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    1. Totm - fail

      by , 05-13-2018 at 09:10 AM
      Finally got lucid after several failed DEILDs with nested FA (kept waking up in the non-lucid dream, then trying to sleep and get lucid in the dream, failing, waking up again in the non-lucid dream and telling friends how I was attempting to lucid dream but had failed. This happened several times.)

      At last, woke in in RL, did not move, did a brief SSILD, and started to transition in to the dream. It was here where I made a concentrated effort to hold on to awareness, it was like a fight, a struggle to keep the awareness but I made it into the dream in some house. I yelled in joy that I finally got lucid, that I was dreaming. I crawled on the floor, ran through the hallways, saw somebody and told them they were not real, just a character in my dream, ended up in the kitchen and remembered a TOTM about chocolate cake. Looked around, nothing....said to myself I will open the fridge and there will be chocolate cake. I opened the fridge, nothing, no cake.
      Tags: totm basic