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    1. Hallway (again) porn star summoned

      by , 12-13-2011 at 09:19 PM
      I was being followed by a group of people in full black outfits (swat style-DS) when my iphone app kicked in saying "you are dreaming look at your hands", I looked down and saw that I had 6 fingers 5 and my thumb, I took care to study them the lines on my hand and the little hairs on my fingers (as I had studied on here) I ignored all of the DC's who just ran by as I laughed (DS). It was a tad darm so I said "increase lighting" which only slightly worked so I yelled "more light!", which worked pretty well.

      I decided to stay put to stabilize but forgot to actually say "stabilize lucidity", I summoned a "porn star" to kneel in front of me for oral sex but it turned into a man as he walked in front of me, I yelled "female" and it turned into a beautiful brunette and just as I was unzipping my pants the dream destabilized and was over. DAMN

      CONTROL: I was surprised that I remembered the advice given on here and use the majority of it, studying the hands, & staying still to stabilize.

      DREAM SIGNS: Hallways, guys in SWAT/ Paramilitary gear following me and/or shooting at me.