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    Choose Your Own Atrocity

    by , 10-24-2016 at 08:37 AM (246 Views)
    Me and another person were in a car. We were both preteens, and we were on our way to pull a heist or something of the sort. We were stopped by an elderly policeman because I was an underage driver. I saw myself having options on how to deal with the situation. I felt like I have been here before and picked the option to trick the policeman and escape. I also saw an option to beat him up with a blunt object. I decided to pick the latter out of curiosity. I hit him several times as he got more and more agitated and didn't see fazed by being hit, but he finally collapsed, although he didn't suffer any physical damage. I felt bad so we hauled him to the hospital.

    The doctor thought we were just helpful kids. LIttle did she know that I caused this. She said that the man had suffered a stroke. So I suppose he didn't get hurt at all from being hit. Jeez, who's this guy, old Superman?

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