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    New Year´s Eve

    by , 01-13-2016 at 02:11 PM (194 Views)
    I celebrate new year´s eve with friends and family in Amsterdam. It´s close to midnight and we are in a hotel room right below the roof. I grab a big rocket to throw it out of the window as the new year beginns. Unfortunately, the fuse doesn´t work right and the rocket explodes right next to the roof. Purple firework lands on the carpet and burns a little. My friend claims this would mean bad luck.

    We want to leave the hotel. But first, we empty the fridge and take the food with us. As we leave, i see 2 hookers kneeling next to the guys who rented the hotel room. I try to convince them to leave with us. But they don´t want to.

    Now, we are at the stairway. I see an Asian leaving his room. I know he had an argument with 2 of his friends about a girl.

    I want to check out at the reception. But there is a problem. They refuse to give me my passport. After an argument with the concierge they give it back, but they printed a Yu-Gi-Oh card on my passport. I want to complain as the dream fades away.

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