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    Fraternizing with the Enemies

    by , 10-25-2016 at 06:15 PM (205 Views)
    I was Roy Greenhilt, from Order of the Stick. I was being interrogated by Redcloak, who had put me on a circle. With each push of the button more spikes protrude from it, around me, like I'm on a knife throwing wheel except the knives come from the back. He seemed unwilling to actually hurt me, though. I didn't actually know the answer he wanted and I convinced him that. Someone I also talked him into letting me go. We left what appeared to be a Mayan pyramid.

    My dream transitioned to me in a library. It was a small library. Supposedly I am in my accommodation's library (I was trying to contact the librarian in WL) but the surrounding suggested that I was in my elementary boarding school.

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