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    1. Finally another Lucid!

      by , 08-28-2010 at 08:56 AM
      This is my first time posting on this new blog thing since I took a break from DV for a while. I finally had a lucid while I was at my friend's house the other day. It's been a couple of days, so I don't remember what happened in the non lucid part because I didn't have a DJ to write in.

      *A bunch of non lucid dreams here*

      I am with my friend and we are in his room. I can slightly sense I am dreaming. This lucidity is weak. There is a small part of me that knows I am dreaming, but there is still some doubt. The fact that I didn't even thinking of stabilizing proves this. There comes a point where I needed to pay for something, and I knew I had only a couple of dollars with me. So when I'm reaching into my pocket, I imagine myself pulling out a lot of money. When I pull out the money, it works, and I have a nice wad of 100 dollar bills. Sweet I tell myself. I do some other stuff I can't remember and I am walking out to my car. I go to open the trunk and instead of unlocking it manually, I just imagine the trunk already being unlocked and sure enough, it is.

      I then decide I want to show my friend that was with me that I could control anything. I say, "Hey watch this. See how I only have these 2 quarters? When I reach into my pocket, I'm gonna pull out a bunch more." So I reach into my pocket once again but I can't get myself to pull out more quarters. I try 2 more times and on the last try I finally pull out more, but only like two more.

      I then wake up and I'm very disappointed that I couldn't do more. I am also sad that it wasn't full lucidity. I wasn't in full control of my actions, but I slightly knew I was dreaming.
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