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    Attic, Snake

    by , 11-20-2013 at 08:23 PM (535 Views)
    Nov. 19:

    Dreamed I was sharing an attic bedroom with a roommate, but there wasn't enough space for both of our beds. She'd already set hers up, and I was trying to explain that there wasn't enough space and I didn't have anywhere to sleep, but she just told me that was my own problem.

    Dreamed I had a pet ball python but forgot to get it a heat rock or food. It was living in a tupperware bin, and I fed it hot dogs. Mom had the car, and wouldn't let me use it to drive to Petsmart, but she wouldn't take me either. I was worried that my snake was going to die. Mom said that, instead, she was driving to a different city to return a keyboard she'd bought (because it sucked). I'd bought the same model and asked if I could go with to return mine as well. She still refused to stop at Petsmart.

    Nov 20:
    I can't recall my dreams. I have a vague impression that they involved cars.
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      The idea of a snake eating hotdogs made me laugh out loud
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