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    dolphin's dreams

    12/24/18 dreams

    by , 12-24-2018 at 05:57 PM (587 Views)
    fragment-I was at my grandparents house and noticed pictures of a development on a tropical island that included an amusement park.

    fragment-I was at the place that was in the pictures. I went to the amusement park. The rides were expensive to ride. One ride on the monorail cost about $15.

    fragment-I was at the amusement park again. I overheard somebody who looked like an executive refer to the park as Kerr Kingdom. He mentioned he was proud of the park as it was making money. He mentioned the licencing of characters, including Elmo, who he said had a high squeaky voice.

    lucid dream- I saw a golf course and was interested in playing there. I asked an employee what the green fee was and he said $25. I recall giving him money to rent a pull cart but I forget how much, probably about 5-10$. I followed the employee into the pro shop and I noticed there were many people who wanted to play, so it was going to be a long wait to get on the course. It also occurred to me I needed rental clubs and some new balls. This round of golf was getting expensive and time consuming and I needed to get back home in time for a family Christmas Eve party. I went to the employee and told him I needed to cancel and asked for my money back that I gave him. He said he gave no refunds and this is a good lesson for me to learn.

    I walked off the golf course and started heading back home. I needed to find the train station. I noticed a subway station across the street.
    It occurred to me that I could fly and I could get there faster if I flied there. I flew across the street and into the subway station. Inside I landed with a belly flop.

    I woke up and tried to DEILD back into a dream. I saw some red and tried to turn it into white. This worked and a new dream scene formed. I was falling in a large underground chamber. I landed in water. A large boat zoomed past me and went into a tunnel. A current took me towards the same tunnel. In the tunnel was a game where buttons could be pressed to claim prizes. Towards the end of the tunnel, which appeared to lead outdoors, there were tickets coming out of ticket machines and I grabbed as many as I could.

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