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    1. short lucid dream

      by , 01-16-2016 at 03:11 PM (My path)
      I am at my living room and jump from wall to wall. I becme lucid and call for my girlfriend. She appears and i tell her to go outside with me. As we leave the flat, i see a friend of mine next to the door, but i choose to ignore him. I have some trouble closing the door.But hey itīs a dream. Who cares if the door is open or not? I stabalize the dream by rubbing my hands.

      Itīs dark outside, although i wanted it to be daytime. My girlfriend wants to wait for some friends, but i can convince her to fly with me instead. Sadly, she is afraid of flying to high. I loose lucidity and end up in a non lucid dream.
    2. New Yearīs Eve

      by , 01-13-2016 at 02:11 PM (My path)
      I celebrate new yearīs eve with friends and family in Amsterdam. Itīs close to midnight and we are in a hotel room right below the roof. I grab a big rocket to throw it out of the window as the new year beginns. Unfortunately, the fuse doesnīt work right and the rocket explodes right next to the roof. Purple firework lands on the carpet and burns a little. My friend claims this would mean bad luck.

      We want to leave the hotel. But first, we empty the fridge and take the food with us. As we leave, i see 2 hookers kneeling next to the guys who rented the hotel room. I try to convince them to leave with us. But they donīt want to.

      Now, we are at the stairway. I see an Asian leaving his room. I know he had an argument with 2 of his friends about a girl.

      I want to check out at the reception. But there is a problem. They refuse to give me my passport. After an argument with the concierge they give it back, but they printed a Yu-Gi-Oh card on my passport. I want to complain as the dream fades away.

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