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    School 2


    by , 07-07-2011 at 06:19 PM (1312 Views)
    Dream; Semi-Lucid; Lucid; Memorable; 1-4 My Recollection;

    4; Justine is fighting in a kind of caged area that looks like a park... Opens a sectioned area that banishes them when they try to enter, the cage disappears and Justine uses her goddess form to navigate around in a whirl of light...
    3; Busy making the dream vivid, random street, using colors.

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    Tags: goddess, justine
    lucid , memorable


    1. Dthoughts's Avatar
      what are soul colours?
    2. dreamerJon23's Avatar
      what are soul colours?

      soul colors are the colors that your soul naturally emanate, mine is red