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    1. Starting up again

      by , 04-08-2019 at 10:25 AM
      08 Apr 19:

      First dreams recorded in 4 years. 2 fragments and one "solid"

      - At a store, think I'm looking for new shirts

      - Bookstore

      - At a friends' parents house. I'm sitting at a table and across me sits someone who feels and gives off a vibe of his sister but looks completely different. She talks about quieting her job. Not sure who's choice it is though.
      Somewhat further down the dream I see his father talk to my friend about the mother who apparently did something wrong or made a mistake that they find amusing.
      Tags: family, friend, store
    2. How to fly a burned out car.

      by , 04-05-2014 at 10:40 AM
      A man sits in a still burning wrecked car trying to get the attention of the shopkeeper across the street but he doesn't reply. Frustrated the man, let's call him Nick, calls out to a friend and a few seconds later a man we will call... Bob appears.
      Nick and Bob start bickering for a short bit and the scene changes with Bob saying; let's start your next lesson!

      The three of us (Nick and Bob still haven't acknowledged me) are standing on a cliff with a view over an ocean. Bob is going to learn Nick how to fly a car. Between them is the wrecked car Nick was in before, no longer burning. Apparently teleportation is a great way to put out fires.
      Nick gets in the car while Bob starts waving his arms around like a magician. He says to Nick he will get the car flying and that he has to take over.
      Bob then turns to me still waving his arms and tells me he is using telikineses to get the car going up. It's much like controlling a marionette.
      He then turns his attenttion back to Nick who's pretty high and far up in the sky now. Bob drops his marionette act and we wait.
      The second Bob dropped his hands the car starts falling down and Nick knows he's got no control what so ever and decides to jump out of the car.

      - Does Nick know how to fly?
      - Hmm, no I don't believe he does.

      At the last second I see Nick trying to grap something and a parachutepack appears on his back. The chute deploys.
      Nick gently lands near the coastline and we assume he's OK. Bob simply jumps of the cliff, being the badass pro LDer he is.
      I decide to jump after them using the parachute I just assume I have on whilst I jump. But it doesn't deploy on time and I crash into the ocean. I get above water but a wave pours water down my throat making it difficult to breath. I'm suddenly aware of my clothes and as I get more aware of them the start getting heavier. Eventually I drown and wake up being short of breath for a moment.
    3. Possible first steps into incubated world

      by , 02-04-2013 at 03:13 PM
      Three entries ago I talked about creating a dreamworld. A place that's always going to be there.
      But it was kind of short and I only talked about what I wanted to create.

      Because in fact, I already have a consitent dreamworld. A non lucid one but it's still there, and I think most of us have one.
      The only problem I have is that it's a copy of my real environment, it has the feel of waking life but when you gain awareness in it you see the differences.
      For example the town square in my dream is way bigger than in waking life and also the church is misplaced.
      Also the street I live in is still in the state it was in 10 years ago. Now there are new houses and such.

      I've visited it many times and revisited it when reading about it.

      When I talk about the dreamversion of my town I have the feeling of talking about an actual place I can visit.
      I guess the easy way of going there is through false awakenings.

      But now to talk about the developments in creating a world by the conscious me.
      Because I few the dreamversion of my hometown not my creation. It was created by my unconsciousmind during non-lucids and I simply recorded the memory. What I want to do is kind of a reversed version of this.
      I want to create the memory of it in waking life visualize it and visit it in daydreams so that one day I wil visit this place in my dreams.
      I've been drawing the island I mentioned in a previous entry. A big floating island, and I did some searches for reference and came to the conclusion that this won't work yet.
      An entire island is to big to start with.
      Instead I wil start with a small building, a little house or something. It will be simple with not much going on. I remember my last lucid dream and how realistic it was compared to the real world. I believe this was the case because I was in a restroom. It was a small room with little details and was therefore easy to stabilize.

      How I plan on doing this now is to biuld from the inside.
      Design a small room in which it's easy to stabilize, so it's easier to create the expectations outside of it.
      Eventually I'll get back to the floating island even though I found out it's on of the less original ideas, maybe that's because it's also one of the more awesome.
    4. Restroom epiphany!

      by , 12-18-2012 at 12:20 PM
      I'm in my bed, well, a bed. It feels unreal or something.
      I know that it's not my bed and I start hearing things, I want to turn around, make myself comfortable but I can't.
      My arms, fingers, legs, feet, toes, I can't move them. But this doesn't frighten me, it annoys me at most. I try to relax and hope it makes the noise go away, it doesn't all the while my body just feels like it's getting heavier and heavier.
      A door opens, I hear footsteps and even though I haven't seen the room I'm in the enire dream I "sense" that the position of the bed has changes.
      The person in the room is now sitting on the side of the bed, I feel my body dropping a few inches.
      The person starts to speak and I can now hear it's a female. She talks and stands up again but I can't remember or understand what she's saying.
      I thought or hoped she would leave the room but she doesn't. She keeps talking to me and walks around the room and still I can not move.
      She get's close, closer and now start to get in bed with me. I still can't move and my face has been facing the wall so I still have now idea who this woman is.
      But she's lying next to me now, judging by the weight she put in bed I'm guessing it's a big woman, but big as in large not fat.
      Now she turns around to me and whispers into my ear, I think she was telling me who she was but I didn't believe her.
      I was getting sick of this shit and really want to move now and get out of here and the moment the woman touched my head I snapped free.
      I leaped out of the room and looked back, she sat up and stared at me, with eyes that lit up like a cat at night. I could see now that I was in my room, but at the same time it wasn't.
      But I didn't have time for all this standing around, I wanted to get away from her, I also needed to take a dump.
      So I decide to get out of bed and go downstairs to go to the toilet.

      While I walk down the stairs I decide to slide on on the railing (haven't done this since I was a kid) when I'm almost down I make a jump and land in the hallway. And here's the important part, when I land I go through my knees to ease the landing, as I get up I kind of jump or float up slightly. But I didn't think about it.
      I go to the toilet and sit there for a while and I recall my jump and how weird it was. Then this thought popped in my head; I'm not lucid dreaming am I?
      In waking life before I do reality checks I observe my surroundings, the feel temperature, sounds all that. Back to the dream.
      So I had this thought, I looked around in our toiletroom (it's a very small room just the toilet) I touched the wall in front of me and thought no, this can't be a dream this is real.
      But I start to think back, where was I before the jump? The bedroom I came out of wasn't my room like it is now. Nothing made sense, but the wall was so real!
      Finally I do the nose plug RC and I'm shocked. I can still breath!
      I touch the wall again look at the lamp above me, it's all there, just in real life, nose plug RC still breathing.

      So it's true, I am lucid dreaming and am overwhelmed with this euphoric feeling. But I try to stay calm.
      Still once I look at the wall that looks so real I doubt it once again, the RC could be wrong if this was a dream I could float around. I then look at my legs, and see I still have my pants down, but that doesn't matter.
      I look down and try to make myself go up, and I do!
      Slowly I feel my cheeks seperating from the toiletseat and I drop back down. I'm now completely baffled and just sit there for a moment with my hands to my face in disbelief.
      I try it again, I lift up very stable to my surprise, and make a 360 degree turn and sit down again.

      Now for the dumbest part. I wanted to get out of the restroom, but then I was thinking about wiping.
      So I wipe, float around a bit and wipe again which causes me to lose lucidity.
    5. DC convos and Steven Tyler picking on George Harrison.

      by , 12-16-2012 at 02:40 PM
      Last night I had two conversations with DCs. One of them could be a dream guide but I'm skeptical about things like that untill I experience the bigger meanings of Lucid Dreaming for myself.

      The first was an older man, who I knew in the dream was a dutch comedian but with slight changes in appearance.
      We talked about life, society, and me.
      It was weird how comfortable the conversation went because I always found this man a bit of a prick. But then all of the sudden when we were talking about me he complimented me about how I thought about things which really touched me.
      It was strange for me because I'm not a person that seeks validation from others about what I do, let alone people who don't know me. So to feel this joy about a stranger complimenting me about something personal was really out of character for me.

      In another dream I was on a train that was about to make it's stop. On the station I met a man, about my age (22) and he was saying goodbye to his friends and family.
      We made eye contact and suddenly this feeling of having a very strong bond with this young man came over me, a sudden feeling of terrible loss came over me because he was leaving.
      He saw these emotions taking me over and seperated himself from the group of people that were his friends and family and walked over to me.
      It is a shame we didn't have a change to spent more time together; He said.
      Yes, our time has been too short, just too short; I answered.

      This brief exchange of words was ended by an uncomfortable hug and he got on the next train.
      Even while I'm writing this right now I feel kinda sad about it.

      Talk about sadness. I'm not sure how these things work in other countries but in the Netherlands most of companies, bussinesses or firms or whatever hand out christmass packages for their staff.
      It ussualy contains things for the holidays.
      In my dream, George Harrison was walking around with one of these packages. It was weird how he was his younger self and in black and white, the rest of the dream was in colour.
      Anyway, out of nowhere Steven Tyler shows up going completely mad and rips the package out of Harrisons hands. He shakes it about throws it one the ground stamps it to a pulp then punches George Harrison in the face and runs of.

      I was so random.

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    6. Back to school

      by , 11-13-2012 at 08:30 PM
      13th Nov '12

      I'm at the laboratoryschool I went to to check some paperwork.
      In the dream I know that there are three points that need corrections and I have an appointment with Mr. M. Which is strange because he was an old highschool teacher and doesn't belong in this setting of laboratoryschool.
      I'm in the mainhall of the school and look outside to the front, I see my old tutor checking papers at a smokerspoint, in real life this thing is behind the school.
      For some reason I try to avoid him and so I park my bike somewhere inside the building.

      --Now I'm not sure but it could be I woke up for a minute at this point--

      I walk through the building carying my notepad, dream journal phone and pen, the exact items I keep beside my bed.
      I log on to a computer to see when my appointment with Mr. M is, 2:00 PM and I look on the clock which says 2:06.
      To be sure I check the schedule again and it's indeed 2:06. Realizing I'm late I get stressed and wake up.

      The time I wake up is 1:56.
    7. Opening a brothel?

      by , 11-12-2012 at 12:48 PM
      Nov 12th '12

      Well my dreamself has sunk to a new low. I was out with a friend of mine scouting for locations untill we find a small abandoned space. I think it looked like an old motel or something.
      We get out of the car and decide this would be great to start up our own brothel. As I look too my right there is a big guy standing next to me, I guess he's our bouncer now.
      The minute we made the decision a girl comes up to us out of nowhere applying for a job. I say sure why the hell not while at the same time I get a feeling something isn't right here.
      A guy comes driving by, asks if we're open for business already and we say yes.
      He get's in talks to the girl we just hired when we hear a bunch of other cars come our way.
      As soon as they stop we can clearly see they're cops (american cops? where the hell am I?)
      I quickly look to my friend and our bouncer, I say to him what our story is.
      I made up that we are holding a stampcollectors convention. But as I look behind me the cops get closer.
      I realize this has to be a dream, so I close my eyes and start spinning around (a technique I just read about again) as I spin I keep saying this is a dream I have to get out of here, this is a dream I have to get out of here.
      I guess because I was in an unknown location I thought of home and that where I ended up, back at my town.
      Beyonce and more artists are performing and everything seems normal again.

      - Later in the dream I'm at another big party.
      - At an optician
    8. Still at work, not wanted by friends.

      by , 11-10-2012 at 11:36 AM
      Nov 10th '12

      I'm getting pretty bored out of my dreams, but that's because my real life is stuck into a routine as well.
      The last few nights the majority of my dreams took place around my workplace and the drive home. I was especially evident in the last two counting last nights dream.
      It always starts out at the laboratory, then I get into a car and on the way home I fast forward to my town and something happens.

      Last night was not different.
      Again, I'm at work sorting out bloodsamples when I drop some (3 to be exact) I'm crawling on the floor trying to reach them when a colleague walks in and laughs at the site of my bend over with my butt facing her.
      I gathered the tubes and the dream continues.
      I'm now sitting behind a laptop, in front of me is the new blonde girl I mentioned in yesterdays journal.
      A friend of mine then sends me a message saying he knows her name.
      Now apparently in the dream I use an outdated Dutch social media platform and I type her name in the search engine.
      I have to mention me thinking in the dream how weird her name looked. I said to myself how it had to many 'h's in it I believe she was called Mahahrijelijn or something. In Dutch Marije or Marjolijn would have been normal, but Mahahtijelijn isn't right. (lucidity chance missed)
      As I type it in I realize she's sitting right in front of me with two other girls.
      On of them see's me looking her up and thinks it's weird, I feel embaressed.
      On my way home while I stop at a friends house, he's just bought a house in real life but it needs work.
      In this dream it's finished sort of. And I guess there's a housewarming party.
      I remember I went to him uninvited, I just wanted to say hi and see how he was doing.
      But as I walked through his house I saw all kinds of people, some I knew others were strangers to me.
      And then this strange feeling of rejection came over me, or a feeling of me not supposed to be there.
      It was strange cause we're good friends and some of our mutual friends were there but somehow I didn't belong among his company.
      Last thing I remember is a fragment of my boss and someone else being in a football stadium (the european kind of football).
      My boss (an aged gray lady) got into trouble and threw something onto the field and with a lot of comotion she was sent out of the stadium.
    9. At work, making cakes raceing cars and wooing women

      by , 11-09-2012 at 12:45 PM
      Nov 9th '12

      I'm at work once again.
      Someone walks in with a trolly carrying an enormous cake in the shape of a shoe, a highheeled womans shoe.
      I feel like I'm supposed to help finishing it.


      I don't have a real visual memory about this fragment. But I remember I was talking to a new employee at my work, a young woman I'm guessing around my age maybe a little bit older but not much.
      She's definatly in her 20s I'd say.
      But as I said, we had a conversation, I guess about how she got here what she did before who she was, the ussual.
      And then the fragment changes, the chit chat changes into something more sensual, we're flirting.
      I remember a feeling of succes, I was winning her over, I got her!
      Then I remember an image of her crawling towards me but this could be my imagination filling in wat I'd expect.
      At the end of the day I go back home.
      On the way back the driver behind me is being anoying, we screw around on the road racing each other.
      The other driver got pulled over or something, but somehow I think it would be a good idea to go take his car.
      His car is awesome, fast, comfertable, doesn't make a sound. Apart from the music system which is also great.
      I'm one street away from my home and decide to park the car near a pizza place.
      My own car is also parked here.
      In the car we find some gears and a form.
      It says something about an appointment or a phonecall that has to be made with someone refered to as "A" at 7:30 PM.
    10. Politics, french fries and flirting.

      by , 11-03-2012 at 03:33 PM
      Nov 3rd '12

      Woke up remembering having recalled two dreams during my first wake up in the night.
      But I didn't write anything down so I had to do with whatever was left in my head in the morning, which was a lot, and also very little.

      I recalled 6 to 7 fragments moments if you will, here they are in no particular order.

      - Bought myself some new gadget, looked like a DVD player or something, I remember plugging it in and feeling exited about it.
      - Had a conversation with someone I know on DeviantArt. We talked about taking request and stuff.
      - Witnessed some sort of debate between Obama and Romney didn't remember what was said. I do remember the speakers not looking like the men at all. I think one of them was a woman even.
      - Got something to eat with two friends of mine. Waiter asked a weird question which made me realie something was wrong with the whole situation. (lucid opportunity here)
      - A familiar dreamlocation only it was inside and dark. Had a little conversation with a guy I barely know in real life.
      - Went to buy some new socks, flirted with a girl, again strong emotions here.
    11. Beer, riots and paintings

      by , 11-02-2012 at 08:32 PM
      Nov 2nd ' 12
      Bedtime 11:00 PM

      3 mentionable dreams last night.

      02:00 AM

      1) Beer drama:
      I'm out shopping with an old colleague from my previous job in my hometown.
      We stop for a moment to have a drink outside at a cafe terrace. After I've order two beers we already start to move on and I'm just about to enter a shop.
      As I enter the building it turns out to be some kind of clinical sample processing department which reminds me of where I work. (I work for a pharmaceutical research company)
      On of my current colleague's already there, greats me and walks away. Then a small/bit overweight/balding unknown man comes up to me and gives me two bottles of beer (Hertog Jan google it).
      He explains there is a reason to celebrate but I don't remember what it was about.
      I drink my beer alone when fatman returns, this time he's stressed and tells me some high placed gentleman are coming over today to have a look around the workplace.
      He tells me to hide my last beer but there are no trashcans in the room. I turn around for the first time in this room and see a staircase.
      Running up the staircase I take a right, it look like this floor is some kind of childrens department in a hospital only the beds are genuine childrens beds and not your typical hospitalbeds.
      I see a girl sitting upright in her bed looking at me shocked and baffled, I now realize I'm making a wild or bewilderd impression on her.
      After I apologize to the girl for scaring her like that I dash to the leftwing of the floor.
      In the hallway a boy in wearing a black hoody is playing XBOX360, I jump over his controlercables and march into the leftwing.
      This floor is open to look downstairs and I see the clicical room I started in, I also see some fancy looking men walking through the hallway.
      Someone calls my name to come down so I quickly hide the beer between some pillows and walk back as the dream fades.

      5:43 AM
      2) Jimi Hendrix' Water Festival
      I'm in a picture, I can't move and everything is in a sepia tint.
      I see some kind of wooden contruction like a rollercoaster but it isn't a rollercoaster.
      In front of this construction is a small river, out of which 3 firehoses emerge to a length of about 10m (or about 33 ft).
      Now there is something interesting about these hoses, because men are riding them in a real elaborate way.
      They cling the firehose between two barrels and keep a hold on these barrels by pushing one with their legs two the second barrel which they hold on to with their hands and arms.
      Now the scenery starts moving, I can here the man laugh, the water, and for some reason Jimi Hendrix' Voodoo Chile is playing in the background.
      I look around to see a man that greats me, it startles me and thats when the 3rd dream starts.

      3) Riots and paintings
      I'm downtown where all the bars are and see my father entering one.
      I keep out as I hear a loud; bang!
      Looking throug an alleyway I see people fleeing from something or someone, but I soon find out it's the cops and that there are riots.
      I try to escape but all streets are blocked or to full with rioting people, which makes me angry, I encouter two girls I know who also seem scared and confused.
      The look for an escape continues for a while untill I calm down.
      It's at this moment the riots stop, the sky indicates daytime (it was nighttime before).
      Down the street I see market stalls.
      Joined by one of my female friends (can't remember who) I walk towards a stall with paintings.
      The one selling the paintings is an old woman who reminds me of a Dutch actress.
      She looks at me like we've met before and I realize we have. I remember meeting her before in a dream.
      The lady then explains how we've met before, I was with another friend and we made paintings, paintings that she is now selling.
      She shows me 4 paintings, two depict a rat and the other two are kind of abstract and are made using only blue and yellow.
      I look closer at the last painting, the lady tells me it's the one I made last time.
      Now I can see that there are four words written on the painting but I can only read two.
      It's in dutch and says, dromen and verdwijning. This translates to dreams and disappearance or vanishing
    12. More anger

      by , 10-31-2012 at 10:29 PM
      Oct 31st '12

      One of the smallest recalls to date, so it's not a long entry.

      I'm sitting near a pool of some kind of holiday resort.
      It's nighttime and the yellow lights are very present, as do I strongly recall an azure blue.
      A warmth is slowly catching up on me and as soon as I want to look around to see where I actualy am I'm getting splashed by water and hit in the head by a ball.
      I look down to see my glasses broken and slowly sinking to the bottom of the pool.

      All I remember after that is becoming angry and again picturing those distinct blue and yllow colours.

      It seems like anger, blue, yellow and black are recurring themes in my dreams.
      No idea what the anger is all about, but I'll try to remember doing RCs when feeling strong emotions or seeing something yellow or blue.
    13. A growing hill, jazzhands and elephants

      by , 10-30-2012 at 08:43 PM
      Oct 30th '12:
      I remember only one dream from last night, it started with me walking alone in the woods as I encounter an open field with a small hill in the middle.
      I start walking around the hill, making it seem to grow untill it casts a shadow so big it covers me entirely.
      Then around the endless corner a figure comes up to me and asks if I've seen what's on top of this hill I shake my head to say no and now curious to find out walk up the hill.
      Now I can still feel the hill growing in height but it doesn't slow me down though as if the hill is growing under me and not above.
      On top of the hill I see 7 young women sitting in a row behind each other, as if they're in a boat but there's no boat here.
      Like the man I am I carefully examine every one of them, checking them out. All of them fine specimen all of them have beautifull hair that glows in the sunlight.
      I also remember there were some trees.
      But as soon as I complete the check up on the girls they stand up and music starts playing.

      Now I must note I was experiencing this dream in a first person view but now the "camera" zooms out so it can see the following scene.
      Yes, scene because what follows is a Fred Astaire-esque dance scene as if I were watching a movie I see myself dancing with all the ladies present. Without me noticing it though the group changed from 7 women to 6 at the beginning of the dance 3 at the middle of it and after the final I let the last one go and ended up alone again.
      This didn't stop me from continueing my dance do.
      Although the dance changed, it went from jazzy 50's 60's moves to a more, let's say, experimental type of dancing.
      The music also changed to a more hard and violent sound.
      I started to really let myself go, just moving al frustrations out of my body untill I came to rest.
      In the distance further up the hill (aparently the hill grew in size again during my rage-dance) I suddenly spot one of those arbours.
      From this point on the dream became very over the top. The whole situation became chaotic, the violent sounds were now defineable as a Linkin Park song, and while I was inside the arbour it became more and more crowded, then I noticed one of the bandmembers of Linkin Park joining everyone in the arbour.
      After that all I remember is more noise, more crowd, and animals walking down alongside the hill.
      The last thing I remember was throwing a chair at some pitchblack elephants.

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    14. Motivational Dreamgoals

      by , 04-24-2012 at 09:48 PM
      Since recall is not a problem anymore, I decided to write down some goals I would like to achieve when attaining lucidity.
      This just for my own purpose of writing it down somewhere (besides the pen/paper DJ).
      These are what just come to mind;
      - Fly
      - Be a giant
      - Be a woman
      - Summon/revisit older dreams in my memory.
      - To walk around in Soundgardens music video of Black Hole Sun
      - Manipulate time, or just explore the dimension of time in dreams in general.

      These are just a few of what will probably become a very long list. Well I hope this last minute entry wil have an influence on my dream cause I'm going to bed now.
      If you have any goals you think are really worth it and are a must do for LDers. Please share them!

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    15. Attaining Lucidity, Week 02.

      by , 04-22-2012 at 08:46 PM
      This week went by fast, quick and mundane. As did the dreams.
      About halfway through the week my recall went downhill, I could still recall some dreams but they came to me later on during my first waking hours of the day.
      A lot of them were like last weeks, not really exciting which is why I didn't post any dreams yet.
      At the end of the week I got the recall back under controle. I really prefer waking up during the night for recall.

      And I think I've had some first hints of attaining lucidity!
      I was offered a drink by someone. And in my head I started thinking to myself; I have to remember to buy her a drink later this evening.
      My guess is that the thought about remembering triggered something in my head.
      So as I had this thought in my dream, it slowly began to dawn on me.
      Unfortunatly the realisation came in whilst I was beginning to wake up. So when I figured out I was dreaming I woke up.
      I've embraced this as a good step forward and motivation to maintain a good awareness of my reality in my waking life.

      So the objective of this week was to keep up the recall, and I think I did succeed in the end.
      My objective for next week is to maintain/improve the recall and I'm now adding awareness to my AL agenda.
      I learned focus and discipline are very important these first weeks, cause before you know it, it all slips away.
      Second thing I learned, routine.
      The weekends really aren't any good for my sleep patern and the alcohol doens't help recall either.

      But that's ok. My vision is to explore and enjoy the waking life as much as I can, without it the dreamworld is useless.
      You must really experience the waking world to get the best out of your LDs right?

      Well that's what I think at least.

      Also, as a side note in a side note.
      I created a new thread in the General Lucid Discussion.
      It's about the experience and perception of time during lucid dreams.
      The thread is still on the first page so I'm not gonna bump it yet.
      But I'm very interested in the experiences and opinions of you, the forum community, about the subject.
      So check it out if you've got the time and are interested in discussing it.

      side notes
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