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    How i lost my pants

    Don't read this post

    by , 03-13-2012 at 01:28 PM (481 Views)
    Indigo: Dream Signs and stuff
    Red: Petty remarks
    Everything started out stupid, i was in a war of 100k people vs 100k people, that was ok, but the fact is that and elephant unleashed all her might in the grond a couple times and the war was over...Just hitting the ground.

    Now back to me,

    Dungeon Crawling

    It wasn't my usual kind of dream, i wasn't lucid and everything i remember is that it was WoWish speaking of grafics, that was before i hit the ground with my fists just to catch some gold(?).

    I end up in a hole in the ground, i whine a bit for my friends to help but they ignore my plea.
    When i look back, there is a ghost behind me, a silly one, it was like a old stained sheet floating in the middle of the darkness.
    No joke, it was really scary, so i keep on diging. Now i'm lost for sure, i can't see the outside anymore and there are these...Signs on the walls...They are EVERYWHERE, look a bit aboriginal and have the following colors: Lime Green,Magenta, Indigo andYellow.
    I keep running inside the dungeon, almost pissing in my pants, running away from the unknow.
    A party of 4 people just pop in the dungeon with me, i'm not sure if they are friendly, i'm not sure they can see me, but they are 2 boys and 2 girls, all using white tunics, they walk fearlessly inside the dungeon and i realize:

    i don't know why but i made a poem in that moment, i think it will be useful sometime

    "I'm the fear
    Made of death and tear
    Beware thy living
    I'm GOD fearing"

    Woke up.

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