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    Princess of Desert

    by , 10-14-2019 at 02:20 PM (226 Views)
    Somewhere deep in the desert in a small camp of 19 men under the ridge of red rock..


    The sun is burning and not moving, on the top of the ridge an unfamiliar rider appeared. "Soldiers!" He screamed and in few seconds we saw silhouettes of another hundred riders of cavalry on the edge of the hill. I pulled out my repeating rifle with an old scope and aimed for the officers, got four of them down. They shot at us and then the whole cavalry rode down the hill. Few of our man who also had horses confronted their first lines to give us enough time to escape. I jumped on my horse and left the battlefield in a fast pace finding myself alone in desert after a while.

    I wander thru barren sandbanks. I see a small wooden house in the middle of nothing. When I got inside there was this weapon looking more like a rolled carpet. I hear shouting from outside and when I get out of the house I see a group of mongols on horses heading my direction. I again jump on the horse galloping away. This gun has a rope on it with two knocks that I pulled and released. I turned that against them and shot them all down in last second. There were Arabs watching me from a distance, they were camping among the old ruins. They came to me and invited me to join them. There was a beautiful woman with them, we talked for a while and I fell in love with her. I remember only her name. At night we all sat around a fire and she dissappeared in the dark between two sand pillars of the ruin. The chief of Arabs, her father said that they are heading to Iran for his daughter to marry Prince of Iran.

    When everyone went to sleep I jumped on my horse and quietly got inside the ruin and there she stood. „Letīs escape together to Europe.“ I said, she really wanted to but had to stay, because of the importance of the marriage.

    I only remember that I was rescuing this princess somewhere else and taking her to safety, then I woke up again and went back to sleep.. I am at the beggining of the dream, the cavalery is riding down the hill but this time I donīt run because I knew these guys were responsible for her imprisonment. I killed their commanders and the last one didnīt die even after two shots and shot back at me. I believe I dodged the shot.. I am lying down, but cannot move I have a sleep paralysis in a dream.

    In reality I googled her name and it is real persian feminine name but I have never heard it before.. also the picture attached.. it is from persian desert and looks almost identical.. do you have any experience with such a „glitch“?

    Lmk and have great dreams

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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      I've had a few odd experiences with dreams doing stuff like this. But the one I can remember most clearly is one from years ago where I just vividly saw this image on a screen, and then I was able to find the exact same image online in waking life. I am certain that up until that point I'd never ever seen that image in waking life.

      I've had other odd dreams and one that comes to mind is that I was in a building mostly made of glass on the outside, like an office building that is, and then all of a sudden a wave of water higher than the building approached. Later that day I found out that during my sleep there had been a Tsunami in Japan.
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    2. Hecaloth's Avatar
      Hi Darkest Darkness, glad for you reply. Your experiences remind me very much of a time when I tried to decalcify my pineal gland - third eye and I had few dreams that predicted what happened the other day. However, I have no clue about these odd dreams, I believe there is so much more to dreams than just flying around.
      Also the princess of desert has the same name as the Iran queen back from second half of last century..
      I spoke to my friend who studied past life regression and she told me it is a memory of past life, that this tends to happen in dreams.