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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Bus and the Wolf

      by , 08-08-2011 at 12:44 PM
      I was on a bus (coach) .. inside the bus .. was a class of students .. and a particular teacher who i remember from school, she was very tough and disciplined, brang fear into the eyes of the students. She seemed to be very sad about something, anyway, she was driving the bus and teaching the class at the same time. I noticed that she was getting too fustrated with something and was not paying attention any longer on the road. So i shouted out "Quick , You're going to hit that !", so she managed to move it just in time , to dodge the vehicle in the road.. We were moving fast by the way , she was a fast driver.. Meanwhile in the class, everyone was painting some sort of picture on an A3 sheet of paper, my friend wanted his on the wall, and it felt like we were competeing. But i knew that mine totally sucked because i hadn't even been there doing stuff, i felt a lot of guilt, knowing that i hadn't done much work. I remember on the painting had something related to Poland, i come from UK , dunno why it had that.

      The bus had too make sharp turn onto a highway, and it felt like it was too sharp, it nearly knocked another car off the road completely , but as it was straightening up after its turn , i fell out of the bus because of physics, if you turn too quickly , everyone moves to the left or right, well this turn knocked me out of the bus. We were then all strangely confronted by what seemed to be an extremely steep slope .. the Bus just couldn't get up there. So i decided okay, i'm going to be the hero, i picked up the bus, with 2 of my hands above my head and started trecking up the slope with the bus in my hands. The slope slowly became steeper and steeper, until i was approached by a vertical ness, like a tree trunk or something , thats when the climbing began. There were many of us trying to get up that tree, at times i felt trapped inbetween people, but just as we all got up there, myself and another were the last, but the last guy had other intentions. He didn't want me to be up there at all and knocked me off, he then turned into a wolf and tried to scare me often. He could move really fast and was often there near me, i was a bit scared. I found 2 other of my friends and they were helping me to get away from the wolf which was after me. So in we went into this house which seemed to have many many Tiers to it .. you would find a hole , jump down the hole.. then find the other hole , did this for about 5 - 6 times

      i was trying to keep up with the guy in front because i was still scared that the wolf was behind me.. When we got to about 5-6th tier down .. my 2 friends were there in sleeping bags and they were happy and so i felt more comfortable as if i could actually be at peace there and sleep.