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    1. Lucid Dream "office"? My version of the Castle? lol

      by , 11-29-2011 at 11:36 PM
      Greetings LD'ers I am soo happy to have found this community, thank you!

      (Apologies this is long but I try to keep as much detail as possible for my newfound addiction!)

      The other night I had several LD's in succession the most interesting was a dream where I was VERY lucid but chose not to summon or try to transport but to follow the lead of 2 people I met at the beginning of this LD (as far as I can remember- the beginning.

      LD: I was outside of an older office building with no markings on it when I ran into two DC's that seemed lucid and we began talking about increasing lucidity and RC's (I am brand new to all of this and have only read a little on here) I proceeded to follow them, at their behest into the LD office where LD assignments were given out and explained, one of the DC's (female) was guiding myself and another DC (Male) down a long concrete hallway withstucco on a small retaining wall on one side, I was dragging my hand along the stucco as a RC and saying "increase lucidity!" when the other guy asked me if that is how to stay lucid- I explained it to him so we were both doing this as we walked.

      We went past a HUGE bunch of filing cabinets to a set of cubicles where the 3 of us sat down and spoke with a woman who laid out LD assignments to us as a team, she was an impressive Hispanic woman who seemed to be like a case worker of sorts for this very secretive type of business (seemed like it was goverment backed based on the outdated office set-up and paint.

      The mission was for us to intercept 2 "spirits" that were causing trouble in the LD world and for some reason destroying crops in the real world. It became very strange as I was very lucid but not able to control these spirits or summon anything to aid in this assignment- shortly after this it blurred and blackedout and was gone, but this office with the social worker type of person assembling teams and handing out LD missions was fascinating! I hope this can somehow be included in the dream castle because the covert location and a couple of restroom doors that went NOWHERE reminded me of the castle and it's unique qualities.

      Thanks folks!