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    Possibly My First Out-Of-Body Experience

    by , 01-04-2018 at 08:38 PM (245 Views)
    Dream Post #3

    I had a dream that I was in this unknown kitchen with a vicious male rottweiler. He would try to bite me after charging towards me, but I would quickly jump over him. I jumped incredibly high, at one point, and landed onto the top of a refrigerator. The refrigerator was incredibly tall, so I felt safe. I sat at the top bent over because the ceiling was literally right above me, and I watched as the dog paced back and forth. At one point, I distracted the dog with some kind of toy before determining whether it was safe to jump down. The dog began acting like an innocent puppy towards me, and I pet its head.

    As I started walking, the scene changed and I was outside. Something triggered my lucidity, and I realized that I was dreaming. I was outside a house that appeared to be my own, but there was a giant hedge to the right of me and I think the driveway was black. I remember staring at this large tree and focusing in on the details of the bark. It was strange...when I looked at the bark of the tree (which was very realistic), each piece of bark would constantly change positions upon me darting my eyes around, almost as if I was looking at some illusion.

    I then found myself laying down where I actually was laying down in the real world. I instantly knew I was dreaming, and decided to get up. What was weird was that when I did, I jumped out of my "physical body" and saw "myself" sleeping on the couch. I began flying around the room until I got to a door with a window leading to my backyard. That was when I decided to try phasing through the window...and I did, but it was also strange! As soon as I put my face on the window, it began to stretch like plastic. I could feel the force of the window on my face before it suddenly snapped, and I spun outside of my house.

    I stopped myself in the air and turned around to look back through the window. That was wen I saw my mom come into the room I was sleeping in and walk towards "me" to get something off the couch. She couldn't see the "dream me" at all, even when I was hovering right next to her. I decided to see what my grandmother was doing on the second floor, and used the outside crown-molding that was around the door to catapult myself upwards. I stopped myself at my grandmother's window and looked inside her room, but the room looked way different for some reason. Everything was out of place, and the walls were white (they're pink). Grandma was in there, but I forgot what she was doing. I looked at her television and saw that she was watching one of her old crime shows.

    Usually, most of the stories I've read about an out-of-body experience stated that it was difficult to force yourself out of your "physical body", but it felt pretty easy.

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