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    1. Gemstones

      by , 04-09-2015 at 02:41 PM
      I stole hemp seeds covered with dark chocolate from Safeway and ate them. I was shopping with my brothers and asked my brother Peter to buy Quinoa oil and that I would pay him back. Later I had rocks and was showing them to Peter and then my rocks disappeared. I was at a restaraunt and chaos was happening. I forget most of the dream sadly. The rocks were rainbow and they kept dissapearing and reappearing.
      dream fragment
    2. Lucid dream

      by , 04-08-2015 at 04:02 PM
      I was at a grocery store that my dad owned, eating cheesecake, my brothers were there too. I became lucid and walked out of the store and walked down a hall where there were guards and told the guards I lost my passport and that my name was Cali Sylvers. In the room was a celebration for a queen. When I told them my name they put one clippy on me. I walked to where there were people and all of them had clippies on them and they put more on me. I worked together with another girl to remove the clippies I took hers off and she took mine off. One person used super strength to remove a clippy. Me and another boy started to fly, we said, we can have superpowers, I can fly. I was about to open the window to fly out of the room but the boy said don't wake up the person that put the clippies on us, and I just opened the screen from the bottom and flew out, waking the person, who wondered what was happening. Then I woke up.
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      lucid , nightmare , dream fragment
    3. Last night's dreams

      by , 04-07-2015 at 03:14 PM
      Dream 1:
      I walked out of the house and married a man and was in his car, I had troubles closing the door. I suggested we go eat tofu and he said he wanted to eat something else. Then I walked into a room and it was a psych mental health group meeting. I sat down thinking God planned this and a young girl with black hair asked me to move up and sit next to her. A doctor or a leader came in and started talking, asking us to share our stories. I was writing something down and then I walked around wanting to get home so I talked with a woman about it, I told her I don't have my key and she told me that she had a spare key for me and I told her my address, at the time all I remembered was 25363. Then my dad was there and he yelled at me and was really mean. Then I went and got the key from the woman and the man pretending to be my dad tried to take the key from me and he grabbed my chest and a demon pushed down on my chest (sleep paralysis) and I woke up when I was pushing the demon off of me. I saw a demon, it was black and gray.

      Dream 2:
      I dreamed I was flying down to temple of the dog (a hangout spot in Pittsburgh I went to all the time by the river). My friends there asked me how they could see me, and I realized I was dreaming. I thought, I'm dreaming, and I told everyone, this is a dream. I started to fly and told everyone else to fly as well. Some people started to fly. Then I grabbed the hands of two people, one of them my voice teacher/church friend Polly's son, and flew them around the sky. I got really tired and was worried this was bad for my health.
      Then I was in a room and I saw a girl from my church who is a little bit overweight. She was praying and a little boy was there with her. They were both children. She said, "I pray because I have to." It was a loving sight I was just a witness watching. Later, I was with my mom and my old roommate Sarah G. She looked like she lost a lot of weight (she's fat) and I told her so. I told my mom about the kid that has a big stomach and she said your sister was pudgy when she was a child too and she's fine now, she's skinny. She told me not to judge. In the beginning of the dream I was walking in the forest doing something strange I forget what was happening. It was 9 am in the dream, and part of it was lucid and then I had a false wake up and the rest of it wasn't lucid.

      Dream 3:
      In a play going on in a school, there was a fire hydrum and a house that was on fire. There were two houses and both were on fire. A woman walked out of the house from the front door. Everyone was smiling. People were saved. Thats all I remember.
    4. New Zealand

      by , 04-02-2015 at 08:48 PM
      This dream happened about 2 weeks ago. I was in a grassy field in New Zealand. The weather was around 55 degrees outside. The archangel Michael was there, at the time I didn't know he was Michael, he was unnamed. I saw some houses and planned on knocking on the door to see if I could sleep there. Then I said to Mike, I could sleep in this field. He said the weather was always chilly-warm and rainy.

      Then we were at a college of science and I thought I was in the future going to school there. There were a bunch of people and I talked to the guy, and asked him if he knew of any martial arts schools in New Zealand. I was carrying a black belt that was in a bag. He said yes it's run by a guy named Mike (that's how I knew he was Michael). He was carrying a sword. I told him, I'm in the future, I'm not really a black belt, I'm a green belt. I believe that it really was my future.

      Then I was outside and a guy came up to me to attack me, and I gave him my phone so he wouldn't attack me. Then some friends were near me and they ran after the guy to get my phone back. This represents the friendly people in New Zealand that will help me when I move there. Then Mike ran after the guy and stuck him to get my phone back, and I went up to the attacker and started to do a side kick, which woke me up.

      This dream changed my life. It was a vision of the future. I plan on visiting New Zealand relatively soon with my boyfriend, and moving there in 5 years. God gave me this dream to show me where he wanted me to live, and to give me a great future. New Zealand is unique and it's where I'm destined to live. It was accurate to what the weather there really is, I found out, and I can't wait to be there. It wasn't a lucid dream, and it wasn't meant to be. If I knew it was a dream its power would have been stripped and it wouldn't have changed me as much as it did.
    5. New Zealand

      by , 03-25-2015 at 04:32 PM
      I dreamt I was in a grassy field in New Zealand. I asked a man if I could sleep in some houses, then said I would sleep in the field. Then we were at a science college and I thought I was in the future and living in New Zealand to go to college. I asked the man if he knew of a martial arts school nearby, and I was carrying a black belt. I thought I was in the future so I assumed I already earned my black belt, but told him that in the time period I come from I only earned a green belt. He told me a guy named Mike runs the school. We left the college and a guy came to steal my phone and I gave it to him because I was afraid. Friends came and chased the theif and the guy who told me about Mike kicked him (apparently he did martial arts too) and I started to do a side kick, and doing a sidekick woke me up.
    6. Last night's dreams

      by , 03-22-2015 at 11:11 PM
      In my dreams last night, I was outside and I was asking God to put cannabis in my body. I saw two girls/women and talked with them, got afraid and started walking, I jumped onto a deck and thought of jumping off of the railing into the water because I knew I was dreaming, I was lucid. The cops caught me for some reason, maybe I was trespassing. There was a boat and they took me inside into the boat and i walked down the stairs and people were sitting in chairs eating. I went up and got food and ate strawberries and a moist square cake-like food. Later I got up to go up the stairs and the cops found me again and put me on my stomach on the ground and handcuffed me. One of the cops picked me up and carried me, and then thugs attacked the cops and the cop let go of me and I ran away and since I knew I was dreaming I had power, so I released my hands from the handcuffs without a key and it didn't hurt, I got my hands free. I saw a forest under a big dome, and there was an opening in the air, so I started from the ground and took off, starting to fly through the air and out of the dome. It was a beautiful forest and I was up high and then I fell and landed on the ground. There was snow on the ground and I tried to get up and that is when I woke up from the lucid dream. When I realized I was dreaming on the deck, I closed and opened my eyes to lengthen the dream and stop myself from waking up, successfully. Earlier in dream, before I was lucid, I was in a store with my mom and my sister Jenny and was looking for cannabis. A group of people were playing a game and I said whoever looses gets cannabis and I saw a picture of the cannabis leaf, green color of course. Later I tried on clothes in a house with my mom but it's not a house that my mom ever had. I was trying on fancy cool bathing-suits and my mom said you can wear them when we go to the beach. Somehow I got outside and alone where I saw the two women that scared me. When the cop was handcuffing me, I asked him, since I knew I was dreaming, what he symbolizes, what his presence means to me, I told him this is a dream you aren't real. When I was flying at the end of the dream, my authentic self was escaping the cop (the tough part of me, the warrior), and from the thugs (the sinner in me), me flying was my angelic side breaking through.
      In my second dream from last night, I was in a hot tub with a bunch of people including my friend from Pittsburgh Aaron Pollards. I got out of the hot tub and Aaron showed me where my stuff was and I said I would join the orchestra and that I better not be a second. Then I was in a hallway with a binder that had a fitness magazine in it and two girls started attacking me taunting me and ripping up my magazine, so I side-kicked both of the girls and got away. Before that I told Aaron that I was travelling to many states, because in the dream I was deluded that I was travelling to different states. Later or earlier in the dream (I don't remember which), I saw a sign outside that said whoever signed up would be given free clothes. I climbed up and wrote my name on the sign. I was standing on a chair trying to reach the sign, but I couldn't get my name written down. Back in the hallway, we were in a high school when the girls were ripping up my magazine, and in the hot tub Aaron told me that I spent 5 dollars on something.
      In my third dream from last night, God said to me in this dream, "Find the ones you know are good." I dreamt about bad guys and chose to talk to the Baldridge twins (Polly's sons, she is the music director of my church) because I knew they were good and they were in my dream, I think everyone was at a school. Being in school is a dream sign for me; I often dream that I'm going to school. Later, I met a fat girl with dark black hair and she was my best friend. I had been squeezing grapefruit earlier in the dream, and I told my dream friend that we had to go to Weiss to get grapefruit to squeeze. She suggested getting tomatoes or oranges. She shat on the staircase and later at a different staircase we were running down the stairs and saw shit on 3 of the stairs and were careful not to step in it. Later in the dream she jumped into a swimming pool. We were close to Weiss, a grocery store, and there was a hill with tall grass and tall wheat plants, and I told the girl to jump and I and she were jumping up the hill bouncing. I don't remember other things that happened in the dream but in the dream it had been as if I had known her forever. I woke up after we were going up the hill we never got to the grocery store.
    7. Last night's dreams

      by , 03-21-2015 at 07:28 PM
      Me, my sister Jenny, and my brother Justin and brother Peter were getting ready to go to school (none of us are in school anymore, Peter is working on his masters degree). Jenny was angry and I was trying to put on a pair of pink shoes but they didn't fit me (in real life that pair fits perfectly, in the dream they were too small). Justin said he needed Peter and I said I ned you too but what is your name, because I thought that Peter had a twin named Peter, so I asked him his name and asked is your name Peter too, is your middle name Harrison (it is in real life). There was a baby who had a red cut under his eyelids. I touched the cut to comfort the baby and then the baby turned into ash. The ash was black, not dark gray like ash usually is. I believe the baby turning into ash was a part of me dying. Later in the dream the baby was back but older and looked different, and didn't have the cut, so that was a part of me being reborn different. We all but Peter and the baby walked out the door to go to a high school and Peter stayed home (he's studying to become a teacher), and I called him "teacher-man" and said "It's teacher-man's turn to teach the baby" Peter didn't respond. Our mom wasn't there, but earlier in the dream my mom was there. I smelled garlic and wanted to eat breakfast. Jenny was angry and I was thinking about God. I was helping Jenny in some way in the beginning of the dream, I was eating bread and trying to show Jenny something.

      After writing this dream down, I fell back asleep and had a dream about dying and going to heaven. I was in a cathedral with a bunch of elderly folks and we were all about to die and wake up with a new body in heaven. Jesus was talking to me and healing me of the demonic voices that I heal. I was meditating laying in a bed, there was spiritual knowledge that I now forget in the dream (this is a recurring theme, having powerful, scary mystical dreams, in one my spirit was floating in white and then I fell into a new body on the grass/on my bed, and then later I was in a powerful eagle for two minutes and could see the eagle. Earlier in that dream I had a false wake up outside it was raining and I was crying, the rain was masking my tears. I was in an unfamiliar place but had the feeling that I knew where I was and started to walk home. God and the devil was in the dream.). I thought I would go to the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh after I died. (In real life I already died and now I will never die. My friend Ashley Shear also died and stayed on earth and told me, "If you think you died, you probably did" (this was in real life not a dream. God wanted her to tell me that, it was a part of His plan for me.). I had a lot of insight that is now lost and I was feeling at peace with myself and God and knew that the elderly people who were with me would start to grow younger soon.
    8. Night Terrors

      by , 03-19-2015 at 03:46 PM
      Had an intense nightmare after drinking mugwort tea. My spirit was flying in whiteness and there were weird sensations. I then collapsed on the ground and "woke up" but it was a false wake up. I was in grass or my bed I think. Later in the dream, I was on choir tour with my church, and I was in a store, and wanted to buy a violin. I walked around saw instruments asked a man about if they had a violin I could buy. I awoke to my mom and talked with her. I awoke outside in the cold by a tree and I was crying and happy and it was raining. I started to walk home I knew where I was, but I had never been there before. God and the devil was in the dream, and it was like I was dying and awakening to spiritual truths that made no sense to me, from evil spirits and I don't remember them anymore and am glad that I don't. At the end of the dream my mom was present but not visible and there was a fierce bird alive by me, it might have been an eagle, its eyes were fierce and it was awake and its wings were scary. Other things happened in the dream. I'm afraid to go back to sleep. It was intense but I forget most part of it, but the bird image (my mom has a bird, a cockateel, but this bird was definitely stronger, maybe an eagle) resonated for about a minute or two before I woke up. I was sort of inside the bird and the bird was all I could see. Strong but scary dream. Definitely a result of the mugwort. What do you think? Later in the night i had a dream where I was fishing illegally with a friend and caught a sick shark, it was blackish gray.
    9. Country Road

      by , 10-07-2014 at 05:49 PM
      I was in a car with a friend she was going to New York with a group and I had a journal from the same group from a different event and I realized I was dreaming when I saw Pittsburgh and I wanted to get out of the car I told her it was just a dream and then she disapeared and I was in the car alone it was moving forward on its own with no one driving it. I reached for the wheel and tried to drive. Then I was out of the car holding onto the reins of a dog and I saw a road that I thought led home it didn't though. Then I realized I didn't lock the car and I tried to go back half forgetting that it was a dream and the dog wouldn't cooperate and I couldn't let go of the dog and it was dark outside it was night. It was a long country road.
    10. Lucid Dream about martial arts and dance

      by , 10-03-2014 at 08:38 PM
      I had a lucid dream the night before 10/2/2014. Two nights in a row! (I already posted the one from last night). I was sitting with a old lady and then I suddenly grew old. This happened before in a dream so I knew it was a dream. Suddenly there were many dogs running around me and one wanted to play with me and I was petting it, chasing away my fear of dogs. Then I saw my friend Cody and a weird huge cat, and I ran after her and the cat. Many cats were there and they were playing with each other. I heard someone say "Cats play with each other. Sometimes they hurt each other but they play with each other." Then, someone was teaching a kid martial arts so I tried to teach front stance. Then everyone started to do ballet we were in a large auditorium. I was following along doing arabesques and other leg raises and positions and I asked to stay in the dream longer and then i had a false awakening because I expected to wake up and then I woke up for real and wrote it down.

      Before that dream I had a nightmare that a guy in a gang was attacking me and friends, and then a friend killed the attacker and then we were in a mental hospital and someone told him to tongue his pills and I said I would tongue them.
    11. Random dreams a couple nights ago

      by , 10-03-2014 at 09:44 AM
      1. I was in a car driving it and it started to flip over and go into the air. I was terrified. The car started to crunch around my body. I woke up.

      2. I dreamt that me and Peter and Jenny (my brother and sister) were secretly cultivating and taking care of a Mimosa Hostillis Root bark plant and Peter put a leaf of it under my eye and it stung my skin.. I cut off some leaves and hid it under some clothing. Then I craved water. (I don't remember that part but I wrote it down). I thought Peter knew how to extract DMT from Mimosa Hostillis Root bark. I saw Justin in Jenny's old room in the house my family lost, cuddling with a younger boy that might have been one of the students from my martial arts school. This was a dream within a dream I had a false awakening and told my mom (in the dream) about Peter knowing how to make DMT. I looked for the plant cuttings from the original dream and then I woke up for real.
    12. Dream Mall (Lucid dream)

      by , 10-03-2014 at 09:34 AM
      I dreamt I was writing down my lucid dream, and then I woke up and wrote it down.
      I was at a mall, and I was scared because I didn't know where I was, until I realized it was a dream. Before that, I was arguing with my mom about wanting to cook something, but she didn't want me to make a mess, and a man was talking to me about Jesus Christ. Then the man left, and I realized I didn't know where I was or how I got there, so I realized it was a dream. I went down an escalator. There were free energy drinks and I thought about drinking them but then I rejected them because I looked at the ingredients in one of them and they were strange chemicals that I didn't want to be in my body.

      Then I saw people doing capoeira and I walked to them and I was suddenly wearing white and I did capoeira with a young boy/young man. They weren't people I recognized but I told them that I used to do capoeira 3 years ago. Then I wanted to look for DMT.

      Then I saw a clothing store and wanted clothing. So I walked up a down escalator to strengthen my legs. I saw my friend Kirstin and talked to her and then I saw my friend and singing teacher Polly and her daughter Emma and she asked me to buy something for her when I told her I was going shopping. I prayed that the dream would be longer and that I wouldn't wake up yet. I walked into the store and I saw a pink bisquit and I really wanted to eat it because it would have 0 calories and I would taste it but it was only a dream so it wouldn't give me any real calories. I started spinning in the air and moving forward flying and I enjoyed spinning and flying. Then I woke up.

      In the dream I was going to steal, and when I woke up for real after the false wake up where I reflected on the dream and wrote it down, I realized I shouldn't steal in a dream. But in the dream, there was no concept of money at all, like it was in the beginning of my life when my mom was stealing clothing for me and I was twelve and it was normal to me and I just thought the clothes were free. In the dream, everything was free.

      New goal: eat desserts in dreams and taste it and not get the calories.
    13. I'm not a witch, I'm an angel

      by , 09-24-2014 at 02:21 PM
      I was dreaming about Harry Potter I was at Hogwarts and at one point I realized I must be dreaming and closed my eyes and reopened them. I kept telling everyone, "I'm not a witch, I'm an angel." I was with a group and we were on a high up roller coaster, it was terrifying. Then I separated myself from them after a female witch tried to talk to me and tried to get me to become a witch, but I lost her, and was outside and there was a staircase like the outdoor staircase in Pittsburgh, and someone said I'll find Damon for you because they thought I love him, but I said, "Aaron Dottle is my soulmate" and walked down the staircase and got away from them. I saw greenish purple round circular castles. I somehow found my friend Halley Katz and thought God said to the back of my mind, "Find someone you love". And me Halley and one other person smoked weed together in a dirt area under a bridge I think. One person smoked a joint and I smoked a bowl first I did it wrong put the bowl in my mouth then turned it around and smoked it right. I took two hits once with the lighter the first time it was already going so I didn't need to use the lighter. Then a person was trying to attack us. It was scary and there was much more to the dream I just forget about it. It was at the staircase that I became lucid, but I lost the lucidity later in the dream. I felt no affects from the weed, because I woke up right after smoking it.
    14. Gymnastics practice

      by , 09-22-2014 at 06:51 PM
      I was in Pittsburgh and I don't live there anymore, so I knew I was in a dream. I was playing a video game and taking a test to see if I have any mental health problems, and my brother Peter was there, and I realized I was dreaming. I found my mom and dad they were together (in real life they're divorced), and I was scared for my health because i was asleep and knew I was dreaming, and they wrote something down on a piece of paper and told me to take a cab to a hospital. Suddenly I was outside, and I remembered to ask myself, Am I still dreaming? Yes was the answer. So I decided to practice my back flip. In real life I land kind of on my knees when I do it without a spotter, and on my feet bent legs but my hands reach out and touch the ground when I do it with a spotter. At first I couldnt do it, but then I managed to do a back flip, and I landed on my feet and then fell back down to the ground and hit my head, and I tried to sit up and stand up but I couldn't, all I could do was lift my head up off the ground. But I knew it was just a dream and I woke up soon after that, but still it left me afraid that doing a back tuck in real life would leave me paralyzed for life. I know in heaven Jesus would heal me and that this dream was just a warning to be careful and to only do it on a big soft mat or into a foam pit and with a spotter.
      lucid , nightmare
    15. The travelers

      by , 09-19-2014 at 05:59 PM
      A group of traveling weird people invited me to ride with them on their caravan and talked with me. They gave me a peanut butter powder and I told them that I hate peanut butter. After the ride was over they made really good food for me. Later, a man tried to kidnap me. In the dream a blind man wanted to marry me and he tried to kidnap me , and my brother Peter protected me from him we were running and the blind man was chasing me. I was wearing a green dress and looking in a mirror and running around and I found my mom and brother Peter and we were on an ice-covered lake and I did a double or single (I dont remember) toe loop jump I was wearing ice skates (I want to be a figure skater) and almost bumped into someone, and then when we went off the ice Peter was gone so we (me and my mom) were looking for him, and it turned out he was under some rocks or logs and he was sopping wet and drowning, and I wanted to help him get out but then the dream morphed to a place where I was wearing a bra that was way to small on me and asking my mom for the dress that I was wearing earlier. There was a lot of weird things going on good and bad, but I forgot them, so I'll let go of this dream it was both good and bad I woke up from it at 5:20 am.

      Later I had a dream that I was at a gymnastics class the teacher was spotting me doing back handsprings and front handsprings but we were in water. After I got out of the water I looked for the big mat that my martial arts school has and when I couldnt find it someone said that someone took it to their house for the summer, so I did front handsprings and back handsprings without a spotter, but at one point I was frozen and couldnt do a back handspring, but I could do a front handspring (usually I can only do them with a spotter, I have only had 2 gymnastics classes).
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