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    Hole task

    by , 04-14-2015 at 03:53 PM (254 Views)
    I'm at work, serving tables. I go to the bar to get a drink for a man. I realize we don't have that wine, Morno something or other. I look back at the man across the open dining room. He's looking at me, wondering where his drink is, probably. I think about it and decide to try to serve his wine using telekenisis. It doesn't work. I get bored with this and go off into the kitchen to have some fun. I see one of my pretty co-workers and make out with her briefly until I remember to try the advanced task. I reach into my pocket to find the hole but nothing is there. I persist and after a few seconds, I find the hole and throw it on the ground. I jump into the hole which leads to an underwater void. "Wait for me!" I hear from above. A DC whooshes past me.

    I end up in large, underwater game room, set up to play another DC. I guess the point of the game is to hit a volleyball against the large digital screen, repeating this once the opponent returns the serve, trying to hit the ball in as few bounces as possible. I play this with the DC but they are a lot better than I am, because they are more agile underwater. Using so much force to move, I quickly get exhausted and quit. Breathing heavily, I look for something else to do and see an exit sign. Having enough of this, I walk through
    and wake up.
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