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    The Lucid Class

    by , 10-03-2012 at 08:24 AM (615 Views)
    I'm on vacation and that's why I have been ignoring lucid dreaming, but this dream is just way too good.

    I have no idea how I became lucid in the first place, it seems I'm in one of those prep session in my boarding house. The others knew instantly I became lucid, and it distorted to some kind of lucid dreaming class. I did a lot of RCs, but I realized later when I woke up that I forgot to stabilize. I can't remember much of the details because again I'm on my vacation and I don't feel like stressing myself to recall all the minutest details. I managed to fly, and the dream distorted to some sandbox game for a while and stuffs. I talked to my friend that if I can't improve my dream control maybe I should study from Darth Vader.

    That's like the ultimate evidence I lost lucidity.

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