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    Kerouac would be proud.

    6 microchips.

    by , 06-17-2010 at 05:44 PM (793 Views)
    Potentially inspired by that episode of NCIS where the undercover FBI agent attempts to sell the satellite missile targeting system to some arms dealer.

    I had to assemble some type of operating system. The man (dunno who) told me that the information was stored on six microSD chips (however, they were much, much smaller than usual microSD chips. They were a bit smaller than the size of an average 4th finger nail). I had five of them, but could not find the sixth one. I later discovered that it was in the apple I was eating. I pulled it from the apple, and assembled the six on the desk that I was sitting on. I had the idea to load them into a computer (I am currently in "my school's" computer lab, however, in real life I had never been in a building like this before) and then copy the information to a flash drive that I had in my pocket. However, I was worried that others would see this and that I could potentially get into trouble.

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