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    Multiple Dreams

    by , 03-20-2013 at 01:22 PM (360 Views)
    I remembered four dreams this morning, albeit all of them were relatively short in my memory. But still! I'm making good progress.
    There were zombies! AAAAHHHHH... Yeah that's all I remembered about this one. Kind of pathetic.

    I was at lunch with my girlfriend and a couple of other friends. A kid that I dislike IRL, James, came to our table and started talking to me, to which I was getting annoyed by. My girlfriend glanced at me. "Maybe you should just tell him," she said. And tell him I did. Basically I went off into a three minute tangent consisting of me telling off James. And it was VERY satisfying. I do remember later on in the dream a person I know named Alex agreed with me about his overall jerk-ness.

    I was at my girlfriend's house, but for some reason, it was a mansion. It was only her mom there, and she told me to take a look at the place. I walked upstairs to see a giant poster of Bryan Cranston, the actor. "Woah! I want something like this!" I yelled.

    I was studying to become a doctor with my friend, Aaron. We were both at my high school learning about it. At one point, I had to take down a bunch of villains from the show Breaking Bad by shooting them with a pistol. Eventually Aaron and I went to a classroom and started to learn about things that had nothing to do with being a doctor.

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