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    1. False RCs

      by , 11-16-2014 at 09:08 PM
      In reality, I have stopped smoking cigarette since June 17th, 2014.

      In some of my dreams lately, I'm smoking and it's always a trigger to try and become lucid, but last night I couldn't convince myself that I was dreaming despite reality checks. I don't remember all of the reality checks that I did, but I know I tried looking at my hands and at the time and at my phone and surroundings and felt convinced I was not dreaming. I may have even tried plugging my nose, all I remember is that nothing I tried worked to convince myself I was dreaming. Yet I was dreaming.

      Maybe I just need to learn some more effective Reality Checks
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    2. Obtaining lottery Numbers while Lucid

      by , 05-29-2013 at 06:44 AM
      I have continuously been trying to pull winning lottery numbers from a lucid dream. I can say that I came very close!
      In my dream I was driving and there was a huge billboard that had the winning lottery numbers displayed on it. As soon as I drove past the billboard I remembered "oh yea, I'm dreaming- I should turn around and be sure to remember those numbers"
      Only to find that when I turned around, the billboard was plain white and the dream would not show me the numbers again!
      Oh well.. I'll keep trying
    3. Shared Dream?

      by , 06-04-2011 at 06:51 AM
      I have a friend in reality that i'm pretty close with and we often talk about our dreams with eachother. One night she told me sometimes she has dreams where she's driving through the woods, not scared or alarmed in anyway, not on a dirt path through some trees.. just driving straight through the woods. And i realized that a few nights prior to our conversation i had a dream that i was in the car with her, and we weren't talking to eachother in the dream, but i remember looking around and we were driving through the woods. I could tell just by watching her drive in the dream that there was no reason to be alarmed, even though we were starting to go pretty fast and at points we were going airborne when she'd go over large hills or mounds.

      I knew we had to have had the same dream because she described everything exactly as i remembered in the dream; she even mentioned a point where we were completly free falling, like we had drove off a cliff, but we weren't falling fast, and when we hit the bottom, it wasn't a hard thud, it was like we drifted down slowly and landed softly on the bottom..

      I've never had someone else describe a dream i felt, so well. The only thing was, she said she didn't remember me being in the dream.. and we had discovered we both had the dream the same night (a few days before we talked about it) maybe she didn't know i was there in the dream because we didn't speak.. i didn't make myself known, i was simply along for the ride i guess and i just watched..

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    4. Contacting a spirit while lucid

      by , 07-13-2010 at 03:38 PM
      In reality, my radio keeps going off for no reason, and i have took into the consideration that it may be some sort of spirit or something trying to tell me something.. In my next lucid dream i was going to ask who keeps turning my radio on for no reason; I was only asleep for 2 hours before i went lucid. here's how the dream went:

      i was at my old house that i haven't lived in 5 years and was playing w/ my cellphone (i have an LG slider phone w/ the full keyboard) and i was trying to slide it open and closed, but it was like falling apart and wouldn't slide right; then i remembered that electronics don't work well in dreams and i gained lucidity; I remembered my goal and asked outloud "who has been turning my radio on?" all of a sudden my phone rang in the dream, and there was a Hispanic woman on the other end crying. She was crying so hard, and her accent was thick it was hard to understand her.

      I asked what her name was, and it sounded like she said "Linda Gomez" but i couldn't understand for sure her last name because of her accent. I asked her how to spell it, and all of a sudden i heard a mans voice say "this gesture is not allowed" and then i started hearing different frequencies of voices, it sounded like there were 5 people talking, and maybe even some music playing. Then the radio in my dream went off for no reason, and it was playing a heavy metal song that said something like "while the bodies are all burning" and i tried to change the station, but no matter what station i changed it to, it kept playing the same song so i unplugged it.
      Then i started having false awakenings of waking up and writing this down and calling a friend to tell them about it.

      The dream started to break up a little, because i thought i was awake in reality, but really i wasn't. I remember waking up (in my dream) and going to my parents room to tell them the disturbing encounter; my parents were having some sort of party in their room w/ glowsticks, and my dad offered me a glowstick as a nightlight, but the light in it was faded.

      i went back to my room in the dream, and felt a body fall on me, there was a weight holding me down on the bed, but no one was there. When the weight lifted, i saw a man leaving my room about in his early 20's i thought i recognized him but couldn't think of his name. i started to wake a little in reality but was experiencing some sleep paralysis. when i could finally move my body again, i wrote down the dream in reality and called my friend, who happened to have their phone on them at 3 in the morning and they calmed me down. i fell back asleep and don't remember my dream after that.
    5. Hotel

      by , 07-03-2010 at 04:21 AM
      i just remember seeing a girl in my dream i actually haven't seen in about 7 or 8 years, so i knew i was dreaming but didn't do anything about it i just let the dream take it's course. and the only other thing i remember was being in this huge hotel, and the lobby was like a huge swimming pool.
      i tried setting hourly alarms on my phone to make a beep every hour, hoping that if i heard it, it would remind me to go lucid. but it didn't work and i ended up sleeping for almost 12 hours.
      i woke up after 1 alarm, and remembered to try not to move and just recall the dream, but i laid so stiff that i just fell back asleep and didn't write anything down! ugh. well hopefully better luck tonight.
    6. riding a "pheonix"

      by , 06-18-2010 at 04:21 AM
      In my dream i was laying on my garage roof, just hanging out.. which is odd because in reality i have never been on my garage roof lol and i was looking down at the front yard, when i seen a huge bird type thing.. Its not a real creature in reality, it looked something like 'buckbeak' from the harry potter movie only it didn't have horse legs, it just had 2 legs, and talons. It reminded me of a pheonix, but had a shorter neck and was fury, not really feathery
      It looked right at me. It was goldish brown with yellow spots by it's neck and it had gold colored eyes. It knelt down, and lowered itself like it wanted me climb on it's back or something.
      At this point i knew i was dreaming, and thought 'eh what the heck, i'll ride it'
      So i got on it's back and, right where shoulder blades would be (on a bird i guess) there were pouches, like kangaroo pouches that i had to put my arms in to hold on (instead of any reins or anything) and i remember flying up really high..
      don't remember much after that, but i think i will definitly remember this dream for several years, it was so vivid; and random.

      I attached some pictures of what the bird kind of looked like (looked a lot like this bird from harry potter, only it it only had 2 legs.)
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    7. Sinister Wolves

      by , 06-16-2010 at 04:36 AM
      I've had a few dreams about rough looking wolves that bare their teeth at me. I've been studying lucid dreams for over 5 years now, and it even astonishes me to say that i still learn new things about it and learn new ideas/things you can do in the unconscious realm. I really want to have another lucid dream but it seems the harder i try, the further it gets from my grasp.

      A few nights ago i had a dream that i was in the woods somewhere on a cliff, by water. i had a slight sense of lucidity but felt i had to reach a destination via one of these paths through the woods. And there were soo many trees, i remembered they looked thin, stringy and very tall. I was running down a path and there was this sort of cave that seemed to lead to a whole nother set of secret paths. I went into the cave and encountered a wolf, it bared its teeth at me. I thought about how it might hurt to get bit by it, and i felt threatened, i was eating one of those push-up suckers (don't know where that came from, haven't even seen those in a while) and i let the wolf smell it, then i threw it as if to distract it so that i could continue on the path.

      I did some research [The Illustrated Dream Dictionary by: pamela ball] and it says that 'dreaming of any threat from sinister animals indicates fears and doubts the dreamer has over the ability to cope with the stirrings of the unconscious'
      wow... that suites because i am a little afraid of what i might learn/ come to face in the unconsciousness.

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    8. False awakening

      by , 06-16-2010 at 04:10 AM
      I woke up at (in reality) at around 5am so that i could pay for my bf's gas for work, went back to bed shortly after. I had to be to work for 8am. Then my dream started..
      The only thing i really remember is waking up (in the dream) and looking at my phone, and it was like 9am already and i was like #*$! wait no... this is a dream... this has to be a dream, i never heard my alarm go off.. looked at my phone again and it still said it was after 9 am. in my dream i called my boss appologizing, i knew it was really bad that i missed because in reality i risk getting fired if im late one more time.. It just sucks that in my dream i was so certain i was dreaming, and i even double checked my phone and it still clearly showed i was late.
      I thought it dreams we can't see numbers or clocks clearly, that they should look distorted. I even felt a bit of depression because this dream felt soo real, and was so vivid.. it was like i was in the future in another demension...

      Thankfully i woke up for real and i still had time to get to work.
      false awakening