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    Parkour Fail

    by , 12-29-2012 at 08:16 AM (440 Views)
    I think Iíve had this dream two weeks ago or something, but frankly I canít remember shitall and I just canít stand the thought of procrastinating on my dream journal any more. I want to end my self-inflicted dream break that went longer than expected and now I canít recall anything.

    It was a dream fragment, somehow Iím in front of my old schoolís indoor stadium and there is this tree with something (I forgot) perched on it. My mom was with me. I had a shotgun and I tried to shot it but the shotgun flew over onto the top of the building from the knockback. I climbed up and started jumping with ridiculous strength and grace and tried to run on the wall to grab the gun, but I timed my jump wrong and fell off the building.

    Spoiler for Things I should work on:

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