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    Bird Taxi

    by , 12-15-2016 at 12:17 PM (396 Views)
    I was some Kirby-like figure returning to a city. The tyrannical ruler and my arch-rival met me at its outskirt, on a cliff overseeing the city. He was apparently deposed, but the new ruler was even worse than him, and he's explaining things to me wanting me to help him get his throne back. Someone who I assume is my friend showed up and he and the tyrant had a huge row about something before they wondered where I went. At this point I realized I was looking at them in third person because the tyrant accidentally pushed me off the cliff.

    I was caught by a flying bird-like creature. By "bird-like" I don't mean a giant eagle or that sort of thing. It proabbly doesn't even have wings. It's a chick-shaped marshmallow-like blob that levitates around and kind of looks like a chick-shaped chicken nugget. I opened my iPad and tried to go on a site for the bird taxi because apparently the nugget-chick has Wi-Fi, but I was not able to find the site and so I talked to the bird instead. I told it to land down on a place I knew in the city and follow me on foot for a bit and then I'll pay my fare. Apparently, I did this to surprise some old friends, but when I landed on the street, the coffee shop my friends frequented was closed and nobody was there, which I found eerie. I then decided to go to a noodle shop owned by a kindly old lady I know, but while it is open, I don't see her around. I asked the person running the shop where she went, but I woke up before I got an answer.

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    Tags: ipad
    non-lucid , dream fragment