stairs, frowning, and crammed through the second set of doors. A steady stream of people was leaving the building, all because of me. The alarm didn't sound like anything I had heard at school. It was like an analog version of the Star Trek "Red Alert" sound. With the combination of all the weird things that had happened, in addition to the strangeness of the alarm, I got this creeping feeling
      I was dreaming.

      I wasn't lucid enough to try anything, and even if I was, this is a lucid nightmare. Chances are I wouldn't have fun in it. I decided to do the one solution I thought of: Wake up. I closed my eyes really hard, which usually brings me to reality, however it didn't work. I started rolling around with my eyes closed and I
      woke up.

      What a dream. At least I could remember it! I've had problems with recall lately.
    4. Awesome lucid dream!

      by , 04-16-2011 at 01:51 PM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign Thoughts

      This was an amazing dream. Outstanding recall, vividness, and lucidity. I could fly well and I did a lot more than flying too! I lost lucidity later in the dream, but oh well. I'm still happy!

      Winter dream
      It was night. Me and my family were driving through a strange city. Maybe it was raining? The buildings were arranged in blocks like Minecraft and they looked cool. We commented on the buildings and joked around. There was a sense of coziness in the car.

      Morning came and we finally got to my house. Work was being done on the house. I asked what was going on, and they said
      they were converting our house into a store that we could still live in as a house. The people working on the house were my extended family. I could see each room in our house sold different things. Our kitchen sold different kinds of foods, and our unfinished room sold furniture. (I remember my grandparents working on that room; they have lots of antique furniture at their house.) There were a few other rooms with other stuff but I don't remember what they were. I went up onto the nonexistent roof deck of our house. (I imagined coming up to the real roof-deck of my grandparents' house.) It was going to sell plants. To my strong surprise, the roof was several times larger than the house we live in below it. What? This is impossible! Wait, we don't even have a roof deck... I'm dreaming!

      Using the roof as a lift-off area I flew, flapping my wings. Our house was surrounded by wintery forest.
      It actually is, but only on one side, and it is Spring right now, plus it isn't as tall. The leaves on trees were long gone, replaced by snow. It was totally beautiful. I kept flying. I can't waste my entire dream flying! I decided to try making a portal in mid-air by drawing a circle with my finger. It failed, probably because I've never even done it on the ground and I had no intention of where to go. I started to get a little too far away from home for comfort, so I headed back to what I thought was my house.

      It wasn't my house but it was a place of interest. It was some camp-out. There was one big tent where most of the event happened. I landed. I remember practicing a few skills successfully like flying without flapping arms. I realized it was almost evening, and people were getting in their tents. The tents were these wide diamond-shaped pods that you slept in, only needing stakes at the two farthest tips of the diamonds. I looked for an open spot, and then I stuck my finger into the ground. I pulled it out with a tent stuck to it, and then pushed my finger into the ground 6 feet away. I had one of the diamond tents, and it was successfully staked in, without having to go ask Administration for a tent. I went to sleep.

      I woke up. Not as a false awakening in my real bed, I just got out of my tent and stretched my arms. It was the morning. Frost covered the grass. People were already setting stuff up. Someone got me to do work. He wouldn't let me leave. Work, work, work.

      I woke up after a good night's sleep.

      Very vivid, very lucid, and I actually did stuff other than flying! I think I forgot a few things in the camp-out part of the story, but oh well. I still love this dream.
    5. Vague lucid dream

      by , 04-02-2011 at 03:26 AM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign

      Recently my web host (who I am good friends with the founder) got attacks from a client of Limestone Networks (the company didn't do it, one of their customers did) and when I talked to him about it over chat I started seeing Limestone Networks ads all over the place due to Google adWords user targeting. Kind of ironic, but oh well.

      I think that's what inspired this dream.

      Limestone Networks dream
      Only one I remembered for the night. Bad recall. My family was staying at a HUGE fancy hotel! It was all made of marble.

      Here's a description: From the front entrance with multiple glass doors you enter a humongous right-left symmetrical marble room. 4 stories high or so. The second floor is in the back half of the room while the third and fourth are elsewhere, only visible because of little balconies sticking out into the main room. There were a bunch marble benches on either side on the first and second floor. There's two sets of stairs about 50 feet ahead of you maybe 15 feet wide each, at 30˚ angles. They go one story high, to the second floor in the back. These stairs are separated by a balcony in the middle that extends from the upper base of the stairs horizontally to the lower base. Here's a horrendous, literally 30-second example of what I mean: (click to enlarge)
      I can draw better. Much better. But it's getting late and I don't want to spend too much time on this...

      Anyway, the building was cool. My family was staying on the left side of the building in a room on the 3rd floor which had a balcony sticking out to the big room. It was a very nice hotel! At some point I
      became very, very, very faintly lucid. I realized I was dreaming, kind of, and that I could do what I wanted.

      I walked downstairs and saw Limestone Networks was having a meeting. A man was speaking to about 40 men and women. They looked distressed. I had to walk around a few people as I went down the stairs. I knew their business wasn't my business but, out of curiosity I wanted to hear what was going on so I slowed down my pace. Apparently Limestone Networks was having severe financial problems. Several people were crying... They were going to go bankrupt. I felt really bad for them. It seemed like Linmestone Networks employees were a tightly knit group of friends...
      I wondered how they could afford so many ads yet they were going bankrupt, but I brushed the thought away. I kept walking and went through a door.

      I saw my friend Ryan and decided to use my lucid powers to have an Avatar race with him. We changed into Avatars and climbed up floating mossy rocks. The best Avatar music with the chorus singing was playing somehow. It was really awesome! Eventually the Avatar world faded back to normal life.
      We were outside. It was dark and raining. The dream was becoming increasingly negative. I could see less and less. Ryan vanished. I was alone in the mud. I saw these slimy monster things with huge mouths. I was worried, but not scared. It was becoming harder and harder to go on. I tripped and fell. I could sense monsters coming for me but I couldn't see anything! I thrashed around hoping it would drive them away but it woke me up.

      I was still moving so I jumped out of bed. I was startled a little but not scared at all. It was about 4AM. I went back to sleep shortly after, which doesn't usually happen after nightmares. Somehow I wasn't very scared in that nightmare.

      Glad to have a dream, especially a lucid one, even slightly, after all this time!
    6. Lucid dream with amazing control

      by , 02-26-2011 at 07:44 PM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign

      This was awesome. Most control I've ever had in a lucid dream. Recall was kind of bad though.

      PWNZORS dream
      I was with a bunch of people and we were fighting a giant, large-house monster in a dark cave. I became lucid and suddenly leapt several hundred feet. My friends couldn't keep up so I valiantly fought the monster. I slipped past some wrought iron bars into the streets, and the monster busted right through the bars. We fought in the streets of of a beautiful city with canals. The monster sunk several ships in the canals. I suddenly thought of a way I could defeat the monster!

      I opened my mouth and tried to charge my lazor. It didn't work. I tried again, this time feeling the energy around me converge itself and yelling, "IMA FIRIN MA LAZOR!" and the crowds rejoiced! I swung my beam around and it got rid of the monster like an eraser.

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    7. Trying to teleport

      by , 01-30-2011 at 12:30 AM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign
      For me to remember, dreams are #067300, and lucid dreams are the color below blue, #4169e1. Nightmares are dark red, #8b0000, and dream signs are the light purple, which is up one and left one from blue, #483d8b.

      Finally, a lucid dream where I actually remembered my goals! Forgot to increase clarity, but the clarity of these dreams were pretty high.

      Crystal world dream
      I was at this crystal world with my cousins. It was this place where everything and everyone but us were made of slightly transparent crystal of various dark colors. The thicker and object was, the deeper it was. It was actually really pretty.

      When we got there, I told everyone they needed to get jobs. Some of us chose to be musicians, other people chose to help save the world by being fighters on crystal versions of Tron lightcycles. I remember saving people, and there was one last challenge. Don't remember anything after that.

      First lucid dream
      I don't remember anything from before, but I became lucid. I was surrounded by a grassy hill and buildings. I remembered my goals. Teleport. That's the first one. Where do I want to go? Oh yeah, the Avatar world. (Blue people Avatar, not the Nick TV show.) I was thinking of Avatar because I always wanted to go to the Avatar world. It sounds like so much fun.

      I looked for a suitable spot to try teleporting via the spin method for the first time; I searched for an open area and found one. I looked around, and I only saw one person: Some weird guy with a horse head, about 30 feet awat. I couldn't tell his intentions, so I lunged at him at supersonic speed and knocked him out with a fist in mid air. (Pwned! ) He was on the ground, unconscious. I imagined behind me myself on the Avatar planet Pandora. I slowly turned and to my disappointment, saw the grassy hill. I tried a second time with no luck.

      I got on a bus, just to look around. As I got on, three moms behind me asked me to talk with them. They knew how I punched the guy, and they said to not punch him again, because it hurt his feelings. One of the moms pointed with her eyes toward him, who's name was apparently David. His head was no longer that of a horse; he was a white person with mild skin and brown hair.

      I saw a tough looking guy on the bus, and I said, "You look tough. Could you teach me how to teleport?"
      "The secret is to concentrate real hard," he replied. The dream faded.

      Second, short lucid dream
      I don't remember anything from before, but I suspected I was dreaming and checked my hands. Not enough fingers. Nice. Didn't do much before the dream faded.
    8. Lucid dream and school dream

      by , 01-19-2011 at 02:32 AM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign
      For me to remember, dreams are #067300, and lucid dreams are the color below blue, #4169e1. Nightmares are dark red, #8b0000, and dream signs are the light purple, which is up one and left one from blue, #483d8b.

      Another decently long lucid. As usual, became lucid near the end of the REM cycle...

      My home lucid dream
      May have been a false awakening. As usual, I don't remember much before I became lucid, but I think I woke up and did my morning routine inside the dream. At some point after breakfast I became spontaneously lucid. (I pretty much always become lucid this way)

      I said something to my mom like "Bye Mom, got to go" and walked out the front door. I looked around, and suddenly my little brother came out with my usual vitamins, saying I forgot them. I took them and proceeded. I never noticed him walk back inside; he became insignificant and I forgot about him.

      I walked over to my neighbors' house, unfortunately with no clear goal in mind, (I forgot my dream goals) and as I did the dream faded. No! My dream just started!

      School with no shirt dream

      I was at school. I forgot something as I approached my class. I ran all the way back to my backpack to get it, and hurried back to class.

      Suddenly, I had the insight that I had no shirt on as I approached my class. I panicked, and ran back to my backpack, hoping my shirt was in there. I saw Clark on the way to my backpack.

      I got to my backpack,
      and realized it was black instead of orange, which made me question my situation a little. As I looked through my backpack, I realized my shirt was not in there, that there was no way I could have gotten to school without a shirt, nor did I have three pairs of glasses, and that the glasses I did have were not the same.

      I went lucid, and woke up.
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    9. Two lucid dreams

      by , 12-26-2010 at 01:43 AM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign
      For me to remember, dreams are #067300, and lucid dreams are the color below blue, #4169e1. Nightmares are dark red, #8b0000, and dream signs are the light purple, which is up one and left one from blue, #483d8b.

      More lucid dreams. Upon becoming lucid, I need to always increase clarity and lucidity right away, then remember my dream goals. This isn't happening yet...

      Trains dream
      I was alone, walking down a "hallway" of dirt. It was like a 12 foot deep, 8 foot wide rectangular trench that was very long and had train rails going down it. I passed a red train car, and became only slightly lucid, the least I've ever been. I blew up the train with a sleight of hand and became much more lucid.

      I kept walking and passed a glossy deep green train. I accelerated the train with a movement of my hand until it was gone. I kept walking until I passed a large bald man with a wide head. He was wearing a white shirt, and I sensed he had a slightly negative air about him. He was about five feet away from me I remembered to stop and increase the clarity. I said, "Increase clarity," softly but confidently.

      The world around me focused like a camera and became crystal clear, like real life. I could see the textures of the dirt and grass very well, like real life. Out of curiosity I lifted my hands and saw that they were very blurred. I felt a strange sensation in my fingers, like they were pressed together. My fingers split and shifted. I believe I gave too much of my focus towards my hands because I sensed the world around me blurring, much like my hands.

      I desperately yelled, "Increase clarity!" to no avail. I tried gently saying it, like before. It worked; the world around me gained focus again. The large bald man took a step towards me and said, "I don't like what you're doing," which frightened me a little. He started walking towards me. I sensed he was about to hurt me and choked him by raising my hand towards him. He fell to his knees and I
      woke up.

      Strange dream
      I was in a green cafeteria. Lots of other people were there, talking. I talk with a bunch of people for a while. I become briefly lucid and fly around by flapping my arms. I show off to a bunch of people.

      Moody from Harry Potter came over and told me we have a mission. (I am not Harry Potter in this dream; I'm still me) I followed him, until we met up with our group: Two Slytherins led by Snape, who was dressed with thick leather straps going around his shoulders crossing to his waist. We also had one Gryffindor. I immediately objected to doing the mission with the Slytherins, but Moody replied, "Put up with it, boy!" in his gruff voice.

      As we walked down some steps I started arguing with the Slytherins. Moody pulled me and the Slytherins in with his staff and took out our soul orbs by force. Soul orbs are these glass balls everyone carried that influenced our personalities, which were four inches in diameter. Moody heated a metal rod via magic and melted in two dents to each of our orbs so that all of us who were arguing had matching dents, like compatibility.

      Instantly, an overwhelmingly powerful warm, giddy feeling of pleasure and happiness rushed into all of us who argued earlier. It was the best feeling ever. We who were five minutes ago arguing about our differences were giggling together as friends, deeply influenced by whatever Moody had done to our soul orbs.

      I don't remember what else happened but we finished our mission.

      That dream where Moody changed our soul orbs so that we would work together gave me the best feeling ever. In future lucid dreams (if I ever happen to remember my dream goals, which never seems to happen) I will use soul orbs to influence myself and other people. By asking to borrow people's soul orbs and changing them, I can easily bend people to do my will, as well as give me warm trippy feelings in dreams.

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    10. Lucid dream where I increased clarity!

      by , 12-22-2010 at 08:26 PM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign
      For me to remember, dreams are #067300, and lucid dreams are the color below blue, #4169e1. Nightmares are dark red, #8b0000, and dream signs are the light purple, which is up one and left one from blue, #483d8b.

      I have skipped like five lucid dreams due to my science project. Sorry guys. But in those dreams I mastered flying, and now I am getting better at attaining lucidity. I am having one or two lucid dreams every other day now.

      Messed up school dream
      I was at school. I understood it as my school, though it was nothing like my real school. There was no one there I recognized. The walls were blue and purple.

      I walked around. There were lots of people, a first in any dream I have encountered. I heard the bell and went to... gym class. I went to the gym teacher, who was outside the gym. The walls around him were white and there were a bunch of windows. The floor was light colored, finished wood. He had very short, straight blond hair. His face was tall, bony, and militant-looking.

      I suddenly realized that I don't take gym class. (I don't in real life) I panicked as the tardy bell rang. I needed to get to class! As I went down a bunch of stairs,
      it dawned on me that I had no idea what period I was supposed to be at, and couldn't even remember by schedule from real life for some reason.

      I must be dreaming. I swam through the air. (I am proficient in multiple methods of flying at this point) As I swam through the hallways, which were the same colors as near the gym. I looked around. Busy people were walking down the hallways. They didn't take it as strange that I was swimming through the hallways. I saw people with a pale dead body on a stretcher but decided to ignore them, since I knew if I got scared the dream might turn bad.

      I turned right. I was back in the purple-blue area I started in. I kept going forward. At a corner, there was a girl, who looked like a smaller, toddler version of Dora with normal human proportions. Her voice was much higher than Dora's. She beckoned me to come wither her through a door, but I sensed bad intentions inside her somehow. I turned right at the corner.

      The wall to the right of me was blue and flat. To the left was like a mixture of three quarters purple and a quarter magenta. It had a vertical texture that looked like paste with a fork waved through it. I noticed how the texture seemed blurry so I pulled glasses out of nowhere and put them on. Nothing. I took them off and remembered what I was supposed to do when I became lucid in the first place: I said "Increase clarity."

      Suddenly everything shifted to be as clear as real life, like focusing a camera. It was AMAZING. I had never thought that dreams could approach real life in realism until today. I could see sharper than ever.

      Note: I need to devote the next entire section to one action.
      I had an idea and I said "Supersensory!", but nothing happened. What I wanted to do was something I read in another dream journal (which I can't find anymore) where the author, inside one of his dreams, realized dreams are only projections onto dreamer's minds. The author figured out he could control what his senses experience. When he tried it, he didn't have to say anything, and suddenly he could see more colors than physically possible in real life. It sounds amazing!
      Nothing happened for me, but I'll keep trying.

      I started going back. But then I felt the dream cycle starting to end. Everything's colors smeared together and the dream ended.

      Strange video game dream
      I was playing this hard video game where all these red balls were bouncing around and you had to drag a certain ball to the exit without touching the bouncing ones.

      I became lucid at some point and beat it by dragging the ball straight to the exit, through several balls, knowing that since I was lucid I couldn't lose.
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    11. Important lucids

      by , 12-13-2010 at 12:25 PM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign
      For me to remember, dreams are #067300, and lucid dreams are the color below blue, #4169e1. Nightmares are dark red, #8b0000, and dream signs are the light purple, which is up one and left one from blue, #483d8b.

      I learned a lot from these two lucids. One thing is it really is easy to lose lucidity in a dream. The other is don't get startled in a dream...

      Center party
      We had a party for our Center. (It's like a specialized part of a school, ours is high school) I was already inside, and I was waiting for others to come in. I was in a dark room and it was night time. People started entering.

      Suddenly I
      became lucid. The girl I like came over to me and asked me to help her get someone else at the Center away from her. He kept trying to hug and kiss her and she was annoyed.

      I tried to Falcon Punch him but it failed. Nothing happened. I suddenly had a funny thought. I created a glowing thing that looked like a fairy from the Legend of Zelda and made the fairy fountain music come from it.He followed it, mesmerized, (because he was an avid gamer) and I told her it would probably keep going for a few miles, so we had nothing to worry about.

      At some point in this dream I
      lost lucidity. We had about 30 people coming to the party. I looked around and saw a party room in the distance. We walked over there. On our way there we saw a large group of women doing stretches.

      Then we finally got to the party area. There was a pool and then two concession stands with gorillas as staff. We played in the pool for a while, probably about 20 or 25 minutes.

      Then the gorillas quit. They were getting too much business and were getting frustrated over how they only got $1.99 an hour. I said "Wait!". They looked and I said they could have the extra food too. They smiled and we all partied!

      Would-be nightmare
      I was in a dark room, looking at a creepy person, on some slate bed. I became lucid seconds after the dream started. I was startled at how quickly I had become lucid. The creepy guy suddenly died and fell off the bed and I looked around. There were doors and three people.

      The middle one, a girl, said some spell to immobilize me. I don't remember what she said, but I do remember it felt like cotton was pressing around all my limbs and I couldn't fight past it. I tried to break free using dream powers but failed. Maybe I lost my powers because I startled myself? I thought, Crap.
      I woke myself up.
    12. Long lucid

      by , 12-12-2010 at 01:40 AM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign
      For me to remember, dreams are #067300, and lucid dreams are the color below blue, #4169e1. Nightmares are dark red, #8b0000, and dream signs are the light purple, which is up one and left one from blue, #483d8b.

      This is the longest lucid I've ever had. Overall, the dream was boring. I don't remember any events happening. Low lucidity, forgot to stabilize. Flew!

      Strange dream

      I was alone on a dark street lit by yellow lights, walking down a cobblestone path. I entered a pharmacy store. I looked at rack of flash drives. At the bottom was a metal basket of 2GB SanDisk Cruzer flash drives. They had everything but the white thing. I could read the text just fine. Above that was a basket filled with slightly fatter ones of the same model that read 4 GB. Above that, a basket of even larger 8 GB ones that had colorful built-in flashlights. The last basket had huge 16 GB flash drives, which had the flashlight built in, as well as another mini-flash drive sticking out to the side on each.

      Something about washing a large yellow room with a bunch of other people.

      At a camp. Someone picks up a pickle.

      I am on a relatively fast public transport system train. I sense I'm not on the right train, so when the train stops, I get on another one, which is on a perpendicular track.
      I realize I am dreaming as I enter the city I was meant to go to. Yes! Forgot to stabilize.

      I skim along the city's streets, a few feet above the ground. I try to go higher but I feel like I can't. I keep going for a while.
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    13. First lucid dream to stop nightmare!

      by , 12-07-2010 at 01:55 AM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign
      For me to remember, dreams are #067300, and lucid dreams are the color below blue, #4169e1. Nightmares are dark red, #8b0000, and dream signs are the light purple, which is up one and left one from blue, #483d8b.

      Sweet! I stopped a nightmare with a lucid dream! Harry Potter seems to be a recurring theme these last two nights.

      Harry Potter Nightmare

      I was Harry Potter. I was being moved to my house from somewhere else because Voldemort was growing stronger and it was more dangerous. I was with the Order of the Phoenix.

      We took off, and immediately Death Eaters fired spells at us that turned limbs into fruit. None of us got hit but Hagrid, in the face. Because of his half-giant genes, he didn't die because of his head being a pineapple or something, he just had a sliver of skin turn green from between his nose and eye down to his chest. He grew more sinister.

      We lost them and landed at Hagrid's shack. There was me, Lupin, and Hagrid. There was a Death Eater tied up. We were interrogating him. After a few moments Hagrid began approaching the Death Eater intending to eat him. This was began his fruity affliction messing with his head. He kept making excuses to eat him. ("Just one bite!", "No, I'm not getting closer, you're just seeing things!", "Just let me eat him!")

      Lupin knew it wasn't safe so he gave me three purses with important items inside them and apparated me to my house. I was alone. I smelled the air and sighed of relief. "Home sweet home," I said to myself.

      I looked inside one of the purses and hid the other two, just incase. I saw an iPod Touch. I took it out, zipped the purse, and then hid it. I looked through the apps on it, and saw an app called Remus1422. I opened it and saw a bunch of cryptic messages in letters and numbers. This had to be the secret way the Order would communicate with me. I couldn't figure them out.

      I heard a soft noise from outside. Oh no. What if Voldemort knows I'm here? I hurried to the garage, closed the door, and locked it. I prayed that the sound was a false alarm and not Voldemort, because I was totally alone. I waited. Suddenly I heard a noise. I turned towards the closed garage door and Voldemort, laughing, was sliding through the bottom with use of magic. Already half of his head was into the garage. I panicked.

      What do I do?! Wait a minute...
      I'm dreaming! I got excited, and felt a rush inside me. I pointed at Voldemort's head, now inside the garage up to his neck, and yelled "Die!", and his head promptly fell off. I was so happy with myself that I opened my eyes in real life on accident and the dream faded to reality. I was awake, at 2:52 AM.

      I am happy with myself. I stopped my nightmare! Although I woke up anyway, I wasn't afraid. I would have not been able to get back to sleep for hours, or maybe even all night, if I hadn't turned lucid and prevented the nightmare.
    14. Harry Potter lucid dream

      by , 12-04-2010 at 03:47 AM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign
      For me to remember, dreams are #067300, and lucid dreams are the color below blue, #4169e1. Nightmares are dark red, #8b0000, and dream signs are the light purple, which is up one and left one from blue, #483d8b.

      Yay! My first lucid dream where I actually did something. This was the last dream of the night, and it was VERY long. I don't remember all of it, and I might not remember everything in the right order.

      Harry Potter dream
      I am Harry Potter, and I am in the Harry Potter universe. Over half of the dream happens, then I start remembering stuff.

      I go up an elevator into some secret base. The lights are dark. Someone's giving me a tour of the place. There's all sorts of technology in rooms with walls made of red chain link fence. There were some other people there. He showed me the rooms. Then he pointed to a Tesla coil inside one of the rooms. Later, we get into a conversation about who can enter and exit the complex. I asked if Malfoy could enter. He said no.

      NOTE: Spoiler ahead, select the proceeding text so that it's visible only if you've already read the 7th Harry Potter book: (Or if you don't care)

      I argued. "Why can't he? He's actually good! He was horrified when Dumbledore died, and never wanted to kill anybody! At the end of the Battle of Hogwarts he switched sides!" The tour guide was adamant. I couldn't convince him.


      Me and a group of people ran to some room. The entrance was a small wooden door frame at an angle, with a shield sort of thing instead of a door. It looked like a film of rippling cyan water, but you could put your hand through it like air. You could see through it. The room was filled with cameras. We needed to put something (A shoe? Not sure.) inside it. I ran through the shield and stepped down a small staircase of cameras, threw the object inside the room, and climbed back up. I wondered if the cameras could see me.


      We all apparated away. I don't remember apparating, but I know that's how we all got where we were. We were at a group of four picnic tables in a 2x2 grid, on the roof of some tower, thousands of feet in the air. There were no fences on the edges to keep us from falling off, but none of us were concerned about it. Everyone apparated in with black ponchos on (in the dream, everyone had to wear those to aparate) and then took them off. Then we all started eating food.

      I waited a while, and asked someone, "Aren't we supposed to be fighting Voldemort?". He just kept eating. I stood up between two tables, with either foot on the benches of the two tables, and said to everyone, "Why are we eating? We need to keep fighting Voldemort!", No one replied.


      I was shopping somewhere with my Dad. I heard lots of people saying "Oh my gosh, it's Harry Potter!" and stuff. I dropped something we bought. It was a foot and a half wide red ball. I chased it through three shops. After the second, someone picked it up and tossed it somewhere else. After the third shop I finally got it.

      We entered a shop to buy something. The walls were green.
      I suddenly had the thought that maybe I was dreaming. Out of curiosity I tried to hand whistle (which I can do very well in real life) and it failed. I felt air blow up I pant legs. Yeah, I'm probably dreaming. I tried looking at my hands, because apparently hands look weird in dreams, and... whoah! I had four fingers on one hand, one of them floating in mid-air, and three tiny fingers on the other, with no thumbs at all! I am so totally dreaming. What should I do? Fly? (I forgot to do the increase-clarity follow-through) I tried to fly. Instead, I jumped over ten feet into the air and slowly fell back down. I said "Look, Dad!", but he ignored me and continued focusing his attention on the store clerk. I kept hopping and looked around. I looked at all the corners and walls of my surroundings. I was amazed at how the mind can paint such realism, yet it's so difficult to put it on paper. My dream started to fall apart. I unfortunately realized I was dreaming near the end of my REM cycle, so I didn't have much time to play.

      I'm glad I finally had a lucid dream that lasted. I had decent control for a beginner. I heard some people couldn't hop very high at all on their first try.

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    15. Camping nightmare

      by , 11-21-2010 at 10:40 PM (Awesomeness's quest for lucidity)
      Real life Dream Lucid Nightmare Dream sign
      For me to remember, dreams are #067300, and lucid dreams are the color below blue, #4169e1. Nightmares are dark red, #8b0000, and dream signs are the light purple, which is up one and left one from blue, #483d8b.

      Not a dream about camping, a dream while I was camping.

      Driving nightmare
      I was being driven home from school by my Dad. I was in the passenger seat. The road was weird. Strange signs that don't exist in real life, such as two arrows pointing diagonally upward into each other on a yellow diamond, were on the road. The road had a lot of lanes, too many lines, and more exits than usual. There were no other cars, but I didn't notice.

      We kept driving. The whole road was different from the real route to home, but I didn't realize.
      Suddenly my Dad took a very sharp wrong turn. I could just feel it was the wrong direction. What the heck? I asked him, "Hey, what's going on?" and he replied with a sinister smile and a finger to his mouth, "Shh..." He didn't turn his head towards me, he just turned his eyes. This can't be real... wait, I'm dreaming!

      I was now semi lucid. I realized in a dream like this I would have no hope of having fun, and it would only get worse, so I just quit. With an almost bored face I told my dad, "Seriously?". I shut my eyes. Whenever I want to leave a dream, I close my eyes and the dream fades. I can still hear things though...

      My Dad gets furious at me. "Stuart... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

      The dream fades without waking me up.

      Normally my Dad is really nice. I bet that's how I realized it was a dream. I'm glad I realized it was a nightmare and destroyed the dream before it got worse and woke me up in fear. I would have woken up in the middle of the night in a tent with nowhere to go and I'd be unable to get back to sleep.
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