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    Into the Ether

    Waterslide, Knowledge

    by , 08-28-2012 at 08:24 AM (320 Views)
    Entering a classroom setting, a group of us are instructed to find a seat and begin the test.

    Test? What test?

    After a few failed attempts, I manage to find a seat and flip open the booklet.

    Ah, bubble answers, I can do this.

    I bubble in a few things; I seem to know what Iím doing when the test format changes to a computer.

    Uh, what exactly am I doing?

    I glance over to my neighbor and he doesnít seem to have a laptop yet suddenly I know what to do. Thereís a first person shooter game Iím supposed to Ďplayí.

    Alright! Game playing, easy as pie. Picking up the mouse, I begin executing a hoard of virtual zombies. Strange, but completely doable.

    Game ends. I wait for the results, my score. I canít seem to read the numbers? Or are they letters?

    Now we all sit and listen to a lecture. Itís interesting and the speaker is in the field I want to be in. Heís also decently charismatic until he says something funny about not liking vegetarians.

    Oh, thatís right, Iím slowly transitioning into vegetarianismÖ sort of. Guess Iím included in his statement.

    The girl I happen to be sitting next to is giving off a strong vibe. I look at her a moment. She has brown hair, tall, athletic, vibrant. Do I know her? I feel like I know her.

    Dream transitions and now itís post academic setting. Weíre bonding at a hotel, with a large water slide. My new friends are shouting at me to jump down the slide. I feel a little foolish but decide I should have some fun. I kick off the boots I happen to be wearing, remove my cell phone from my pocket, then take a running leap through the entrance to the large water slide.

    Practically flying down the slide, I can feel the rush of the cool water, the wind against my face, my breathing quicken. I havenít done this for ages.

    Seeing the end in sight and a friend nearby, I attempt to fly backward, mid-flight, and head over to my friend. However, once I hit the water, sinking into the middle of the pool, I hover there a moment. Treading water underneath the surface, I look around and take in the refreshing environment. I feel the beauty of the place.

    I get out and wander around the hotel at some point, still with the same group of people.

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