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    The expensive theatre

    by , 08-08-2011 at 12:50 PM (586 Views)
    I was at home, my mother was going out with many relatives, to a theatre and i was expected to come. I told her that i would not be coming, she accepted this, but i knew deep down in my heart that i was making life worse by saying this. As the day arrived, and she and her sister had already left to go there, I felt really bad and decided, Okay i'm going to make a big effort to get there. The trouble was that it would cost me all of my savings $300 - $500. I thought ok, thats no problem, its got to be worth it. At the theatre it totally sucked and after i felt as though i had wasted my money, that i was money-less and i would never be able to get that money back. That all my freedom had been taken from me because i had no money left. I felt lost, i didn't know what to do or how i was going to get that money back, i know for sure that i never wanted to earn it by working. It turned out that after that theatre, 2 relatives were falling in love.

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    1. d3nd3's Avatar
      Extended Version : Someone at the theatre was serving drinks , but he could not get the trolley it was on, through this gap .. he kept pushing because he was fustrated .. it ended that he knocked all the drinks on teh floor, they were glass and crashed. He cut his arm by doing it. He refuses to take blame for anything, and i think he gets angry and walks home , there he takes a girl to his room, whilst he is still expected to be working at teh theatre