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    Random Reunion

    by , 06-19-2015 at 12:27 PM (288 Views)
    Another particularly vivid dream, this time with a good number more details recalled than that pizza dream.

    I was at a house that looked like a much more modified version of my current home, complete with a second floor, big TV, and a pool in the middle of the living room, about the size of a ping pong table. Lots of different people were there, including my boss from work, my dad, my grandpa, and some random people.
    This dream was sort of a hodge-podge of everything going on in my life recently. It was all topped off when...
    One of my old best friends from, like, 7 years ago appeared (I'll refer to her as K). This coincides with real life, since K texted me out of the blue just the other day. Just as in real life, it had been a while since we had seen each other in the dream's story, so K expressed her surprise at seeing me. Curiously enough, she was closer to the age she was when I last saw her, rather than how old she is now. She immediately wanted to go swimming (since that's what we used to always do), so we decided to do just that.
    While we were swimming, my boss called me over and asked me about Luigi's Mansion (for whatever reason, great game though). And then the random events just kept happening when my dad announced he had to go. He slipped on old-time Japanese wooden sandals (I'm starting to not understand the connections here ) and slipped out the front door.
    "Dad! Where are you going?!" I asked him, upset he was leaving.
    "I've got work to do!" he yelled back.

    And that's where it ended. I felt sad waking from this dream, it was fun seeing all these people I don't usually get to see anymore.

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