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    Hey, Look... A Dream Journal

    Yeah, so this is my Dream Journal.


    1. Snakes & Crickets

      by , 08-04-2012 at 06:54 PM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      Around 7:00

      Snakes & Crickets

      First thing I remember is being inside my house, I am on the stairs leading to the second floor and I notice that I have a cricket on my hand. I flick it off my hand, and it hits the ground with a huge thud, surprisingly. I walk back down the stairs and walk into the living room. On one of the chairs in the room is a box, I don't know what is in the box but I pick it up and put it on the ground. I get a knife to cut the tape off which has sealed it. When I do, a snake jumps out at me, I fall backwards avoiding the bite. I back away while the snake slithers towards me, it coils back before launching itself at me, but the cricket from before which has gotten immensely bigger, like a super cricket, dives in front of me and the snake and cricket engage in a battle. I watch it all unfold and distinctly remember seeing a pool of blood on the ground but I wake up while the two are engrossed in their battle.
    2. Trapped in School

      by , 08-04-2012 at 12:39 AM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      around 8:00am

      Trapped in School

      I was trapped inside a school and I was with two other people who I can't quite remember who they were. I knew we had to get out of the school though, the school was empty and I got the feeling we were put there by someone. We walk through the school but then we go into a room and there is people there. We turn the other way, trying to find another way out. We walk up a set of stairs and I happen to look out the window and see a car pull up, and out steps these four men with guns. We continue walking, and then suddenly hear gunshots. We can't seem to find a way out, but we do find a pistol in one of the classrooms. We go back down the flight of stairs, I tell the other two to wait where we are and I went ahead to see if anybody was around. I was peaking round a corner, and I saw four men talking with guns. I slowly crawl past them, their view of me blocked by a table. I make it to the door but then I feel someone's boot on my back and a gun on the back of my head - at this point I woke.

      (Just as well, or they would've been in for a world of pain )

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    3. Followed

      by , 07-26-2012 at 08:55 PM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      around 9:00am


      Apparently I was in a building which was where my job was situated, except it wasn't because I didn't work in this building. My apparent Supervisor came in and said that we had to do a team building exercise. Myself and another guy started fighting, for no reason whatsoever, great team work, eh? I flipped us over his chair, I had his neck in a headlock and next thing I know I am walking home. It is light at this point and I get a phone call from one of friends. He asks me If I want to play football, I say maybe. This girl comes up to me, she had old fashioned clothes and a short hairstyle. She comes up to me, while I'm on the phone, and starts shouting, shouting at me for no reason. She makes it so I can't hear my friend on the phone and eventually he gets tired of me not replying and hangs up. And it cartoonish fashion, I ran away from her, but she followed me and kept shouting with her hand in the air.

      After I ditch her, I continue my journey home. I get the feeling someone is following me, I then see three guys walking towards me. I notice that the two to the side of the man in the middle is dragging him. He looks dead, so instead of walking towards him, I take walk through the park. It is now pitch black, and I'm walking behind this couple. I look to the side and the two guys dragging the body are still following me. I notice it is very foggy now, it was like something out of Alan Wake. I notice I have a flash light so I shine it around the area, and don't notice anything wrong, so I continue on my way.
    4. Holding Facility/Celebritites

      by , 07-22-2012 at 11:37 AM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      around 8:00

      Holding Facility/Celebrities

      The first thing I remember is being in a building, I am taken into this area, where I get the feeling people do tests on other people. I enter this booth kind of thing, I look in the mirror and realize I'm naked, after checking myself out for a bit. A women comes in, she begins striping so I assume she is being tested on as well. Next thing I know, I am in a holding facility. Where, I guess, they wait to see what will happen to there test subjects. I begin to need to go to the bathroom, so I search the area, it is now a huge house, I get a little nervous because of how big the house it. I walk up stairs and stairs, so many floors, I eventually find a bathroom. I open the door, close it and lock it, the lock is very strange, not your usual type of lock. I seem to have forgotten all about the bathroom, because after checking out the lock - I just leave the room. When I leave, I open the door to another room, Kaley Cuoco (who plays Penny on The Big Bang Theory) is sitting in a chair at the far end of the room.

      She begins talking to me about something, which I cannot remember, no matter how hard I try, shame. I get the impression that the house we are in, is hers. I notice something moving in the corner of my eye, the cupboard door is opened a little bit and I can see a women in there. I squint a bit to see, and I see finally see it is LIGHTS (singer). She shoots me an impression when tells me not to tell Kaley. But she has already noticed the door and has walked over to it. She pulls LIGHTS out of the cupboard and starts shouting at her, I get the feeling she is a test subject. I walk over to her, and tell Kaley to back off, such a gentleman. I put my arm around LIGHTS and she turns into my body, with her arms around me. I can hear and feel that she is crying a little bit. After a bit, I get her to sit down on a couch, she explains that she has been tested on, and she has hidden in this house, in that cupboard for weeks. I've still got my arms around her, once Kaley leaves she turns to me and thanks me for sticking up for her, she then kisses me and afterwards goes back to laying her head on my chest. This point I had a false awakening which ended up involving the holding facility again, but nothing noteworthy to write down.
    5. Monster Energy

      by , 07-20-2012 at 08:07 PM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      around 8:30

      Monster Energy

      I was in my house, I'm sitting on the couch when I decide to walk to the shops. I put my jacket on, and then leave the house. Next thing I remember is being in the shop and walking around, finding things to buy. I remember turning into an aisle, which was filled by lots and lots of Monster energy cans, some where double the size of normal cans. I pick one up and notice that they are boiling hot, this confuses me but I think nothing of it. I turn around and notice this bizarre machine, it was black and had a little compartment bit which you could put the can in. So, I walk over to it and lay the can sideways in the machine. I notice a dial, which had three option, "drizzle", "shower", "storm". I'm confused at what will happen so I choose the shower option, and then a bit of glass slides out and conceals the can. Then water begins spraying inside the compartment, like a car wash. Once it is over, the glass slides back and I lift the can, it isn't wet, but it is very cold. I decide I'm going to buy a few, but then I realize I left my wallet at my house.

      I walk through the store, and leave through the main entrance. While walking home, I notice a dog, in the middle of a roundabout, it is leashed to a pole, but the leash is huge so the dog managed to get out that far. The cars are having to go around it, and I decide to leave the area. I begin to walk, but then I notice these two girls walking on the other side of the road. The two of them spot the dog and run over to it, that is when I wake up.

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    6. Shrouded

      by , 07-12-2012 at 12:50 PM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      around 6:00

      Genre: Horror

      Apparently I had bought a new car, I can't remember the make of the car, but what I do know is - it was blue. That's all I can remember about the car, but I also apparently bought a new house. I remember walking into the house at night, it was dark, I remember having this sense of fear. I went into the bedroom, which had candles lit all around it, which gave me some ability to see. On the side table was a photoframe. I can't remember what the photo was, or who it was. But it made me have to leave the house, because of fear, really wish I could remember who or what was in that photo. But I digress, I walked back through the house, and I notice that something really isn't right in this house. I can hear ticking, I assume it's a clock, but I can't seem to find one. I realize that the sound is coming from up stairs, I go to check it out and its coming from another bedroom. I slowly open the door, and see a shrouded figure, sitting on a rocking chair, holding a clock in his hand. The guy or women, snaps the clock in two, and continues to look out of the window. He/She hasn't noticed me, so I backtrack down the stairs, quickly leave by the front door and get into my car. I take one last look at the house, and see the guy at the window, staring at me as I drive away. I drive for a few minutes, when I start to hear that damn ticking again. I stop the car to see if anything is ticking in the car, nothing. But I can still hear the noise. I get out of the car, and look underneath it, where the guy - who is still shrouded is holding on to the bottom of the car, with a clock, the handle in his mouth as I stare at him.
    7. The Search

      by , 04-23-2012 at 12:08 PM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      Today was my day off so I was planning to get a lot of dreaming done. But I was woken up at 6:30am by somebody at the door, turns out it was somebody delivering a package, but he was at the wrong bloody door! Anyway, although it did wake me up - it did lead to me having an unintentional DILD through WBTB.

      Around 8:30am

      The Search
      Genre: Random
      Lucid (DILD)

      I am in my sisters room. I'm looking out the window and see a girl trying to climb up the side of a house. She uses ledges and bins to finally get up there, I then see her dog follow her up, no idea how the dog managed it - it just kind of jumped up. I walk downstairs to get a better look, but when I get to the window nobody is there any more. I now find myself outside, in a little path next to my house. Something doesn't feel quite right, so I look down at my hands but there doesn't appear to be anything wrong, just a bit blurry. I decide to plug my nose, and I can breathe! I'm dreaming.

      I decide to stabalize the dream first. I feel the fence on the right of me and then think of some things to do. I decided that I wanted to find one of my friends and see how they'd react to being told they are dreaming. I go around to my neighbours house and decide to ask them where they are. I chap the door, but instead of the usual person that answers, it's Ali G. This was really weird, but I ask him if he has seen my friends. He says spouts some shit which I can't understand, I decide to leave because he's wasting my time.

      My memory is a bit hazy after that. Next thing I do remember is trying out some dream control techniques, to keep my skills sharp. I point at a few objects and begin to levitate them. I levitate a few things like tyres and then throw them away using my mind. I then attempt it on a car, the car comes off the ground but for some reason I can't throw it. I do a little, but it doesn't go far. Anyway, my memory goes a bit blank after this.

      I am now outside my house again. I decide that the best place to find them would probably be the school where we all went to. I decide, instead of running or flying, I'll create a tele port. I draw a circle in the air with my finger and imagine the school at the other side of the circle. No luck. I decide to run there, it's not far. Whilst running, I attempt to fly, I usually have no trouble with flying but I couldn't in this dream for some reason. I remember that when I was attempting I jumped off the ground and ended up with my face hitting the ground. Felt no pain though.

      I felt myself running a lot faster than I am capable of in real life. I am now at the school. It looks a bit different. But I go in anyway. Somebody walks out of the door and says to me, "Hey... you made it!". I high five him like an idiot and try to go into the school. But the door is only one way, it's the exit door. I look inside and it seems to be some kind of prom/reunion thing going on.
      But then I wake up.
    8. Sadness

      by , 04-16-2012 at 01:32 PM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      Around 6:30am
      Genre: Tragedy

      I was in my old High School. I was back with a few others from the school, we were brought back to talk to the biology students. We were apparently experts in the subject. There was five of us, we each took turns talking to the class. Next thing I know, I am in the corridor with a girl who I was friends with at school. We are walking down when I notice a bank machine, I go up to it and insert my card. However, for some reason my pin doesn't work, then I realize I'm putting it in wrong. I finally get in. My memory goes fuzzy at this point and the next thing I remember is sitting on a cliff, looking out over the ocean, even though there is no ocean where I live for miles, nor any cliffs. I remember I am sad about something. I remember one of my best friends had passed away. She had died in a car crash. Another of my friends came up to me, and walked with me down a street. I don't remember what she was saying though. I then woke up.
    9. Black Van

      by , 04-15-2012 at 05:41 PM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)

      I didn't have much sleep over the past few days because of various things, but last night - I was able to get a good nights sleep. I took some B6 earlier and had a couple of dreams, but only one of them is worth posting. Anyway...


      Around 8:00am

      Black Van
      Genre: Action

      First thing I remember is being in a restaurant with a girl, I don't know her in real life but I get the feeling we are in a relationship. We talk for a bit, and I remember her name being Alexis. We chat for a bit while we eat, once done I pay the bill and we walk outside. It begins to rain, so we begin running to shelter but as we run - a black van screeches to a halt beside us and three men come out. One of them has a gun, and points it at me while the other two grab the girl and take her into the back of the van. The man begins to back away from me, while keeping his gun pointed at me. "What the hell are you doing?" I say, but don't get a response, instead the man with the gun opens the vans front door and slowly gets in but as they drive off the man shoots me in the chest. I hit the deck with searing pain going through my chest, I look up at the sky with the rain falling down, pounding off me and the ground. I can feel things going dark, but then I hear someone shout "Are you okay?". I can barely move so I can't check who it is, but when he comes closer I catch a glimpse before everything goes dark - and for some reason Jim Carrey helping me by pounding on my chest. I can hear sirens as I start to black out.

      I wake up (in the dream) in a white hospital room. I look around while attempting to sit up, I can, but it's a struggle. A doctor suddenly comes in and tells me to lie back down because the police want to talk to me. I comply, and two police officers come in, they ask me a through questions - which I answer the best I can. I ask them what happened to the girl and who the guys were. They don't give me a reply instead they just leave. The doctor then tells me I'm free to go, I get out of the bed, get my clothes back on and start to walk through the hospital. I spot Jim Carrey in one of the rooms, lying on a bed, with cuts and bruises on his face. I stop and go into the room, Jim looks startled and says "You're alive?!". We chat for a bit, and he tells me that after the ambulance took me, a few men came in another black van and attacked him. I can tell it's the same people who shot me. The doctor who was with me before, comes in and says that Jim can go. Jim and I walk out of the hospital and stop on the side walk for a bit, we discuss what happened again, before the black van comes round the corner again, but this time five men come out the back, two have guns pointed at us, the other three then force us into the back.

      Next thing I know, Jim and I are thrown into a prison interview like room. We are then tied to chairs. A couple of the men proceed to punch us in the face often. After a few tags, the men turn around before leaving us. Jim and I both have trickles of blood from cuts on our foreheads. We begin to think of an escape plan. Jim tells me that his ropes aren't tied that tight, he manages to escape from his chair before untying me. I try to open the door, but it is locked. We try to think of a way out of this situation. Jim comes up with the idea of him pretending to have a heart attack or something, while I shout for help. We sit back down on the chairs, and place our hands behind it, after a few seconds I start shouting for help - few seconds later and a man comes in. I tell him that Jim has a problem, he's in pain. The man walks over to Jim, turning his back to me, I stand up, grab him by the neck and break it. I grab the guys gun from his belt and Jim and I make our way to the door.

      We check if the coast is clear, it is so we walk down the long corridor. We get to a corner, around the corner is two guys standing by a door. I check the ammo in the pistol, nod at gym and tell him to stay behind me. I shoot one of the men in the head, and take cover from the other guy, the guy unloads is whole clip and while he reloads I pop out from behind the wall and tag him in the chest. The noise from the shooting has alerted the other men. At the other end of the corridor, I see four men with the girl running. Two stay behind and shoot at us. I dive into cover, but Jim gets shot in the chest. I quickly kill the guy before shooting the other guy in the leg. I kneel down beside Jim and ask him what I've to do. He says "Go and save her" before dying dramatically, like something you would see in a cheesy film. Anyway, I run down the corridor, gun in hand, I leave the guy I shot in the leg because I can't waste ammo. I see the four men pulling the girl into that damn black van again.

      I run outside but the van begins to pull away, I look around and see a red McLaren F1. I run up to it, open the door and luckily the keys are already there. I turn the keys and speed away in pursuit of the van. I get up close to it and the men open the back doors, and begin shooting at me, I can't shoot back incase I hit the girl. So I speed up and get alongside the van, I shoot the man in the passenger seat. But then I suddenly notice an oncoming car, I swerve to avoid the collision, but so did the other car, and the other car swerves straight into the van. The van begins rolling because of the impact, kind of glad because I was beginning to hate the sight of that van. I stop and cautiously get out of my car, I point my gun at the van, incase someone shoots at me. I start slowly walking towards it, I get to the van and notice the driver has been killed. I walk around to the back, open the back doors, but no one is in the back. Perplexed I turn back around, put the gun away. I hear sirens coming, and quickly run into an alley, because I know I would be arrested because of the gun and the whole car collision. This is when I wake up.
    10. Hiding & Attempted Murder

      by , 04-11-2012 at 02:23 PM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      Around 5:30am

      Genre: Random

      First thing I remember was that I am in a different time period and a different world from what it is today. I believe I am in either the Game of Thrones world or the Skyrim world. I was in a house, which was a large amount of distance away from anything else. With me was three other people, one man and two woman. I don't remember who they are at this point though. I get the feeling that we are hiding one of the girls from someone. Next thing I remember is that I am looking out of a window, with a pair of binoculars. I see someone in the distance, I can't tell if it is a man or women, all I know is that he/she is wearing a red jacket. I can tell this is the person we are hiding from.

      I tell the other guy in the house to go get the girls and go upstairs. We start to panic, he takes one of the girls up the stairs while I try to convince the other girl to come. I believe this is the girl that is hiding from that person on the road. She decides that she is going to run, and see if she can get away. She goes and I head upstairs, just incase the person on the road decides to check the house out. I remember I a set of keys which are used to lock the bedrrom doors. I head upstairs and go into the room. I close the door and try to lock it. It takes me a couple of tries, the lock has now changed from a regular lock to a lock you would see on a bathroom stall. I finally lock it and turn to the other two.

      The two are sitting on the bed, and I get the feeling that the man is my brother, I don't know why though. The women tells me that she just got a text from the person on the road. I turned around, and the door wasn't there anymore. Instead, the door had turned into just a thin plank of wood going across where the door would have been. I wake up at this point.


      Around 7am
      Attempted Murder
      Genre: Action

      I am in my old college, I think. I am in my old Psychology lecture. The class becomes really boringthat I resort to doodling on my paper. I am getting worried that the lecturer will notice me because I am not supposed to be there. The lecturer asks a question, and a girl that I know answers the questions. But she is in the back of the lecture, so the lecturer has to move to see her, and she moves to just in front of my desk.

      I decide to wait until the break, before I leave. Once the break comes, I begin to leave. Next thing I remember is being in an argument with someone I don't know. The argument eventually escalates and we begin fighting. I start to get the better of him, but then he decides to take a knife out. I decide to get the hell out of there, because I don't plan on dying in college. The guy chases after me and corners me in a stairwell. He lunges at me with the knife, but I manage to grab his wrist and force him back. Suddenly, a police woman shows up and helps. I notice she looks like Louisa Lytton.

      Now, I can leave. But as I walk out the door, I realize I have left my bag in the lecture hall. So, I decide to run to the room to get in, so I'm there before the lecturer comes back. I get to the room, I take a quick look inside to make sure she is not there, she's not so I go in and get the bag. I walk down the corridor with the my bag, and take corner carefully incase the lecturer is around the corners. She's not but I now notice I am in my old High School. I see one of my old teachers, and he begins chatting to me. We chat for a bit before I attempt to leave once again.

      I begin to walk down a flight of stairs, but there is a group of people there with me. It seems to be the basketball team, the reason I think this, is because one of them is throwing a basketball around. The guy throws it against a wall, and it returns back - hitting another guy in the face. I notice one of my old friends from High School is there. We begin chatting for a bit and when we get to the bottom, he asks me if I want to come to a club later with two other people. I tell him to give me his number and I'll tell him later.

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    11. Zombie Apocalypse

      by , 04-08-2012 at 01:10 AM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      Zombie Apocalypse
      Genre: Horror

      First thing I remember is running from a group of zombies, I had a backpack full of supplies but I had to drop them or risk being slowed down. My heart was pounding, but I knew I had to keep going, I rounded the corner and saw my house. But I knew I couldn't go straight tot he house otherwise they would know where I was. So I ran past it, turned another corner and climbed over a fence. This slowed the horde down, I didn't waste anytime before quickly getting up and running again, climbed another few fences and worked my way back around to my house, making sure I didn't meet any more zombies on my way. I ran up the drive way before quickly opening the door, closing it, locking it before falling to the floor in exhaustion. I sit with my back to the door for quite a while, but eventually I get enough strength to stand back up and proceed to barricade the door with wooden planks. Afterwards I check the planks on the windows before closing thick curtains and turning on lamps, I dim them so they can't see the light from outside and proceed to open some canned food before eating. Time seems to fly by and before I know it is the middle of the night and I'm sitting by the window, looking through gaps in the curtains and wooden planks, staring out at the zombies, who seem to become more active at night. I remember feeling a sadness, knowing that all my family and friends had been killed. I decide to leave the window and go up to one of the bedrooms, I collapse on the bed, but I feel pain in my back and as I feel I find a gun in my back pocket. I don't know where it came from so I just place it on the bedside table and try to get some sleep.

      I don't get much at all, as suddenly I hear a blood curdling scream from outside. I quickly get up, startled, reaching for the gun I go to the window and carefully look out. I see four zombies attacking two girls, one of which I know. The one I don't know is being killed and eaten while the other, who I'm pretty close with is standing by horrified. I can see she is petrified and she just backs away slowly, while a couple of other zombies begin walking towards her. I look down at the gun, and make a decision to try and help her, I run downstairs and use all my strength to pull off the wooden planks. I open the door and run outside I call her name (which I won't say for privacy), she turns to me and begins running towards me. She reaches me and basically falls into my arms, I tell her to quickly go into the house and lock the door, she asks me what I'm going to do and I tell her I'm going to distract them because if I go in with her - the zombies will know where we are. She begins running towards the door, I fire the gun in the air, getting their attention, around ten of them. They all turn and begin to walk towards me, slowly gaining speed.

      I turn and bolt away from them, it's the fastest I've run ever. I stop at some points to pop a couple in the head but more just seem to appear everytime I turn around. I'm surprised by how accurate I am, and the fact that the gun seems to have unlimited ammo. I eventually can't run anymore, and just decide to shoot. I stop, turn, and begin shooting for my life, I manage to get most of them down, only two are left and they are too close for me to fire a gun at them apparently. So I hit one of them with the end of the gun, and dodge the other's lunge. The zombie falls to the floor, I kick its head over and over before I'm convinced it's dead. I begin walking back to the house, but I as I get close, I see the girl running away from the house, with zombies close behind. They must have got in the back door somehow or some other way. She grabs me as she gets close and hysterrically tells me there is too many and just run, I pop a few more bullets off before turning and running with her. We run and run, but then she trips and falls. I stop and turn to see zombies climbing on top of her and biting her, I see the blood on the concrete and nearly throw up but I know I have to keep running, I turn but straight into a couple of zombies. They are both about to bite me but I wake up right at that moment.