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    The Daily Grind

    by , 04-19-2015 at 01:27 PM (369 Views)
    Two work related dreams recalled this morning, both in a good amount of detail. Work seems to be becoming more of a recurring thing in my dreams lately.
    Oddly, in this dream, I wasn't myself, or rather, I was viewing the dream characters in it without them even knowing I was there, almost as if I was a ghost. Not sure what to make of that.
    There were four workers who were doing their jobs in a sort of desert looking area, stacking and breaking boxes. They all looked rather miserable.
    One of the workers, a middle aged black man, decided that enough was enough, and was going to leave the job later that day. The other three workers tried to console him and get him to stay, but their words fell on deaf ears, as this man had a newfound determination, and most importantly, a plan. Throughout this entire thing, I gazed from afar, although my view seemed to be getting hazy.

    Woke up, went back to bed, and BAM.
    Back to being myself, this dream involved me at work, doing a job I don't have IRL. I was backing a truck up into the front of this old lady's driveway, waiting for some of the passerby to move so i didn't run them over. Once the truck was parked, I went to go clean some stuff off her driveway, and she came out during this process and proceeded to give me instructions.
    One of the workers came over and interrupted our conversation, saying "Tanner! Your mom is here to help out!"
    So I excitedly asked the old lady if it was okay if I left, and she didn't seem to mind.
    I quickly crossed the area till I got to the main portion of it, and sure enough, there was my mother walking around looking for me. I caught up to her and we talked about a lot as we headed towards the job site.
    The actual job here was a bit odd though. When we got there, my dad was waiting there for us as well, so we split up, with me and my dad handling one zone and mom handling the other zone. These zones had snake like creatures poking up from the ground that we had to kill. Dad and I killed it no problem, but mom was in the next zone screaming like she'd just seen a bug and was flipping out on it, based on the noise.

    And that's everything. I'm very impressed with the latest boost in recall, and it has me wondering what exactly I've done differently (if anything) to raise it.

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