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    Rudely Interrupted

    by DrTechnical on 10-23-2022 at 07:10 PM
    Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflict in all my dreams. Lucid and non lucid as well. So while this one was fun for a while it did not end that way.

    G/C +LT

    Rudely Interrupted (WILD)

    I have a series of vibrations. When they subside I roll off the couch and onto the floor. Night light is out so I am surely dreaming. I get up and start walking toward the front door. But my knees are stuck together and my lower legs are bowing outward. It's very awkward and painful. I am having a real hard time making progress. I wake.

    I realize that by sleeping on my left side my right knee is leaning directly on my left knee and that pressure caused the sensation of my knees being stuck while dreaming. So I shift my right knee back some, relax and wait for vibrations. They arrive in due course and I repeat the previous process. This time I manage to walk OK and exit via the front door. There is a Jeep Grand Cherokee that just pulled into my neighbors driveway. Odd that such a thing would occur so late at night. I run and leap in the air and try to fly. But it's very belabored. I can only fly in small circles about 10 feet in the air. So I spin on my back and "backstroke" faster and faster, trying to change the dream scene. Which generally works just fine. This time as well.

    I am now in what appears to be the lobby of a hotel. The front desk is circular and in the middle of the room, not fall from a hall and group of elevators. There are several customers and guests. I am talking with a woman who is very scantily dressed. She is wearing a see thru purple bra, her nips clearly visible. Purple panties and a purple see thru blouse. It's very arousing so I ask to speak with her in private. She exits the desk area and we walk into a side room. Here I tell her how attractive she is, and some kissing and caressing ensues. However we don't have full privacy. There are other people up and about. So we get further behind a privacy screen of sorts.

    This all continues, and before long she's on her knees servicing me. It feels good but it's still quite awkward that someone could see and interrupt at any time. I am quite close to climaxing when some rude guy walks over with an unwrapped condom and suggest I could at least put this on if I'm going to "jizz in her mouth". There is a sense of conflict here. I sense he is just looking for a fight and not terribly concerned about the woman. I sense he's about to strike me and I calculate where to strike him first to do the most damage
    . But I wake.

    Keep it Out of my Face

    by DrTechnical on 10-01-2022 at 07:29 PM
    This was a highly unusual lucid.

    Usual G/C + LT

    Keep Your Dick Out of my Face (DILD)

    I am walking past my stereo. But realize it has a floor to ceiling window right next to it. This is not how it is in waking reality. And I realize I am dreaming. In fact, I come to realize it's on the first floor which explains the weird visual. For no particular reason, I decide to head downstairs via the spiral staircase. I walk over to the back door and exit the house.

    It's night but there is some artificial lighting in the meadow behind the house. And some heavy machinery (bulldozers and what not) actively digging and doing work. I am tempted to take a closer look and walk a bit closer. The scene morphs some and I am now much closer to the activity. It's just a lot of commotion and I turn left and walk away from it. Then there is an almost instantaneous scene change and I find myself on a city street somewhere in Asia. Based on the looks of the decor and people probably China.

    I walk for a bit and eventually enter a small shop. It's full of various asian style tchotchke's. It's an eclectic set of stuff. And I'm rather fascinated and content to just walk around the shop for a while and take it in. Eventually an attractive gal walks past me. I am tempted to follow her into the ladies room. And turn and walk toward her. But she picks up on my intentions and quickly closes the door behind her.

    I continue to walk around for a bit. But then decide I've seen most of what is relevant and I should exit. But the place is quite the maze and I can't find the front door. However I come to realize that one wall is not solid. It's strips of wood and card board and it's quite flimsy. So I remove some and exit the establishment. Now finding my way in an alley leading back to the main street. Which is where I head.

    At this point I am looking for a gal to have some playtime with. A few candidates walk past when I see one woman, a Caucasian gal who is quite attractive. I am a bit aggressive for reasons I'm not sure of as I write this. I grab her ankle and pull her to the ground. While that was rather aggressive from here I try to go slow and get her into things. Which slowly but surely escalates. To pulling her V neck blouse down to expose her breasts, to playing with her nipples and her eventually sitting my face. All is well, until there is a highly unwanted scene change. Within an instant she is gone and some dude has his pants down and is sticking his hard cock in my face. OK, that's not cool. I throw him over and grab is left hand and literally rip it off. He then pulls a gun with his right hand, and tries to point it my way. I intercept his hand and grab his wrist. Easily breaking it and rendering him helpless to defend himself
    . I lose this dream. And wake at a later point in time.

    Portal to Rome

    by DrTechnical on 09-25-2022 at 07:06 PM
    I had a few lucids last night. But only remember the first well. I had planned to try to create a scene change, and asked that my dreaming mind show me "something I need see".

    G/C + LT

    Portal to Rome (INRALD)

    I wake from a non-lucid dream. I figure it's best to open my eyes and check the kitchen night light. Turns out it's off, which is a sure sign I am dreaming. At first, I have a bit of trouble getting up. But I do manage to roll over and slowly get up. Making my way to the front door. When I exit, I leap in the air. Attempting to mentally pull myself toward the top of a number of tall trees in my view. This works pretty well at first, but then fizzles out. So I rely on my backstroke approach to fly horizontally. Faster and faster until I induce a scene change.

    I am now at a doorway that leads to a patio that is elevated. A woman greets me and we exchange brief pleasantries. The patio lead to a fairly steep stairwell. In fact too steep for a person to traverse. The stairwell lead down to a flat segment of land the is busy with many people on an open air square of sorts. There are buildings as I change my view farther and farther. But the buildings are not modern. They appear to be more Roman era. And quite pristine. The people however are not wearing Roman era clothes. Rather they are dressed in a more modern manner. It's an odd dichotomy. The woman somehow manages to go down the steep steps almost instantly. It looks too dicey to try to repeat her performance. So instead I leap off the patio and fly downwards toward the square. Eventually I am flying across the square at about 3-4 feet off the ground.

    As I continue to fly in this manner, I am blown away by the scene I am embedded in. It is just exquisite. The pristine Roman buildings with all their intricate detail. Just stunning. I fly for a minute or so enjoying this scene, when the visuals start to fade. In an attempt to re-stabilize the dream, I wrap my legs around the next person I fly past. A young and attractive woman. So I am still horizontal with my legs now around her waist. We greet each other. I don't recall who made the first move, but before long we are face to face and kissing quite passionately. Normally I would be put off by the other nearby people. But not this time. I return to the ground and start to take my clothes off. Which takes longer than hoped. By the time we reconvene I am no longer aroused. So she sits on my and start to manually stimulate me back to an aroused state. This is very nice, but the dream becomes unstable
    and I wake. (another FA).

    Kicked out of Heaven

    by DrTechnical on 09-18-2022 at 05:11 PM
    This was a sufficiently interesting non lucid that I felt I should share.

    Kicked out of Heaven

    I am in a house where pretty much everything is white. Most noticeably the walls and ceilings. But most other things as well (e.g. furniture). There is some food out and I help myself to something that I would not normally eat. A hotdog with sauerkraut (in WR I don't care for either). I head up some plush carpeted stairs. One of my old girlfriends from many years ago is in a red dress and walking ahead of me. She walks past a doorway. I feel compelled to open this door. It's another white room and my wife, her friend Larissa and some others are there. My wife is displeased that I am disturbing her girl time and asks me to leave. So I turn around and go back downstairs. Taking a bite of the hotdog. Which is surprisingly good as it tastes more like a sausage sandwich, which I DO happen to like.


    At first, this had the feel of ascending to heaven and getting kicked out. The more I thought about it, I feel the symbolism is much more complex than that.

    At work, I have been dealing with one particular Japanese customer for 3.5 years. We've managed to sell one 1.4 million $ tool to them. In short, with all the support we've provided them we've lost our shirts. They were supposed to be our beta customer for the new product. However that opportunity seems to be crumbling as the customer changed the requirements, and we'll never hit what they are asking for.

    Diane (ex) gave up on guys many years ago and is now with another woman. This seems to represent our Japanese customer changing their mind. I was ascending until I realized she was there. And was then rejected by my wife who otherwise has accepted me for a long time.

    Then I descended, and realized the hot dog was quite good. Which represents getting rid of this crazy ass customer and potentially finding a better opportunity.

    Ancient Tree

    by DrTechnical on 09-10-2022 at 07:39 PM
    This was actually a half way decent and interesting LD.

    G/C + LT

    Ancient Tree (INRALD)

    I'm on the couch trying to relax and fall asleep. I've been experiencing some insomnia and just trying to settle in before the sun comes up. I nearly doze once or twice. So I know I'm close. Eventually I feel vibrations and I let them play out. When they subside I open my eyes and confirm that the kitchen night light is off. So I'm obviously dreaming. When I get up my legs are crossed over each other and I can't easily untangle them. So I use my hands to grab my right leg and pull my right foot over my left. Freed up I proceed toward the front door. I peak into the master bedroom hoping some interesting sexual opportunities might exist. But it's just my wife groaning and rolling over in bed. Nothing "interesting" or unusual here so I carry on and leave the house

    When I get outside I walk past the garage which is open with the lights on for some reason? I disregard this and leap in the air. I roll over and maintain a hover with my feet pointed directly into the air. I right myself and try again. I simply flap my arms to try to gain some altitude. This is only marginally successful. So I imagine artificial wings strapped to my arms and the additional air force and thrust that this would create. This is actually very successful and I begin to easily ascend. I get higher and higher. Above all the trees. When I am confronted by a roof like structure. I pass through it and rest on top of it. It's many stories in the air. And a very flimsy plastic. I walk on it and it can hardly support my weight. So I sit down. I realize my cars key fob is on my ankle pocket. So I pull it off and toss it to the ground. It flies out with a hard thud. I briefly have an oh shit moment. I better be dreaming. But of course I am. I leap and fly some more.

    To the south is a large pine, with a much larger tree next to it. It's simply massive. I fly in that direction. Now in more of a superman style as I'm more confident in my flying skills. When I land I am in awe of this massive tree. It's trunk is perhaps 10 feet wide. And it's leaves are a soft yellow. I can't identify it's specie per say? I touch it with one hand. Then is both. I close my eyes and I can feel it's energy. It's lifeforce. That is the only way to describe it. It's ancient. Hundreds of years old. And very accepting of my presence. I open my eyes and realize there is a spiral staircase overhead, attached to the tree. I walk counter clockwise and find the base of the staircase and decide to climb up.

    The spiral staircase itself is very narrow and difficult to negotiate. I go around several turns until I happen upon a room that is built into the tree. There is no doorway. Just a wide opening. I feel it would be rude to just walk in. So I knock on the stairs several times. A woman walks over and invites my in. We begin to have a dialogue. She is complaining about some work responsibility she has. Where she needs to make a presentation. She does not feel confident about it. Declaring "I'm just a woman who lives in a tree". I feel sympathy for her challenge. The dream becomes unstable and I wake

    I am back on the couch. I can distinctly hear music, but only in my left ear. It's definitely a Doors song. But one I do not recognize. I wonder where it came from, or how my brain was able to formulate a song in a style that I would not normally write in. I soon wake.