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    A long day in Texas

    by , 08-18-2012 at 03:03 PM (802 Views)
    A dream I had this morning (18 August 2012) - much vivid detail.

    I was finally on TV. Not sure how it happened, but it was a 6:00 - 6:30 pm segment for children, in which I appeared in the same manner as in a YouTube video discussing the longest words in several languages.

    If you message me, I'll send you the link - unless I actually become too famous and you'll know right away.

    My Facebook friend, initials DL, was on the program as well. Later, I remember talking to him on Facebook about how he saw me on the program, too!

    Cut. Something about a beer store.

    How did they get my video, anyway? This other kid was one year younger than me, but this appeared to be some kind of educational program, as the credits rolled in, displaying our names, and that of one other teletubby-like creature.

    It gave out the following messages...


    This was strange for several reasons. First, they spelled out a nonexistent word: udd. Perhaps they meant "odd"? They couldn't have meant the same word for both of us, considering D and L are on opposite sides of the keyboard, I thought.

    Wait a minute. Does this mean they wanted me to die young?

    Or perhaps, die young as late as possible?

    I bent down and ate my soup. I thought about that valedictorian speech that I had long prepared, but never got to speak in front of an audience.

    Sometime later, I go to bed. The same teletubby-like creatures that hosted the show were now anthropomorphic talking animals that sat on the right of a ledge and bookshelf in the corner of my room. They were discussing a most unusual subject as I proceded to sleep.

    They were talking about what happens when somebody's testicles get twisted and "suffocate".

    "So, a new female is created?!"

    Somewhere in the voices was a hint of judgement and contempt. I thought that if I discussed a so-called 'nutshot fetish' I had with the producers of the show, they'd be upset. They were part of Family Studios, which was a spin-off affiliate program of a North American charity very similar to Focus on the Family. Both programs were very pro-life, conservative, and anti-LGBT rights.

    As I was thinking about, or perhaps actually did, write about my experience on a somewhat-gay Facebook forum, the transwoman wrote back something neither demeaning nor incredibly strange. However, my instant thought or response was, "you broke me", an attribute that I couldn't have thought possible for a transsexual person, whoever he/she was.

    Later, I was watching the news, or maybe being part of it. A huge storm had stirred up sand storms and haboobs in Texas, A facade of a cattle ranch being "roughed up" appeared. On the news, they said the ex-storm (or ex-low, or something like ex-nor-easter) had made its way to Japan.

    This had never happened before, but this year, this was the third time. I thought, how could a storm track that way, if it was moving the "opposite" to a regular storm?

    Most storms would track from Japan eastward toward Oregon, then sink south toward Texas. If this storm was heading the other way, it must be over the Arctic.

    Perhaps it was 2012. Or maybe the physical year didn't exist, as the dream state was on a floating timeline.

    The news then reported that, after recently 100 young boys had suddenly gone missing in Texas, most of them were found alive. The families, and the communities, were praying for the safe return of the rest.

    The next segment featured a part about the abortion controversy. It showed a woman with brown tape over her stomach area, the commentor saying, "the crosses heal the wounds of young women who were photographed having an abortion in the woods".

    Previously, there was a case where a pro-life activist photographed the aborted fetus of a woman who had aborted her child secretly in the woods. This time, women all over the country who were not pregnant were wearing this brown tape. Any time a photographer passed over, they were instructed to openly state they were not pregnant, and question what the hell the photographer was doing there.

    And they did. The photographers were apprehended by police and security, and taken away.

    As both a Liberal Christian and a Christian Liberal who was often pro-life but in major cases also pro-choice, I was torn about this segment. First, I thought, "were these crosses false prophets"?

    My mind then wandered over to a kitchen when I was five years old, but that was a facade again. I thought about pro-life protesters in the streets, and what was to become of them.

    I remembered a certain video on Godvine about how anti-abortion protesters convinced a mother not to abort her baby. Would these now be a thing of the past? Would pro-choice people now try to convince teen pregnancies to abort rather than say, seek adoption?

    I asked somebody, "would there still be anti-abortion protests? Or are those protected indefinitely under the constitution?"

    On the pro-choice side, why were these photographers mobilizing in the first place? Perhaps they were agents of a new Romney-Ryan administration that opposed planned parenthood?

    I personally supported the rights of the women who were violated. What about people who needed an abortion to save the life of the mother and then were violated as they were filmed, filed and reported?

    Browsing through my Twitter, I saw that Pastor Terry Jones was following me. I doubted whether I should follow back, as this was apparently the pastor who had led the Qu'ran burning controversy at the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida.

    I wake up at 4:43 am. Proceding to write these down now, and after another half hour I fall asleep again.

    I remember nothing about what happened.

    Sleeping again from about 8:15 - 9:15 am.

    Only remember the ending this time. George Shrinks was on a mission somewhere, and saved a girl on the sub-11th floor of a basement. Flying in his Zoopercar, he stages a show.

    His mom is holding a secret egg. However, she wears it on a fake turban-like mummified head gear, which George then unravels and pulls out the egg.

    The contents turn out to be a prize. Apparently, a group was awarding us more than $8.26 million for defending gay rights.


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