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    lighter than air at work.

    by , 10-23-2014 at 06:16 AM (317 Views)
    short dream while taking a nap today

    was at my pizza job. there was me,
    my boss, and a friend. my boss was
    talking to my friend as if they knew
    each other. and i was messing around
    with a pizza rocker blade. it was
    lighter than air and kept floating
    away. i figured out that if i held on
    to it. and jumped i could almost
    float around. my friend and boss
    ignored me the whole time until i
    ran and jumped hitting the wall where
    my boss had just hung up a poster.
    there was nothing wrong but he
    got angry and tore it down. this
    is where my dream ended.

    notes: my friend has come in to
    this job to see me before but hasn't
    interacted with my boss. the only
    thing i can think of is i have swapped
    out my friend for one of the employs
    that kinda reminds me of them.

    on the rocker blade. we don't have
    that style off cutters. we use the
    normal pizza wheel kind.

    ... floating pizza cutters.... should
    have been a dead giveaway. maybe
    next time.

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