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    1. Backlog 3 - 150109

      by , 01-10-2015 at 08:59 AM (The Tales of Brother Goose)
      ** I finally went back through my dream journal and actually counted the number of times that I got lucid. 12 over 3 months almost exactly, this one being the only one I actually accomplished something I set out to do. Will backlog only those and another day as this takes too long haha.

      150104 1:00AM Lucid # 12 - Task of the Month


      Myself and a roommate arrive in a parking lot in a former roommate's car. I immediately begin to question my reality (it feels like a dream).Tell him to do a reality check and do the same. Confirmed.

      "What should we do?" I ask. "I dunno," he replies. Typical. (He is one of my best friends and the closest to my interest level in lucid dreaming. He's been in my dreams before and is never any help at all.)

      "We can do anything, here, check it out." Remembering the task of the month I make a crate appear in front of me next to the car. I open it, remove a firework (8" classic looking rocket), stick it into a nearby patch of grass, and light it. In hindsight I never had a lighter or even considered that I might need a lighter. The daytime sky lights up even more with a massive explosion as I say "BOOM" and make an explosion gesture with my arms.

      Not able to remember any other tasks I turn to him and say, "lets drive to the moon." "Yes!" He replies immediately. At least he isn't working against me. I get into the car, making sure to sit in the drivers seat (my first lucid with any amount of control, #7 when I get around to posting it, he was a getaway driver for me and was absolutely terrible).

      Start the car. The former roommate's (whose car it is) girlfriend is standing in the middle of the parking lot. RC. Still dreaming. I'm excited and want to get to the moon so I just mow her over. My companion is upset about this. I tell him that since it's a dream she is completely fine. I swing the car around to prove it and she is standing right where she was before. I hit another car on the way out of the parking lot and onto the road.

      At this point my companion has changed from my roommate to the former roommate whose car it is. I tell him to upgrade the car. He does nothing (this is basically exactly the same as what happened in lucid #7). I continue driving. We are driving down a hill on the side of a peninsula with an incredible view of my current city across a bay. And I mean incredible. I can see everything.

      "I'm pretty sure that we aren't going to be able to drive to the moon..." I tell my companion as we drive. At this point I remember the task of the month with the crystal ball but decide that it wouldn't be safe for me to attempt that while driving. I tell him to upgrade the car again, and again nothing.

      "Just push a button and say 'Upgrade'." He complies. As he does the car is thrown into the air and we are very airborne over the bay. Mid air the car switches into a helicopter and I begin to fly towards the city. After about 10 seconds, however, the helicopter disappears and we plunge into the water below.

      I try to stay calm and remind myself that this is a dream but eventually succumb to panic and wake up.