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    1. Space Feeling

      by , 03-15-2018 at 10:28 PM
      I felt like my physical body was all the space surrounding my body and it was firmly pressing against the outside of my actual body, which felt like a hollowed out shape in the center of the surrounding space. I couldn't breathe because I didn't have lungs. The space felt very solid like a rock wall and my actual body felt like a space carved into the middle of the rock.
    2. The First Bit of Lucidity in a While

      by , 08-13-2017 at 10:57 AM
      Fluffy cats are curling up together on the other side of a wooden fence while my boyfriend and I watch. The man who owns the land gives a signal and many animals start to run around the yard, including a gray horse and a brown horse. A young man tells me that his dog has been over there for a while now. All the lost animals like to congregate in the man's yard for some reason but my cat is not there.

      My parents have driven all the way to Colorado and are in the process of buying a house here that is not far from my apartment. The house is currently a house and a restaurant and the people are still there serving breakfast. My parents are wanting me to move in there. I start to walk back to my apartment using Google Maps but I get lost anyway. I wander through a warehouse with trucks and truck parts in it and I wander through a school and I wash some dishes in the park and other strange stuff happens and I become lucid. I want to jump off a balcony but am afraid I may have awoken. It's night and the stars are sparkling and really pretty so I try to fly to them by flapping my arms. I'm really high up but not into the starts yet so I try to get there by flying up on top of a nearby building first. I can't get to the building and then next I am no longer outside, but am inside my parents' former house banging my head against the ceiling because I am still trying to get to the stars. I am afraid I will wake up my parents so I stop and start trying to walk back to my apartment.

      I've lost lucidity and am lost still. I accidentally walk through portal things that transform me into cartoon animals so I change my path but end up back at the house my parents are buying in Colorado. I lost my cat somewhere along the way but I call his name and he is running back to me now.

      I am at my apartment on the balcony. A man says he is chopping down a tree and needs to get on my balcony. He climbs on the balcony. Then a bunch of neighbors are on the balcony and two men are fighting while the other neighbors watch. An old woman tries to discourage them from fighting. Another is chanting "Fight, fight." My boyfriend cracks open the door and tells everyone to come to the front door if they need anything and to never climb onto the balcony again.
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    3. Disappointment at the Library

      by , 05-31-2017 at 02:42 PM
      I was in a library. I found the book I wanted to read which had a title beginning with Z. There were also alcoholic beverages on the bookshelves. I chose a bottle labeled Heineken but it was clear liquid in a clear bottle so it actually looked like vodka. I was carrying my book and beer to the counter to checkout when a female librarian snatched the book from my hand for some reason. I think the reason was that the book was in the process of being banned from libraries and was inadvertently left on the shelf. I was wanting to drink my beer and read the book at the same time so the beer without the book was useless so I put it back on the shelf and left the library disappointed.
      Tags: beer, book, library
    4. Lost Library Books

      by , 07-02-2016 at 04:21 AM
      I accidentally dropped two library books into the ocean. Actually one was accidentally kicked in by my niece and I tried to catch it but couldn't. I was on a large ship in the middle of the ocean and I was afraid that the water was too deep for me to retrieve them. I was worried about how I was going to return the library books.
    5. Riding Motorcycles

      by , 06-04-2016 at 03:22 AM
      My mom, another person, and I were driving motor cycles around town. Mine was neon green and black. The other's were yellow and black and orange and black. My mom rode on the back wheel all the way up the road. We were all going kind of fast. We did a short loop around town before we got back. I was relieved because I had't driven a motorcycle before and didn't know how to drive it very well.
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    6. Run-down Carnival

      by , 05-23-2016 at 04:07 AM
      I traveled to a run-down, abandoned carnival/amusement park type of place with my mom. We sat at a table and talked. Two stray shih tzus, one male and one female came out of the ruins where they lived. There were some flowers growing nearby.

      Then a fragment of seeing an opened half package of antacid tablets laying on the floor that I thought I needed to pick up so Kitty couldn't eat them.
    7. Chatting in Class and Mutated Fish Infection

      by , 05-22-2016 at 03:25 AM
      I was in a college class with a dream character who reminded me of a guy who borrowed my skimboard at the beach several years ago IWL. We were chatting like we were friends and then partnered up for an assignment where we had to draw pictures of our life. He drew a bunch of cats and it reminded me of the artwork from the chapter Dream of a Thousand Cats in the comic book I am reading. And then I had this idea like he should draw a picture of an Oscar statue-like cat holding a miniature human Oscar statue human in its paws. I tried to draw a kayak on my paper.

      Then there was a dream where there were humans being infected by an infection that was spreading from some mutated fish. The fish were light and dark brown, striped, and had spikes on their backs. Some had also grown legs and long tails and were beginning to walk out of the water, through which the infection was spreading to humans. My family had taken refuge in a bunker but the fish were trying to crawl in. Some dream character was chopping at the thing with a machete, saying it won't hurt them but will just hinder them from crossing the line into the human living quarters. And the thing turned into white rows of separate blocks but kept on crawling before it turned into a white bird and flew away.
    8. Pho at McDonalds

      by , 05-16-2016 at 04:13 PM
      It was late at night and I went with my parents to McDonalds. I ordered pho because I didn't want to eat a burger. I was hoping that the pho would be good there. The packet of chopsticks had one red, one blue, and one yellow. I woke up before I got to try any of the pho.
      Tags: mcdonalds, pho
    9. Suspicious Incident

      by , 04-28-2016 at 01:48 AM
      I was in a library of a university/hospital hybrid, maybe the medical sciences part of a university campus, checking out some books. When I walked to the car the hubcaps were all missing and the hood was up with most of the parts missing from under the hood. Some stuff had been stolen from inside the car too but I saw my cell phone in the back seat and picked it up. Then a guy showed up who was the one who did it. He chased me until I got away from him by running back inside. Then I walked into a hospital room where a girl threatened to torture me so I hit her in the head with a chair. She was either knocked unconscious or dead and I went back outside the building and tried to call my boyfriend. A different guy answered the phone and said my boyfriend had just went into the party. But then I became suspicious that my boyfriend's phone had been stolen and that it was connected to the car incident so I was scared. At that point I realized that my wireless mouse was functioning as a cell phone. I ran up six flights of stairs to get to the top floor of the building where I thought I would be safe from people trying to attack me, but I wasn't sure I was safe there so I decided to run back to the car. I was really scared and I hoped that I was only dreaming but thought I definitely wasn't when I glimpsed the girl still knocked out in her hospital room. On the way to the car I was carrying blankets and I dropped a bottle of laundry detergent but realized I didn't have my library books and was worried that I had lost them. When I saw the car, the hubcaps were there and the hood was down. I got in and cranked it up and it was working.
    10. Liquor Store

      by , 04-22-2016 at 02:02 PM
      I was walking through the liquor store with my boyfriend when two guys from my Hinduism class I took the last semester I was in college walked by. They started talking to my boyfriend. I didn't know they knew each other. That was unexpected. While they talked I walked through looking at the liquor. I didn't see any that I wanted so I quickly walked out. My boyfriend and the guys thought I had heard them say something offensive so they sent me an email e-card with caricatures of the three of them talking as consolation.
    11. Skimboarding at the Beach

      by , 02-29-2016 at 08:32 AM
      I went to the beach with two women who were my friends. We found a spot where there weren't any people and decided to put our beach towels up on a sand dune where the water wouldn't get to them. The dune was a place we had been to before. We called it cricket hill because on top of it there was some grass where some crickets lived. They would always be chirping. There was an abandoned wooden skimboard lying near the water. I started skimming parallel to the shore until I got near some people then I ran back the other way. The other two women were just sitting on their beach towels on the sand dune.
    12. Demon Possessed Corpses

      by , 02-10-2016 at 01:20 AM
      There was a battle between humans and demon-possessed human corpses. After fighting off the demons in a few locations, me and the crowd of people I was with settled into a large house near the coast that faced an inlet. There were only a few of the demons roaming around there. I had no weapons and could not fight the demons so I would close the door of the house to keep the demons out. I was very scared of them.

      I don't remember the exact moment I became lucid but I had frequently been taking trips to the locations where the demons had been conquered. I had been flying to the locations and then hovering around trying to find out what was going on with the demons, why they were invading and why there were so many of them. I eventually realized I was dreaming because of the flying and floating. Even though I realized I was dreaming, I was still caught up in the story of the dream and worried that my body was sleeping in a place where I was vulnerable to demons. I took a couple flights through the sky but mostly hovered and levitated around the house, showing the other people, including my parents. My parents did not like it, but a teenage girl did like it and was very excited to tell her mom. None of the other dream characters could fly.

      Some of my flying attempts were unsuccessful and I would jump up and gently land on the floor. I had to maintain a relaxed concentration to hover or fly well. I was so excited about being able to fly because the demons in their corpse bodies could not fly so it was the perfect way to avoid them. I also thought I might use powers like shooting energy out of my hands to fight the demons. I did eventually realize that since I was dreaming there weren't really any demons, and that was kind of disappointing. At times the dream became so ordinary, just me being inside the house with the other people, that I had to convince myself that I was still dreaming. I did so my telling myself that if I weren't dreaming anymore I would have remembered waking up, and I hadn't remembered waking up, so that is how I knew I was still dreaming. Then I just looked around at how real everything looked.

      I eventually lost lucidity and the dream continued until I woke up.
    13. Strange Recreation Center

      by , 01-22-2016 at 06:53 PM
      I was at a park with one of my second cousins (who I haven't seen in over a decade). My mom was there too. We built a brick kiln and were planning on putting some silver dumbells into it. And I was like we've done that before, a long time ago. Then me and my cousin started doing bicep curls. I had some one pound weights and he had two pound weights and it seemed silly because the weights were so light and I dropped one of mine and didn't even notice and I kept on doing bicep curls.

      Then I was on what was supposed to be monkey bars with a boy around maybe 12 or 13. But the monkey bars were more like metal trees lined up side by side, and too high off the ground. We were climbing across and it was difficult. The boy slipped and almost fell off and I am like "Are you ok?" He was ok. And after we got across I told my mom those were dangerous and would not work, because she was planning on letting her 50 and 60 year old women friends use them for exercise.

      Then I went into the women's bathroom in the recreation building and all the stalls had either trapdoors, cabinets, or furniture and I thought there were too many hiding places in there where someone could peek at me so I went into the men's bathroom where there were just two plain stalls but then I left the stall door open and the bathroom door open and could see into the rest of the building. As I came out of the bathroom there was a janitor, a skinny man with messy gray hair, pushing a cart of cleaning supplies toward the bathroom and I thought I got out of there just in time.
    14. Conversation and a Trip

      by , 01-21-2016 at 04:36 AM
      In the first dream I remember a new guy moved in who was a newly enrolled student of the nearby university. The apartment building had only one story instead of two. As he walked out he door I offered to help him carry stuff to the dumpster. I thought I would give him good advice about college but instead I just talked a lot about dumpsters and gave him stupid advice about dumpsters like "If you get to the dumpster and it is full, just empty out the stuff, put it on the ground, and put your stuff in." Then after I went back into my apartment I felt stupid for talking so much about dumpsters.

      Then there was a fragment of me with my dad waiting in line at a store.

      Then I had a dream about talking with an old friend. I don't know exactly who he was but in the dream he had been my former friend. We were listening to Pandora radio, which was playing mostly rock songs. My friend said the title at the beginning of several consecutive songs and would be like "Yea I like this one." He was would write stuff down every once in a while, maybe song lyrics, and I said something like "Are you taking down notes about life?" While I was talking to this guy, there seemed to be a former girl friend of mine telepathically communicating with me, telling me about the love between her and her boyfriend. I said out loud to the guy, "Yea. I know him." And the guy responded normally like he was the girl talking about her boyfriend but it was my guy friend.

      Then I was on a trip with my boyfriend, his brother, and a girl. My boyfriend's brother was driving, in some kind of large truck. We had been driving for over a hour when we realized a piece of the truck was missing, a black plastic vent like thing that fit into a hole below the right rear view mirror. Although it didn't seem like a necessary part of the truck, my boyfriend's brother seemed disgruntled as he turned back to go get the missing part for the truck.
    15. Six Dreams

      by , 01-16-2016 at 03:09 AM
      I had put on waterproof mascara and I tried to wash it off in the shower but it didn't come off so I started rubbing my face with my hands. The mascara smeared onto my chest until it was solid black. My boyfriend was wanting to leave then so I just put on my jacket and left with the mascara still all over my chest.

      I was on a field trip and the professor said it was free time to go do whatever we wanted to. I went into a discount store and saw some stuff in there that I thought my mom had made. My mom unexpectedly showed up. She was at least two hours away from home. We walked around the store together and talked some. We went into another store. I vaguely remember shopping in a thrift store and picking up some items but I don't think I bought anything.

      I had a dream about being in a college classroom but I don't remember much else about that one.

      Then I was doing an assignment in a grocery store where I had to write stuff about the items in the store. I didn't fully understand what the assignment directions were but I think I had to write about 100 items. I was having trouble doing the assignment because I didn't understand and didn't know what to write. I was thinking I had to write about every item in the store. I wrote about some tableware. I wrote something like "Rich people can set their table with different dishes every day because they have so many different sets." All of the things I wrote about had something to do with rich and poor people. I thought that I would write that poor people use ketchup to add calories to their diets. I couldn't figure out what to write about potatoes. I was going to write poor people eat a lot of potatoes because they are cheap but then I thought that rich people might eat a lot of potatoes too so that is an example of why I was having trouble doing the assignment.

      Later I was in a car with some girls and they were talking about how the assignment was so easy. I didn't have time to finish my assignment but then I realized that I wasn't even in college anymore so the assignment didn't matter. I went into a store with the girls and we saw a semicircle shaped trampoline with a canopy over it. I was wondering if people could have sex under there without anyone seeing. Apparently the other girls were wondering the same thing because they urged me and another girl to pretend we were having sex under there so we did. The other girls looked from outside the canopy and were like "No, it looks like people are having sex under there." Then the girl I pretended to have sex with started talking about how she needs plastic surgery and the other girls said "No you don't." She had short blonde hair and the makeup she wore did make her look pretty though she had a mannish looking jaw.

      Then I knocked on some Asian's guys office door because I needed to talk to him but he said he had to leave and he left. Then a white girl with long wavy blonde hair came and wanted to talk to me and insistently asked me if there was a room available where we could talk so finally I opened the Asian guy's office door and said we could talk in there. She started talking to me about stuff. The Asian guy came back but was embarrassed and walked away because he thought we were doing something weird. I told the other girl to hurry and go get him because I needed to talk to him. The girl told him and he said he will come back later. Then an Asian girl with part of her hair up in a ponytail and part down walks in and starts talking to me. I try to listen to her but the white girl is still talking to me and is mad that I interrupted the conversation. The Asian girl is mad because I am not fully listening to her. I am looking weird trying to keep one eye on each of them and listen to them both at the same time. I stop them both to ask each of them to repeat what they said. They were both talking about the same thing, the cancer fundraiser. Then the Asian guy comes back and we all start talking about the fundraiser together because we are all part of some committee to lead the fundraiser. Part of the fundraiser involves trading a secret for a donation. The most popular secret to give away is what table you are sitting at because the college students want an opportunity to network with the people who are in charge of the fundraiser. One of the girls wrote down her table number on a form. I said I didn't have any secrets and I didn't want to give away my table number because I don't like to talk and I want to sit at a table by myself and if anyone sits at my table I am not going to say a single word. Then I put my hand over my mouth. The Asian guy laughed at me but I was thinking that no college student would benefit from networking with me because I don't know anyone and am not part of any network. This was a continuation of some dream I must have forgotten because I remembered the table number thing from a dream I had before.

      And somewhere in there among these other dreams, I had a common dream that I have been having lately, which is camping in a camper with my family members, this time including my parents, brother, his wife, and my two nieces. One thing I remember was my younger niece showing us how their camper was stocked with canned foods.

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