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    1. 2 Cups to Save the World and the man with the black tipped pointed nail- non-lucid

      by , 04-09-2019 at 03:37 PM
      The cup is golden, with ornate stripes on the outside, and about the size of an espresso cup. It vibrates to the point of ringing when a certain mountaintop is mentioned. This cup is destined to save the world from impending doom. However, it is in the hands of the wrong group of people and they are headed to the mountain top to gain what will be gained...

      But this small group of good guys are trying to figure out a way to save the world, for pure reasons.

      A guru had been granted ancient wisdom, along with a second cup, to provide insight to the ones he believed could save the world- but, only if necessary. It appears that is the case, now. So he advised us about the destination and the cup, granting it to our group.

      We make it through the first mountain tier and camp for the night. The second tier is surrounded by chain link fence- there doesn't appear a way around, so we will need to devise a plan.

      As we are doing so and conversations are taking place, there are explosions elsewhere- indicating our need was ever dire. One of our younger members decides to tell this gentlemen (and would-be suitor) about this second cup. This man is neither bad nor good, but does not know the importance of keeping this secret.

      The bad guys know we are devising a plan, but do not know what- as of yet. On the news, they show one of 'our guys' doing something bad- punishable by death. He is being pursued by soldiers.

      I am observer in this scenario. One of the soldiers, neither good nor bad, was pursuing our guy through a door, when he glimpsed the same visage turn the corner around the building. So curiously, he pursues this other man and points his gun to him.

      Should he shoot? Who is he? This man in front of the soldier was older than the one he had been assigned to pursue, but had the same beard (short, brown) and the same long nail on his right middle finger- black tip.

      This man was from a future but from a different timeline- in which he sided with the bad guys.

      I think the older version may have intended to infiltrate our group by saying the reason for age progression was from x,y, or z- something that would not make us question his loyalty.

      Back at camp, we hear the parties going on- celebrating the frame job (our guy was captured- the world was now 'safe').

      Due to the ignorance of the would-be suitor, as he had seen the news clip- he lets the bad guys know we have the cup.

      The bad guys arrive and the woman in charge uses some sort of magic- knocking us back and the cup loose. She took the cup and walked off triumphantly. Now they have both cups!

      But hope is not lost. The would-be suitor recognizes his mistake and wants to make amends. We all sit and devise a plan, but there should only be two that set off for the mountaintop- he will be one of them. The other will either be the most wise, or the young female who told the would-be suitor of the cup.

      Before bed I listened to this song:


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    2. The Tears of ? and an Inner Wisdom chair

      by , 09-06-2018 at 09:29 PM
      The Tears of ?
      I am having visions of someone whistling and crying- they are known as The Tears of ? (I can't recall) and I need to find the old man- he will know what needs to happen.

      So I begin my journey to the city (where the old man lives/teaches), after having been away from it all.

      As I walk, someone asks me for money- but I have none and am glad I don't have to be concerned about fiddling around for money.

      I continue onward and someone picks up an ID and credit card and tells me that I dropped it- but, I have no possessions. It wasn't mine. I am happy- there was no need to search myself for the lost objects.

      I continue forward, while a group of musicians dance on by, trying to get me to join in their dance. But, I am on my own path and glad to be on this journey.

      I realized at this point that they were trying to keep me from breaking free from the 'organism', to walk at my own pace, and speak with my own voice. I was out of sync and they wanted me back.

      So, I cross the crosswalk and the one who greeted me was an apprentice of the old man. We walk together and I tell him about my vision. It is not good news.

      We find the townhouse on a busy city street. The townhouse has antique paintings and at the top of the stairs, there is a loft that has bookshelves covered with antique books. I meet the old man here.

      He has been trying to get people to break free from the organism his whole life and now his life is ending. He was seeing the same vision as myself- he said if he had succeeded the next vision would have come forth. He was overcome with sadness and disappointment. I would try to carry on his legacy.

      Inner Wisdom Chair (lucid)

      This one happened a few months back and wish I could find it again. I did wake up and re-enter the dream, but the building became a maze and I couldn't find the chair again:

      I was wandering around and everywhere that I saw a door, my dog was laying in front of it. I knew he was a distraction. I decided I wanted to get to the very top of this never-ending building. It kept changing, though- nothing stayed the same. So, luckily, I get to the top and see a chair that looks like a machine.

      If you were to sit in the chair, this large yellow gem would be placed on your forehead and all the inner wisdom you sought would come to you. I would gain so much knowledge and was very excited! But, I was afraid that I would be caught or the dream would change. So, I rushed. Instead of sitting down, I went straight toward the gem and put it on my forehead- asking for the wisdom. It wasn't working so I was going to sit in the chair, but was pulled into a different location and the maze began again...

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    3. Blue 'rock' with dome-shaped raised circles and white line

      by , 10-10-2017 at 02:59 PM
      Scenario driven scenes- rinse and repeat. I awoke and went back to sleep and dreamed of the same. Go through 3 doors. One is red and the other 2 are green. In the red scenarios the outcome might be unpleasant. We keep coming back and going through different scenarios.

      One scenario is on an island. The locals are selling various goods to the tourists, until autumn starts to winds down. All the tourists, save a few, go home. The locals are still peddling but to a far smaller audience. I decided to stay, in one scenario. 2 friends stay behind with me.

      I end up in a library, in a mansion- warm, inviting, well-lit by candle light or soft light...

      Next scenario is in a town where we are being sought, due to some infraction. It is close to some festival, so we all put on party-type masks and they let us go. But, we still had one more gate to get through and we hoped to make it before the last gate figured out who we were. We end up in a room- like a dorm room.

      At one point, I slowly open the door ajar- from the outside, as an observer. The character I was before looks through the gap, surprised at the change, and doesn't see me looking right at her. Then I am one of the characters again, letting everyone know that we have to get on the move- they are onto us. Sure enough, they are advancing upon us...

      Last scenario. I am in a river/lake/clear water. Rocks everywhere. In a prior dream, I found the same rocks and had given them to someone else- I don't remember that scenario too well. But, I remember the rocks. One of them were a pair. Green, yellow, and orange- looking like parrot eyes. Well, one had an eye look- the other just had the colors.

      Lastly, these next 'rocks' are odd- which prompted me to write this dream down (not voice recording anymore- like to write better- I can recall more dreams this way- my voice doesn't interrupt my thought process).

      Description: blue color, flat like a thick mat- but hard, each had some white line and/or white markings. There were definite indented partitions- making squares within the 'rock' and withing those squares were raised domed circles- blue color, as well. I dreamed of these twice- what are they.

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    4. Corrupt Immortals- nanobots

      by , 05-11-2017 at 09:28 PM
      'We' have an opportunity to become immortal. We have been given until the evening of the next day to decide (I think we must have gained some inside knowledge, for this to have been offered). I knew that with this opportunity would come a cost.

      I look in the mirror to see what it may cost me. I see small purple flowers on my face- actually quite beautiful. Unbeknownst to the ones offering us this gift, I was just around the corner while they spoke in secret.

      One of them suggested that they offer us the bracelet, just like they were offered- the ones the elders offered. Instead of being immortal forever, it would just be until you take off the bracelet- at your own discretion. The other one said that it was better this way- they can get rid of us easier. They wanted to keep the clave small.

      So, from this, I deduced that something terrible would befall us. I then came out from the shadows and asked if I could get the bracelet, instead. They said no. I wondered who the elders were- had they been taken over by this group?

      I, then, had a vision that I would forgo immortality in order to save my companions.

      After I found my friends, we discovered that we had nanobots all around us and I was worried that they were sent in by the corrupt immortals. It was their way of ending us- corrupting us. I tried stepping on them, but they just separated and became so small that we couldn't see them anymore. We came upstairs and we were ready to confront the corrupt ones, but they were not there. I woke up.

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    5. Changing my appearance, sending for help, taking my skin off, battling

      by , 05-10-2017 at 07:54 PM
      Semi-Lucid: I am trapped in a car and need help. I send my spirit to go get help. Now, I am first person as the spirit. I go into the building to get help from others. Before I do, even though I (the trapped-in-the car me) needs help right away, I decide to explore a little bit. I don't find much and soon some people come my way. I try to get their attention (without them seeing me) and finally they come outside.

      I go to the car and want to see what I look like. When I am in front of the windshield- it appears more like a mirror. I focus and see that I look like my mom. I want to look different and I focus my intent on changing, until I look completely different. I succeed.

      NL: We are in a long battle. We are beat up. I take some of my skin off (odd!) to help repair one of the stronger team mates. We can't survive without her help. My skin looks like birch bark- it will need to be boiled and we will use the softer side's residue that will form a gelatin. This gelatin is then used to recharge her powers. Her power is a blue light.

      We charge forth and I end up in the middle of all the bad guys, forgetting what I should do to fight. I end up hitting these bad guys with my extra large arm- like an enhanced mechanical huge arm. When I hit them, they were just as hard. Everyone seemed to have metal parts.
    6. Lucid (in & out): Building with children who report you, if you don't belong there. down stairs.

      by , 05-09-2017 at 01:25 PM
      I repeatedly ended up at this building (lucidity came in and out- inconsistent). Very open with tall ceilings and the place was very wide- like a mall, with the second story platforms.

      The first few times, I came in and the children asked if I saw the creature- which I had. If I had, then they turned me in to these guards and I end up fighting this creature (very large, off-white in color) and I would fail.

      My powers were getting stronger and I almost had the creature beat, but failed again.

      I ended up there, one last time, and the children asked if I saw the creature- we (me and whoever was with me) said no. They let us go, figuring we belonged there.

      We explore the building, trying not to get caught by the guards. I do a nose plug RC. I think about flying, but turn around and am caught by a guard. END.

      P.S. I just remembered that while I was lucid I climbed down stairwell after stairwell because I wanted to get to some deeper part of my subconscious. It was at the end when I did a nose plug rc and thought about flying. I wish that I had just stayed and observed in that last place- I think I was afraid of being caught- that if I kept moving on that I wouldn't be caught. Every level of my subconscious, though, had some water feature.

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    7. DILD due to seeing and talking to deceased friend

      by , 04-26-2017 at 02:27 PM
      I am at an old job as a waitress in a restaurant with windows that look out onto Lake Superior. My friend is my supervisor in the dream. We are trying to figure out how to accommodate a 6 top- rearranging tables and such. I don't realize that the supervisor is my friend, at first.

      Then, the restaurant came close to empty but I noticed there was dirt everywhere and on my clothes (after hearing a co-worker in the dream- who is a co-worker now- say negative things). So, I went to the back and tried to clean it off and he came beside me and was offering support (he was always this kind in life, too). He said that sometimes it gets pretty dirty in there and we both laughed a little.

      Then, I looked up at him and saw it was my old friend. I said his name and commented how it was really him, as I touched his cheek- I thought he might disappear, but he stayed. He smiled and said that it was really him and that he came back to help. I thanked him and kissed him on the cheek. He turned his head down and to the side, as tears formed in his eyes. He commented on how he loved us.

      I then worried about why he was helping- was he not able to move onward? I put my hand on his neck and asked if there was any way that I could help him. Then, I couldn't hear his words- so I tried to read his lips. I read the word pray (
      which I have done), but he was saying more- all hesitantly. As he was saying those words, someone else took over his visage. Someone with dark sunglasses, a huge mustache- almost like a disguise- and this person started saying nonsense words to cover up what was being said.

      I don'tknow if it was really him, I awoke and thought about it before recording my dream. Just before I reached for my recorder, there was an indentation made next to my leg- but my cat was laying on my back. And my husband had left for work. And the dog was laying on the floor. That leaves room for the possibility of a visit...

      NL dream from a couple nights ago:

      There are magic wands and trinkets at cafeteria tables (all belonging to various people). There was a large argument between two groups of people. I had to take a side, but in doing so hesitantly, I looked at my other group (a people I had been aligned with before the argument) with admonishment. Many of them looked at me apologetically, there was really only a couple that started the whole thing. Shortly afterward, it broke off. A lot of them left their trinkets behind- that I, of course, had to inspect (curiosity and all).

      I held onto these two trinkets and was going to bring them to my table, when someone behind me said my name. I turned and saw it was someone I knew (in dreams, not sure who though) and he looked like Jason Momoa. He gave me a teddy bear hug and said he was so happy to see me. I then asked if the trinkets were his and he said not to worry about it and I could have them. Then, realizing they were his, I gave them back but worried about offending him- my mind, lol. So he took them back, jovially, and explained who they were for and what the details meant (of which, I forgot upon waking) and then I woke up.

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    8. You're still alive...? Quote, the Banshee.

      by , 03-03-2017 at 03:13 AM
      I've taken to recording my dreams on a recorder, versus the written word. There are vast differences: in written word, I find my mind thinks more continuity-wise and makes the story happen. Where-as, when I voice record, it is 'just the facts' with some ad-libs (about personal influences). However, the positives about the voice recordings- I am less likely to lose a memory. The positives about writing- it's almost like Tarot and runes, in that I see more of the story- not just the facts.

      So, as for last night's dream, it was of a banshee. She was killing people in cars. Their heads would slam against the passenger side window and die. I saw many of these deaths. The banshee came for me, but I had a banshee rune (?), so when she cried at me, my head did not hit the window. She looked surprised and said, "You're still alive...?". I looked at her as she disappeared into a portal and I smiled. Them I mimicked her- I made the same elongated mouth form she proclaimed while ensuring others deaths- as if to mock her...yikes! What was I thinking? lol.
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    9. Tree Spirit named Bob- NL

      by , 11-14-2016 at 03:10 PM
      I dreamed I was looking at a large tree, close up. It was beautiful. The leaves were so small but, together, they formed these ropes that dangled down.
      Apparently, the ancients used to eat them.

      I was playing with the ropes, trying to observe them closer, when I noticed a flower that had a being inside of it. I thought that I may have disturbed a nest so I stopped moving and then the being opened it's eyes and came out. I dropped to the ground and the being followed and bounced into my arms. He said, "Hi, my name is Bob." I think it was a tree spirit.

      It was the cutest thing ever! The tree was amazing! I am glad I had this moment.
    10. Semi- Warm Breath on Steel Door, Reveal 505 and 555

      by , 08-12-2016 at 03:25 PM
      Semi-Lucid, I was in a room and decided to blow my warm breath upon a steel door. I wanted to see if something would be written. The first time, I saw words but the breath faded too fast. I tried again and KE as well as 505 and 555 were present.

      I went into a larger area, that was more populated and saw people acting frantic- some screaming. They said the flights were delayed. I thought that I had just had a dream about it the night before. But then I questioned myself and realized that it wasn't a dream, but it had just happened- so, I started to question if I was dreaming and awoke.

      P.S. Dream of another wooden walkway- this time, a bridge.
    11. NL- Rewinding Time/Rio/Missed Lucid

      by , 08-11-2016 at 06:58 PM
      Last night I dreamed that I rewound time, on more than one occasion.

      It begins with me trying to escape something or someone. When I rewind time, a romance blooms. For some reason, I have to rewind again but the romance doesn't take foot.

      I then see, that a certain event needs to take place for it to bloom. I rewind again, but not long enough- so it doesn't take. I decide to try to romance her (I am a young man in the dream). So I tell her I love her, written in a page that I tear from her very private journal. She is upset that I looked- but I tell her I didn't read anything- that I wanted to tell her I loved her, but in a surprising way. We end up getting close- but the spark was missing for her.

      Then, I am the young woman and a magic door opens. A man comes forth and asks if I would like to go to Rio. Well, sure, why not? I walk through the portal and we end up on a wooden plank cliff walkway. Below is the ocean. It is beautiful. I realize that I may not get back, as the walkway is rickety, but am happy here and don't care.

      Like the path on Yellow Mountain in China.

      Missed Lucid- During the dream above, I have rewound time and discover that someone has taken my identity (based on my email). I research and find that I have posted a video and told people that if they watch it, they will surely have several lucid dreams. This is not too far in succession from my last dream, mentioning that I am lucid. I really need to take these hints! Grr.

      P.S. I had a dream of a bear and a lion and a maze.

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    12. NL- Rituals within a rustic cabin- human fairies

      by , 04-15-2016 at 06:29 PM
      I am brushing my long platinum colored hair, bejeweled with small diamonds and shades of three. Those around me became quiet and one whispered that my hair mirrored that of an archangel.

      It was time.

      In a rustic cabin, I have been preparing various magical concoctions- but not attaining what was necessary. Many practitioners from far away, stopped by to write their theorems on the whiteboard (I tried to read, but was unable to comprehend them- must have been semi lucid, but did not RC). I knew that one of the ingredients was milk, from water. The mother earth providing her sustenance, so to speak. But, every time I pumped the water- only water came.

      Eventually, a fairy that looked just like a human came by the cabin and held the copper/brass container- it flashed. I knew this was the answer (at least hoped so...). I took the container and placed it on the ground, below the fountain. I pumped the fountain and only water came. I tried, one more time- and viola.


      I am with others somewhere else and we had to use the hair of a fairy- for armor, I believe. But, in doing so, the fairy would lose some of its power. The young fairy who blessed the container was preparing to sacrifice her hair, when another fairy arrived. A woman, I had known before. She was much older and ready to part with her hair- having lived a full life. So, she let us cut her hair.

      After this the dream went elsewhere, with keys being given from the underworld to access it anytime- as those from the underworld had taken what they shouldn't have.
    13. Being gives me glimpes of the next life. Non-lucid.

      by , 02-16-2016 at 05:03 PM
      While a bull with huge horns is after me, a being (angel?) gives me glimpses of the next life. In one, I am swimming in bubble filled water- that feels like I am swimming in air. I giggle while bubble filled columns lift me up and drop me back to the milk-colored lake. I can breath the water (no rc) and swim in it. It feels like love and peace and I am so happy. I am not the only one there- others are enjoying this, too.

      All the while, this being is observing- smiling. I am given multiple happy scenarios- but this one made me the happiest. There is also a radio song playing- a tune that said we never really die and that we just move onward with our lives. I mused on that concept- in the dream I questioned the songwriter. (Being in waking life, I am glad to have heard those words).

      I am back in in the bull dream, but was able to maneuver away from the bull. Myself and technical expertise are working on fixing some contraption.


      At some point I am in another dream, I am with a child and we are being yelled at to get out of the way (we are in a busy city in Mexico), but we try to go our own way and a truck runs us over.

      We are dead. It is my fault- the child would have lived, if I had listened.

      In the afterlife, we are in a cave and looking on at 3 supernatural beings play fighting. One has electricity emanating from him. All three are in colorful outfits. They sense us watching. I awake.
    14. Book of two pages (text and cipher) interacts with my finger

      by , 12-23-2015 at 12:30 PM
      Book of two pages to the wandering girl:

      Unbeknownst to "us", we are being weeded out for something unique. We are in the final days of classes- I leave and wander, instead (I hate parties and putting on faces).

      During one of the parties, someone else was wandering- a man in a 76 Trans Am (with the Phoenix on the hood). He was retrieving something that went onward with the train. At first he went on foot, but then he grabbed the car and started driving down a large bouldered river. I tried to warn him- but before I could finish, he easily traversed several large boulders. When he came back with the item ( I don't remember what it was), I told him that I was very impressed and he had a huge smile.

      During another party, I wander again. When the class lets out, people ask me where I was and stated that they missed me. I explain to them that I don't like parties and that I prefer to be alone- I am reserved with my feelings and thoughts. They felt that I should have been there- they were somehow slighted, but indifferent at the same time. We all went separate ways.

      Finally, we are at a central location and people are being given shots and I have visions of people being shot as they don't perform to standard. It all seems quite brutal. They didn't care about hurting anyone- they just wanted results.

      One lady took me to the side and administered a final test. It seemed that they wanted someone who had high stress levels, but was placid in their approach.

      She then gave me a book of two pages. They were both white, with tattered edges- no visible words. She told me that the page on the right was the text and the page on the left was the cipher. She said that I must read it with an open heart and mind. She told me that I must read it before tomorrow- when they will need me for a final battle (she didn't seem mean anymore- just desperate).

      As I adjust the pages, the white turns blue while interacting with my fingers- then fades away. I take my right index finger and slowly move it from left to right. Words appear- but not blue. It appears as if a depression has been made. The words themselves don't seem to make sense- which is where the cipher will come into play.

      I slowly awoke, to what sounded like my doorbell. [I wish I could have gone back in, as a lucid- I may still try, but I think I am too much awake. I wonder what it says. If not now, hopefully I can in the near future.]

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    15. Bald Eagle released from trap (non-lucid)

      by , 11-11-2015 at 12:00 AM
      I dreamed I was climbing a cliff. When I crossed a river, I observed a bald eagle in a trap. I saw there were other traps, all along the riverbed. In the dream, I knew it was some research project by fish and wildlife. I figured they knew what they were doing and moved upward.

      I still worried if I made the right decision, until I reached the top of the cliff. Here, I saw all the bald eagle's baby chicks, watching the mom below. I knew they would starve if their mom couldn't feed them. So, right then and there, without concern for repercussions, I decided to free the bald eagle.

      I climbed down and it had already escaped the cage, but it's talons were tied to keep it from flying. So, my husband helped me (from out of nowhere, he had arrived) and we untied the talons. I pet the eagle and it allowed me to do so. I was amazed and happy. I knew I made the right decision.

      All would be well.
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