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    light and darkness

    by , 12-12-2017 at 04:28 AM (272 Views)
    so this is a story on the light in the darkness as controlling the light to consume the darkness before false awakening in a dream imprisonment in suffering of lucidity when know dreaming could be a terrible experience i.e freddy kruger leprechauns or even Jason as dreaming and following the light you have to fixate a dream on the components of these two you have to know that there something that can take control of your dreams and render you helpless jus for the exempt if I fall asleep will I be tormented or will I wake in wonders as to control the light you have to use thus as a nullifier to the darkness as you start controlling the light you fade away in a abyss as my abyss starts taking control I use the light form technique to knew before I'm bout to dream if I see six light that implode the darkness this is where I'm transcending in the darkness to become sight of a 30,000 volt of brain power running my mind instead of living in still infamy now know about still infamy in light and darkness can make your dreams come true as of being motionless in white as a hyperbolic time chamber as the color of white stretches for eternity as if building a house hold or family

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    Tags: astral plane