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    dolphin's dreams

    competition night #12

    by , 01-22-2016 at 06:21 PM (188 Views)
    I was at an oceanside boardwalk amusement park. I was thinking it was the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, until I noticed there was no Giant Dipper. In it's place was a giant empty area with a cheap cart train going around. I also noticed I was sitting at a table with a female friend of mine. "Isn't it weird with Giant Dipper not being there?" I asked her. she said "No, it has Herpes in it's place." (Whatever that is) I got up to go to the ocean, which was conveniently right next to me. I found I was wearing a life jacket and took it off. I jumped in the ocean, which was clear, but crowded with DCs. I put my hand behind my back and called for a dolphin. I felt a beak and turned my hand around and the full-sized bottlenose was there. I tried to grab its dorsal fin to ride it but it swam away. I woke up.

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