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    Lucid Smoking

    by , 07-31-2018 at 06:06 AM (374 Views)
    so I was in bed then started to become lucid when my lucidity kick in I was in a room that look like it was in a apartment complex this was a false awakening because I was still laying down but some how I got up and started smoking yet I didn't have any drugs or any cigarettes or swishers I was holding some random object and then started producing smoke I later woke up and started looking around to see if I had any weed so I go back to bed then next thing I know I'm laying on a mattress and there six weed bags that are crush up I was staring at the bags of weed then I notice that there were 8 different Dc in my dream all with there own bags of smoke so I start smoking then I become a dark blind aura where I see smoke rising from the darkness then I'm in a forest trying to wake myself up I'm crucified in a corner where I see this bright red light start burning when I'm sleeping and I was making sucking noises then I wake up there was no smoke when I was in the forest it was jus darkness an burning edge the end of my sight it was complete black then I hear people talking next thing I know I'm laying in bed and I was jus wonder when I was sleep how when I'm dreaming why do I have this dream I don't smoke in real life nor that I will ever try it jus mad me think my mind was playing games on me because when I was in that still black I seen a burning ember yet there was no smoke yet it felt like I was smoking so I think I'm a dream smoker but I wouldn't smoke in real life tho

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